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You might be a KI addict if you...

Captain Nemo

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You might be a KI addict if you are sitting at home on a day off while it's pouring down rain, and you get nonstop texts from your friends on KIC telling you to come down because there's no line for Diamondback.. next thing you know, I'm turning into the toll gates with my platinum pass in my hand.. haha.. love you guys

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....Uhmm....ok. Don Helbig is a good goal to shoot for, I guess....

Jackson, who has met Don Helbig before, and is still waiting to have a conversation with Tom Hanks...

Yeah i met him last year.

You might be a ki addict if you bring guests to your home and show off all your pictures on the wall of the rides and your ride photo that you had blew up into a poster.

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You might be a KI addict if you choose KI over a big trip to Orlando.

Major failure.

HAHA I know that is a major failure........I guess if your an obsessed KI addict you will do that.....

For me it would depend on how many nickels said trip to Orlando would cost me...

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