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  1. The jugglers have returned PXL_20210623_203528567.mp4
  2. Not their yet, but soon.
  3. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/entertainment
  4. Imagine Bobs painting to see who have the prettiest paint out their while taking a ride on Orion.
  5. 1. impossible 2. to expensive 3. agree
  6. It looks like their testing the light packet for the fireworks this year
  7. Diamondback > Mine Shop Maze > Crypt Bat > Flight Deck
  8. Post and suggest the story of Flight of Fear.
  9. ^ so that's 5 days of side affects if you got 2 shots
  10. What I hoping for is the return of CHAOS from the former park Opryland. (At least I'm hoping it will happen cause Vekoma is now doing Custom rides, I know is off topic at all but I just wanna speak out.) But for a RMC Layout it's got to be a Wooden or a Hybrid.
  11. They can't tear it down cause of the restaurant, but they can over hall it.
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