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  1. The restraints for Copperhead Strike is not the most ideal one. I can see how this could happen. I always have my hands and arms up when they check the restraints and let the attendants bring down the restraints. It reminds me somewhat of Skyrush system. This coaster, newer Intamin rides, and RMC trains all could use redesigned restraints.
  2. Sorry that you had a difficult day at CP. CP is a great park to visit normally. Intamin coasters are down a lot although MF and Wicked Twister became much more reliable over the years. For future reference, Saturdays are really busy. For a strange reason, Fridays are not as busy as Mondays. Sundays in September and October are the best time to go. My annual trips to CP is the second Sunday of September. Very nice weather along with small crowds every trip since 2009. We normally get around 16 to 20 rides by 3 pm in those days. 2 years ago, we got 1 MF, 8 Maverick, 5 Magnum, 2 TTD, 2 GateKeeper, 1 Raptor and 1 Wicked Twister and left by 3 pm. Last year, we got 1 SV, 8 Maverick, 8 Magnum, 2 TTD, 1 MF and 2 Raptor and left at 3:30 pm.
  3. I do not know. As of 8/18, WindSeeker is still not operating.
  4. I wonder what type of "auction" or "fundraiser" event will be held for this coaster. Local Make-a-wish or special needs children funds will be outstanding. I will definitely participate on that.
  5. I do agree with many of what you said. Height does add fear factor although my love for drop rides tell me that I do not fear heights much. I never say people being wrong about their opinion though. I just do not understand how people say they are disappointed about a coaster they have never been on and not even built yet in this case. Well, my ride totals on DB 7500+ Magnum 2500+ and MF 1200+ tell me that I love all theses coasters even though I joke around calling MF, Millennium Forceless. I just prefer DB and Magnum over MF every day of the week. DB #6, Magnum #9, and MF#21 are on my favorite steel coaster list. Steel Vengeance knocked out MF out of my top 20 steel coaster list.
  6. MF is 310 feet tall BTW. Intimidator 305 is 305 feet tall. MF is far longer than I 305. I adore I305. Other than the first drop, MF feels very ordinary. I305 is the most intense coaster I have ever been on.
  7. I have been absent for a long time from here due to my work situation but I am back now. I just want to provide a review for Copperhead Strike. The train could be better. It reminds me a little of Skyrush restrains but not as rigid. The queue is VERY long. Just like most recent coaster additions, no one can bring bags or leave anything on the station. There is a sign for Centurion Motor Oil and small homage to Miami Valley Lumber for those coaster junkies like me. First element is a Jojo roll. This is very slow heartline roll or inline twist. With Hydra at Dorney, Jojo roll is very pleasant. With Copperhead Strike, this is slightly unpleasant due to restraints. After the turn around, you enter the shed. The shed reminds me somewhat of Mystic Timbers. The launch is like the second Stunt Coaster launch. It is more gradual than Flight of Fear launch. Now the loops have considerable amounts of "hang time" do that there are some reverse airtime on just about all of the loops. Right before the second launch, there is a serious airtime hill with head chopper. Airtime hills are very strong. It is a cross between ejection and a float air. The second half of the ride is mostly lateral except for the very last hill that provides good air time. Then the train enters break run. "Oh Shucks. We lost them." This is a great addition to Carowinds. When I first saw this POV last year, this felt more like Maverick. Not even close. I will say this feels more like Verbolten at BGW than Maverick but that still does not compare. This is a very unique experience. Also, I am very happy that "Flying Eagle" is back. It is located right in front of Copperhead Strike. Of course, my son and I ride this as much as possible. The operators encourage people to "rip" the cords. Another thing that really made me nostalgic is that they started to play Top Gun sound track on Afterburn station. Top Gun/Afterburn is 20 years old!!!!
  8. Sorry for long absence. WindSeeker has definitely been grounded. Frankly, I have not ridden it this year.
  9. Strange to think people still argue over height of the hill. My favorite is Fury 325 but the second is Superman (Bizarro) from SFNE. This coaster is 221 feet tall and pack such a punch that makes Millennium Force like a child's play. Height is not everything. However, it helps to create the force. The height that matters is the drop height and the angle of the drop. Actual height of the hill is meaningless. The CHANGE is G force is what I love the most. I will ride Apollo's Chariot, Diamondback, Maverick or Magnum over Millennium Force every time.
  10. I hope Orion will be the best new coaster I rode since Lightning Rod. The side lateral airtime looks exactly like Fury 325 except being opposite direction. The POV video shows serious air times. Steel Vengeance was really underwhelming considering all the hypes. With all the new coasters being built next year, I really need to plan my vacations carefully.
  11. Orion looks wonderful. There are more air time hills than Fury but not as many lateral elements. It is much shorter and compact than Fury. The length is closer to Leviathan. I will be there to ride this first day if possible. Thank you, Kings Island for making this happen. I was waiting for this since Canada's Wonderland got Leviathan in 2012. Unfortunately, we no longer live in Cincinnati area.....
  12. I am streaming now. I wish I was there like the announcements of Diamondback, Banshee and Mystic Timbers.
  13. I have been away this year but am excited about the new coaster. When I visited KI in June, the foot print of the coaster looked somewhat smaller than I expected for a giga coaster. Considering Leviathan and Fury 325 foot print, this looked more like Intimidator 305 sized.
  14. Actually, Fury and Carolina Goldrusher both cross state lines, I think. It is quite possible that Nighthawk does that as well. We will be try to be there on the opening day or opening Sunday when it is not busy at all. Saturdays can be very busy.
  15. Copperhead Strike is the one I am looking forward to now. I am not a big dive coaster fan so that Yukon Striker does not excite me much. Canada's Wonderland is indeed a great park. Leviathan is a top notch coaster although I prefer Fury 325. Minebuster is a (almost) clone of what was Shooting Star at Coney Island. Wild Beast is a clone of Grizzly at Kings Dominion. Behemoth is nearly as good as Diamondback. Also, the park has great flat rides.
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