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  1. Not much changed except for some footings. The work was going on during last weekend while the park was open.
  2. Rustbucket

    The love for Son of Beast

    I rode Son of Beast over 1000 times. Only rode it 3 times after the removable of the loop. Frankly, the best parts of the ride was the first drop and the loop. That rose bowl section was like being in a severe earthquake. It was far more violent than the double helix on The Beast. The worst thing about the ride was the train itself. Premier Surveillance Vehicle was what they were called. I am 5' 8" and not overly big but it was crampy for me. Only way for me to ride it comfortably was to cross my legs. I always rode on the middle rows of a train. I did not think the ride was rough per se but it jackhammered like no other wooden coasters. There were two others jackhammered like SoB: Hercules and Mean Streak. To me, the toughest wooden coaster was Raging Wolf Bobs at Geauga Lake. If I remember correctly, both CCI and Intamin bid for SoB as well as RCCA. Obviously, RCCA won the bid and the rest is history unfortunately. I consider 2 Intamin designed Wooden coasters as 2 of the top 4 coasters, I wonder what SoB could have been.
  3. Rustbucket

    Labor day crowds- how bad?

    Ah.. Always popular Congo Falls line....
  4. Rustbucket

    Labor day crowds- how bad?

    It is much busier today than yesterday. I guess rain drove away some people yesterday.
  5. I have not been on Steel Vengeance but all the chatters around has the coaster that is good but not great category. Of course, I will have to ride it before I can make up my mind about this steel coaster. I always found RMC as excellent coasters but the train design is not great.
  6. Rustbucket

    Favorite coaster in Ohio

    Diamondback followed by Magnum and Maverick.
  7. We used to live in Liberty Township. We crossed over to Bethany to Kings Mills. We now live in SC. Long away from KI. My home park is Carowinds and Dollywood now. SFoG is about 3 hours away.
  8. I will try to put this. Grand Children's Park - Korea Eveland - Korea Kings Dominion Hershey Park Wild World - Now Six Flags America Cedar Point Geauga Lake Kings Island Busch Gardens Tampa Busch Gardens Williamsburg Holiday World Stickers Grove Knotts Berry Farm Six Flags Magic Mountain Carowinds Six Flags over Georgia Universal Studios - FL Islands of Adventure Indiana Beach Six Flags Great America Valley Fair Michigan's Adventure Dorney Mall of America Six Flags Mexico Canada's Wonderland Waaldameer Darien Lake Kennywood Lakemont Del Grosso Knoebels Seabreeze Martin's Fantasy Island Conneaut Lake Park Mt Olympus Timberfalls Six Flags Great Adventure Six Flags New England Six Flags St Louis Six Flags Fiesta Texas Sea World Florida Sea World San Antonio Disney Land Disney World Lotte World Adventuredome Adventureland Dollywood Silver Dollar city World of Fun Idlewild Canobie Coney Island Coney Island Morey's Pier Kentucky Kingdom Indiana Beach I may have forgotten a few.
  9. I will post some new pictures until winter fest if anyone wants to follow the progress.
  10. You are right. I forgot about Batwing. That was my first flying dutchman.
  11. I know we are spoiled since KI and CP have quite the collections of coasters. KI has one of only 5 Arrow suspended coaster left in the world, one of only 2 flying Dutchman coasters, and very unique boomerang inverts. Even Flight of Fear is very interesting coasters. Mystic Timbers is one of the best if not the best GCI out there. Even Racer is a historical coaster.
  12. Rustbucket

    Top 10 favorite Kings Island coasters

    1. Diamondback 2. Mystic Timbers 3. The Beast 4. Banshee 5. Flight of Fear 6. Firehawk 7. Racer 8. Invertigo, Face Off 9. Adventure Express 10. Top Gun, Flight Deck, The Bat.
  13. Rustbucket

    Dorney Park?

    Last time I was at Dorney Park was 2006. I love Talon. Hydra and Steel Force are decent but I rather go to Hershey, SFGAd, or Knoebels before I go to Dorney. Unfortunately, Dorney is surrounded by parks that have great coasters such as El Toro, Phoenix and Skyrush. What they need is a stand out coaster from these places but I doubt CF will invest in Dorney Park when their focus is else where such as Kings Island, Canada's Wonderland, Cedar Point and Carowinds.
  14. Rustbucket

    Ride Patches

    I am not sure I will go and collect these patches. I may collect those for my top 5 steel and wooden coasters if they are available. That is about it. Many coasters I have ridden are no longer around.
  15. Rustbucket

    SIX 2019

    I guess Darien Lake is back with Six Flags. Another interesting note was that SFFT is now open all year...