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One last ride


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Son of Beast Was my Choice on The List but my choice is King Cobra, I'd love to Ride it again. :ph34r:

Man, I am right there with you my friend! I really miss that coaster! I just wish I knew it's day was coming or I had rode that sucker ALOT that last season! Was sad to see it all in pieces from the top of the tower this past Sunday! But I picked The Beast from that list at the top!

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I first rode The Beast in '79 when I was 6. Even though my first coaster was the Sooper Dooper Looper @ Hershey, when I was 3 1/2, The Beast has always been on the top of my list just because I remember standing in line for 4 hours to ride it (the line stretched to the Eiffel Tower), and my parents cheated to get me on (see my sig), and I can remember that at the time it was the most intense feeling that I ever had.

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