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  1. MY god, KI become a space to commit crimes and I'm trigger about it. Stop it people!
  2. Cedar Fair Announced today that all the Cedar Fair park will be announcing tomorrow online. It could be at noon in a live video on Twitter Facebook and YouTube and probably TikTok
  3. Other enthusiasts think it could be other manufactures, I created a meme from that.
  4. The world's 1st Vekoma launch family coaster, how about that.
  5. Madhouse is my Fantasy flat ride and dark ride, CHAOS is my fantasy coaster.
  6. Cause we know, it gonna be hell of crowded here than K.I.
  7. Still that doesn't proved that they're kegs (which is Barrels)
  8. Used Maybe Somewhere else Somewhere else again
  9. Might as well post it early so that we are prepare for this show.
  11. Even know I'm still hoping that a Vekoma Madhouse will come to Kings Island, but at least their is one coming to California in Legoland. https://twitter.com/ParkFansNetwork/status/1521302282540834816
  12. The 2022 map is finally here, and their are 2 changes that I saw. https://qr1.be/Q021
  13. If we gonna replace the wooden monstrosity with another wooden monstrosity, it's got to be RMC. (That is just my theory, plus it will make Kings Island, "the wooden coaster capital of the world.")
  14. Just to end the topic, Phantom Theater returned to Kings Island as a illusion show.
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