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  1. If anyone is unsure whether "all games" includes the arcade games as well, the card confirms it.
  2. Hopefully they also use this for the arcades. Many arcades have switched to card systems now. Heck, if these cards could be used anywhere in the park I would probably use it. Just put some cash on my card and leave my wallet in a locker or car.
  3. Might partially explain why it failed. Let me just say.... location, location, location.... and thats NOT a location I would voluntarily put myself. Which is what the "partially" is hinting at. The area has really declined even since the time lasting memories started forming for me (in about 2000). These days, I will only pass through that section of Lafayette Road closest to the mall and all of 38th Street from 65 to 465. Even then, there's only a few places east of 65 on 38th Street I'd visit: IMA, the Fairgrounds, and possibly Crown Hill (despite its status as a cemetery, it has become quite a popular park for pedestrians and bicyclists.). The Saraga international grocery seems interesting, and the Walmart shopping complex actually is a lot better than the rest of the area, never really hear anything happening there. Other than those things, I tend to avoid those areas. Lafayette Road north of 65 and 38th Street west of 465 are generally decent areas. Wouldn't want to live in them, but I would be fine going to those areas. Hell, one of my favorite Mexican restaurants is at 56th and Lafayette Road and my eye doctor is at that Methodist health complex. The area directly surrounding Lafayette Square is the worst though. And as for the mall itself, I don't see how it's even survived. I guess if Forest Fair Mall/Forest Fair Village/Cincinnati Mills/Cincinnati Mall/whatever they're calling it now can survive all this time with fewer than 5 stores, now 2 or 1 (did Bass Pro Shops move yet?), then Lafayette Square has another 5-10 years, unfortunately. Speaking of that Cincinnati mall, I'm sure Kohl's is actively looking at new locations.
  4. I wonder if The Crypt will become... well, anything. Aside from a Haunt attraction that will be there for years to come.
  5. Way to strive for greatness, CP.From what I've read, Chick-fil-A was not managed by CP. And IMO Chick-fil-A is good quality. Not Disney quality, but it tastes good and is probably healthier than McDonalds (but what isn't?). And the service should be much, much better from what I've been reading about KI food service here. Could they improve? Sure. Do they need to? Not really. They should probably focus on improving the other restaurants/stands.
  6. Yeah, we're most likely getting a coaster in 2019. The new coasters we've gotten under CF were released 5 years apart. Don't see why that would change, but...
  7. No security doesn't give you a free pass for trespassing.
  8. One that's about to reach the end of its lifecycle. If it hasn't already.
  9. 2 hours is a long commute, in my opinion...
  10. If it wasn't against the Terms of Service, he could quote himself and reply "like" like my great aunt does on Facebook.
  11. Weren't they also sold at the funnel cake stand on IS?
  12. Cedar Fair tends to avoid animals as attractions in their parks, so I doubt it. One exception is the petting zoo at KI.
  13. Cedar Dorms (the employee housing across Perimeter Road from Valravn) will probably be taken out soon and replaced with new ones at the dorm complex on the mainland, combined with a redirect of Perimeter Road. They replaced the dorms formerly behind Corkscrew.
  14. Plus they reported it 2 days after I reported it here. That is slow reporting for an all news station! It's not even their photo. It says "WLFI Photo" underneath it. WLFI is the CBS affiliate out of West Lafayette, Indiana. Apparently it was easier to borrow a photo from a closer station than to search the web for better photos. WISH and WLFI are owned by the same company, so that explains the photo reuse.
  15. I don't think it's meant to bulge out like that... Unless that's not a photo of the actual incident.
  16. Isn't it illegal to have loose articles on amusement rides in Ohio? Maybe KI Police could fine them?
  17. If I were in charge of KI, I would definitely work on updating the International Restaurant to modern standards (I believe one of the problems has been fixed with the addition of a GP elevator) and reopening it. I'd make sure the restaurant is accessible from the park (isn't the entrance actually outside of the turnstiles right now?).
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