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RMC at Carowinds

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From following Carowinds' own FB as well as their fanbase, RMC means Routine Maintenance from Carowinds.  They've been doing in-house retracking on Hurler and I'm guessing they're cleverly squashing actual RMC rumors.  

I can't find it anymore, but I think they're also reverting Vortex back to red and black. 

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20 hours ago, SonofBaconator said:

I’m honestly surprised they’re still keeping Vortex around.

Same. I've had that very same thought myself. Could be a number of things. Keeping a "vintage" stand-up around for posterity? Converting it to a floorless may not be worth the cost to popularity ratio? Or maybe they are planning on taking it out all-together sometime soon-ish. Anything could be possible I suppose. 


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I visited Carowinds last fall. I skipped Vortex as I was not real impressed with on my previous visit and took one painful spin on Hurler in the rain. I am glad Hurler is getting some love because it really needed it. Carowinds sorely needs a nice modern woodie. 

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2 hours ago, silver2005 said:

I think Vortex is slightly underrated.   Its not that big which means it won't wear out as quickly as bigger steel coasters and honestly its pretty comfy for a stand up IMO.  

It's a headbanging machine, lmao

Riddlers and green lantern way more enjoyable.

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