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  1. During the week the park usually isn't too crowded. However, July 4th weekend it will probably be pretty crowded. The current weather forecast for July 2nd (according to weather.com) is quite nice - sunny with a high of 82, although it's hard to say how accurate that is since it's hard to predict stuff that far in advance.
  2. I'm working all day Saturday (third all-day shift this month...), so I will be there.
  3. Membership is "open to all Survey Panel members". Therefore, unless you're on their survey panel, you probably shouldn't join that board...
  4. As of yesterday, that big crane was the only remaining "heavy machine" at Delirium - the cherry picker was gone, as was the other crane. They were still working on it though.
  5. It is annoying when this happens. People wait in a long line while their friends go do other rides, and then when they get close, their friends shove right past everyone else and join them in line. It's rude, and shouldn't be tolerated. I'm pretty sure Security can throw you out of the park for doing that.
  6. I didn't get to see any of those Minis unfortunately (I worked from 11:50 til around 8:30 and did various different rides the rest of the time). That GameRiot thing seemed to be pretty popular as well.
  7. Unfortunately they probably won't, since none of those shows are on anymore, and none of the current Nicktoons are all that great.
  8. Ditto... I work there, so I'll be there pretty often.
  9. Next time you visit, you should try Baby Chef on Huck's Hot Rods (you can ride with him in the school bus or fire truck ). He'd probably enjoy that ride
  10. Two PKI products that I'm looking for (if anyone can find them): 1. A Beast 25th Anniversary Sport Quart from last year (by the time I decided I wanted one, I couldn't find them anymore). 2. An "I survived Son of Beast" t-shirt. I saw it in the shop over in Action Zone last year, but didn't have money for it at the time. When I did have money, I couldn't find it and nobody even knew if there was such a shirt... I tried looking for that Son of Beast shirt at Outfitters in Rivertown earlier this year (since they seem to have the best selection of stuff), but couldn't find one.
  11. I knew it was a Huss ride in Coney Mall, and didn't realize that Huss made Shake, Rattle and Roll as well (although it's also one of my favorite rides).
  12. It all depends on two things for me right now: 1. How long the lines are 2. How long until I have to be at work I've ridden most of the rides this season though - everything except the following (excluding kiddie rides that I'm too big for and pay attractions): Congo River Falls Flight of Fear IJST Runaway Reptar Scooby's Ghoster Coaster Scooby & the Haunted Castle SkyTours Train Whitewater Canyon Wild Thornberries Congo Falls, Whitewater Canyon and Wild Thornberries - Since I usually only have a few hours to kill before work, I always come dressed nicely so all
  13. Deilirium will probably be down for a while... (I talked to a Delirium associate who got sent to West Pie on Sunday). I would love to ride SlingShot, but am not willing to pay any more than about $5 to do so...
  14. Last year I went 6 or 7 times. Now that I'm working there, I plan to be out there as often as possible. I've already been there at least 10 times this year.
  15. I was there for one of the nights last year and enjoyed it. I was watching from the area near the bumper cars along what is now Italian Job Stunt Track there in Coney Mall. The vantage point was great, but the timing was horrible. They'd do something over near the tower, and I'd no sooner turn to see that and they'd shoot something off from a different section of the park which was in the opposite direction. I was also disappointed at the tower display - on TV they made it look like they were going to light up the entire tower all at once, but they only did a little at a time, and it never las
  16. Co-op and internships are very similar. The major difference is that you don't always get paid for internships.
  17. I was wondering where it was. I figured it was either on top of the Action FX Theater or on top of Flight of Fear. It's a great location.
  18. The reason so much was closed on Tuesday is that many of the associates are students and had school. Most of the area high schools and colleges let out for the summer sometime during the first two weeks of June, so if you come back during the week later on during the summer, you should find more open. I hope you come back to PKI some time soon.
  19. I'm not a coffee drinker either. However, if their Italian sodas aren't too expensive, I might stop by ocasionally and get one...
  20. I can't go. I have to work all day that day. However, I will be watching in case you happen to pass through HB.
  21. There were apparently several double rainbows in the area then. Channel 9 had a picture of one from Blue Ash.
  22. Yeah, they did a great job repainting the tower.
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