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2024 Wishlist


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On 1/25/2024 at 4:10 PM, rlentless said:

Bring back a working mill wheel for The Beast.  Not the pond/lake under the track turn.  But just a small pool to collect water and pump it back up to turn the wheel.

I dont think there was ever bc a wheel. It’s a mining sluice, not a mill race. 


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Still, it's details like this that I wish the park would work on improving. They've made good strides with the Festhaus clock, I-street, pavers, etc. But if we could get the red roof back, even one of those waters systems where the water goes into rocks which has a pool underneath that pumps the water back up. It's ambiance things like this that really complete the experience. Even if they aren't critical, they're always appreciated and I feel would definitely add to the charm..

I'd always love to see the compass make a return on a certain dark ride roof, ribbons to return in the Festhaus interior, a Boo Blasters queue refurb, but I can only dream so far...:P

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I know it’s very unlikely but I would really like to see the return of in person announcements. It makes sense that there wasn’t any in person announcement for Camp Snoopy or Adventure Port since they are relatively small additions but whenever we get our next big coaster I would like to see them return. I really miss the level of excitement from those announcements.

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