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  1. I know Cargo loco and Sol spin will be added to Winterfest. It's best to extend the opening time from 4 to 10 and on weekends 3 to 10
  2. Time to use this chat for this years Winterfest.
  3. They turn it upside down! https://www.visitkingsisland.com/live-video
  4. Blue: Adventure Port will make it hard for the skyway to go there to Shake Rattle and Roll (Beside, Cedar Fair do want to keep this ride.) Yellow: Can't cause Woodstock gliders is in it's way. White: Racer's lift is in it's way. Green: Same answer as Blue including Diamondback.
  5. Can I do Vekoma Madhouse for 100 chances.
  6. You know, we can see how Outpost 5 no longer do the Adventure Express project. When they switch the route to Track 2 and how they made us the riders disappeared. That's explain the curse. I can see they add voice dialogue during the ride to make you feel like you're in danger.
  7. Don't forget about the predicted map that I made. (P.S. Yes I did include Adventure Port)
  8. There still OktoberFest, And will soon probably get a expansion *cough* *cough* "Action Zone"
  9. Got replace by the new Entrance to Adventure Express
  10. Oktober Fest still there, It might get to move onto Action Zone.
  11. You kidding, We know we're not getting a coaster, also, Ohio 1st Zamperia Endeavor.
  12. Were seeing the return of the Tea cups, and a new Thrill ride, A Zamperla Discovery.
  13. I think that this woman is a Necromancer
  14. Maybe a maze is going away this time. Madam I think?
  15. That will be a awesome music to add to Coney maul or a shooter maze like Bloodline 1842 that it's theme around to it.
  16. That's not true, I made this town like a work place, and the reason why they have all of it.
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