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  1. Kings Island shouldn't have Six Flags theming into that park. Beside, Cedar Fair is running the business. Also It's best not to include other IP base outside of Cedar Fair. Let the Peanuts ride the og 11 Cedar Fair Parks, and Six Flags with DC and Looney Tunes.
  2. So Dr Nightmare is returning not only as the host of his game show. But as a Scare Master. Yes Mike Rochester is back being the master of all Scarers!
  3. ^ Regulations apples are a thing in theme park and we have to deal with them.
  4. There is a way to keep the name Backlot Stunt Coaster, without taking it down or rethemeing it. Give it a new story, here's my idea. "You are extra stunt drivers for a struggling studio called Backlot Studios. They're working on their next blockbuster movie called "The Beast Hunters" They think it's a good idea to make a movie around the legend (Which is real) and make it come out of the woods (which he'll won't) and terrorize the city of Cincinnati. (which offended victims.) They got the sets ready, but there's only one problem. They're in a time constraint and they have to get it in one take. Backlot Studios needs your help to perform this car stunt before the deadline. Can you pull off this crazy stunt coaster?"
  5. New for Haunt this year. Scare Zone: Abandoned (Base around Mystic Timbers) Maze: Alien Abyss (Replacing C.H.A.O.S.) Show: Dr. Nightmare (A game show)
  6. Kings Island will announce there Haunt line up soon. Keep a eye out for some bloody news.
  7. I saw they're working on it inside, the last time I've visited Ki they left the door open.
  8. I went to Kings Island yesterday, and I can confirm that we are NOT getting the parade this Halloween. The parade is already been setting up for Winter Fest. But on the plus side, their is work being done in River town for this year haunt. River Town could get a scare zone, and probably Adventure Port as well. And don't forget the construction going on inside the Black Out building.
  9. This is our little chat room on the O.G. Haunt of all the Haunts. Looking forward to to seeing your and the peoples reaction on it. Shows: Carnaval du Grotesque/Dr. Cleavers return (New)/Music Monster and Mayhem (New)/The Hanging: Un-cancelled (New) Scare zone: Goring 20s/Ghost Town streets/Carnevil/Forsaken Lake/The Gauntlet (New) Mazes: Origins: Curse of calico/The Grimore/Dark Entities (Leaving)/The Depths/Mesmer: Sideshow of madness/Bloodline 1894/Wax Works/Cinema Slasher (New)/Room 13 (New)/Chilling Chambers (New)
  10. Well good luck with getting the track to go through hills, Adventure Express, Banshee, Bat, Part of the service road, Disturb The Beast's forest, along with Mystic Timbers' again, and cut down the prefer parking and also skip the entire train scenery and theme in the original track. I hope it goes well.
  11. For all the entrance prediction that I see, the most realistic thing they can do is to decorate the entire front entrance with Facades. I think Bryan-Jay 1's version got potential. But if I going to add a few things. Have the windows to be monitor screen promoting different areas and coaster in Kings Island.
  12. And you though that people got there dream coaster. Noooooooo! They wanted another one.
  13. Speaking about that. I did screen shot the image and show which rides are going to be in Camp Snoopy. The only thing that will be removed from the park is the Snack Shack.
  14. So Planet Snoopy is mostly unchanged. Camp Snoopy will be a new small area.
  15. Cedar Fair is now working with Vekoma! Even though I wish for a Madhouse, I glad we got the family boomerang along side with Invertigo.
  16. Both Dorney Park and Kings Island are getting different rides. We are getting a new water park attraction next to Zoom Flume and Splash river, and where Pipeline Paradise and probably Breakers Bay is and was. While Dorney Park is going to make history with Cedar Fair 2st Horror base coaster since Mystic Timbers.
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