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  1. Unfortunately they probably won't, since none of those shows are on anymore, and none of the current Nicktoons are all that great.
  2. Ditto... I work there, so I'll be there pretty often.
  3. Next time you visit, you should try Baby Chef on Huck's Hot Rods (you can ride with him in the school bus or fire truck ). He'd probably enjoy that ride
  4. Two PKI products that I'm looking for (if anyone can find them): 1. A Beast 25th Anniversary Sport Quart from last year (by the time I decided I wanted one, I couldn't find them anymore). 2. An "I survived Son of Beast" t-shirt. I saw it in the shop over in Action Zone last year, but didn't have money for it at the time. When I did have money, I couldn't find it and nobody even knew if there was such a shirt... I tried looking for that Son of Beast shirt at Outfitters in Rivertown earlier this year (since they seem to have the best selection of stuff), but couldn't find one.
  5. I knew it was a Huss ride in Coney Mall, and didn't realize that Huss made Shake, Rattle and Roll as well (although it's also one of my favorite rides).
  6. It all depends on two things for me right now: 1. How long the lines are 2. How long until I have to be at work I've ridden most of the rides this season though - everything except the following (excluding kiddie rides that I'm too big for and pay attractions): Congo River Falls Flight of Fear IJST Runaway Reptar Scooby's Ghoster Coaster Scooby & the Haunted Castle SkyTours Train Whitewater Canyon Wild Thornberries Congo Falls, Whitewater Canyon and Wild Thornberries - Since I usually only have a few hours to kill before work, I always come dressed nicely so all I have to do is change shirts and put on a hat before heading off to work. Therefore I don't feel like getting soaked because I won't have enough time to dry off... Flight of Fear - Wanted to ride it once earlier this year, but the line was too long. Now I keep forgetting to ride it IJST - I want to ride it, but as I said above, I usually only have a few hours to kill before work (I'm still in school until the end of next week), and I don't want to get a ticket if there's a chance I won't get to ride it anyway... Reptar - Rode it once last year, and don't feel like going all the way over there just to ride it. The only other time I'm in that part of the park is when I'm working. Scooby's Ghoster Coaster - rode it once last year and decided that the ride didn't really have anything that would make me want to cram my long legs into those cars again... Scooby's Haunted Castle - Haven't really decided if I want to ride this or not. I liked it better when it was a Smurfs boat ride. SkyTours - No real desire to ride this, especially since the wait is almost always 25-30 minutes (even worse on really busy days!). Train - no point in riding it if I'm not going to the water park. Reptar - Rode it once last year. Nice ride I guess, but the only time I'm ever in that part of the park is when I'm heading to work.
  7. Deilirium will probably be down for a while... (I talked to a Delirium associate who got sent to West Pie on Sunday). I would love to ride SlingShot, but am not willing to pay any more than about $5 to do so...
  8. Last year I went 6 or 7 times. Now that I'm working there, I plan to be out there as often as possible. I've already been there at least 10 times this year.
  9. I was there for one of the nights last year and enjoyed it. I was watching from the area near the bumper cars along what is now Italian Job Stunt Track there in Coney Mall. The vantage point was great, but the timing was horrible. They'd do something over near the tower, and I'd no sooner turn to see that and they'd shoot something off from a different section of the park which was in the opposite direction. I was also disappointed at the tower display - on TV they made it look like they were going to light up the entire tower all at once, but they only did a little at a time, and it never lasted long enough to enjoy. It was a good display though.
  10. Co-op and internships are very similar. The major difference is that you don't always get paid for internships.
  11. I was wondering where it was. I figured it was either on top of the Action FX Theater or on top of Flight of Fear. It's a great location.
  12. The reason so much was closed on Tuesday is that many of the associates are students and had school. Most of the area high schools and colleges let out for the summer sometime during the first two weeks of June, so if you come back during the week later on during the summer, you should find more open. I hope you come back to PKI some time soon.
  13. I'm not a coffee drinker either. However, if their Italian sodas aren't too expensive, I might stop by ocasionally and get one...
  14. I can't go. I have to work all day that day. However, I will be watching in case you happen to pass through HB.
  15. There were apparently several double rainbows in the area then. Channel 9 had a picture of one from Blue Ash.
  16. Yeah, they did a great job repainting the tower.
  17. Boomerang Bay is really close to HB. The picnic grove seperates the two, and there's not much room for expansion in that direction.
  18. Here's a couple of pictures of last Friday's double-rainbow at PKI that I found while browsing the web... Enjoy! http://www.flickr.com/photos/mindmenagerie/16141075 http://www.flickr.com/photos/mindmenagerie/16141077
  19. This is more of an FYI than a rule, but it's something that many people would love to know... When walking past Green Slime Zone in Nick Central, do not stand around to see what's going on, unless you don't mind getting drenched. You do not have much time to get at least 6 feet away from the green tower structure before you will get drenched. I can't tell you how many times I've seen innocent guests meander by just in time to get soaked. While it's rather amusing for those who knew what was coming, I'm sure the guests themselves didn't find it quite as enjoyable.
  20. PKIworker - the only reason I worded it that way is because of the rule about not saying stuff that wouldn't be known to the public otherwise. The website where I got that information is not available to the general public (to my knowledge anyway), so I did not wish to say who it was. I figured PKI would have given more information to the public if they had wanted to, and was not trying to make it look like there was something really secret about this. On a related note, what exactly is DIAA? I couldn't find any information about them online (most of my searching just turned up results relating to NCAA Division 1AA sports). I am quite familiar with Lexmark and found that they have offices on Irwin-Simpson Road in Mason, but couldn't find anything about DIAA, and have never even heard of them.
  21. This has nothing to do with IJST. As the site says, it's a private company event - meaning a private event for a local company. This company happens to be quite well known and has offices in the Mason area, although the company's headquarters are not located here. That's all I will say about it.
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