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    Decoding 2020

    The relevant posts have been cleaned up or removed. Efforts to keep the conversation civil and family-friendly are appreciated.
  2. KI announced today that they now have an official Spotify account. The #TEOTWAWKI playlist got mentioned in the decoding thread, but there are also playlists for music in different sections of the park. https://open.spotify.com/user/addhyo98wxl84tm3cx43np99i?si=znAYFdRBQ2y5WHx0nVJc5Q The official playlists aren't as long as some of the unofficial ones, but they're a good starting point. The Timberwolf playlist is particularly interesting.
  3. 2020 season passes went on sale today for the two Schlitterbahn parks now owned by Cedar Fair. Payment plans are being offered for the first time at those parks, but (as of now) only single-park passes are being offered. https://schlitterblog.com/get-a-2019-2020-season-pass-for-16-a-month/ No word on whether any Cedar Fair passes will be valid at Schlitterbahn parks for 2020.
  4. Six Flags Great America has a fall festival in November, though it's common for the park to close for the inclement weather Chicago is known for at that time of the year. It would be cool to see Kings Island get a Novemberfest, though staffing the park would be a gamble with Ohio's weather. It would also mean fewer days to prepare the park for Winterfest.
  5. Pass Perks is a rewards program that has been testing at several Cedar Fair parks this season, including Kings Island. As it's currently implemented, after visiting the park, passholders get an e-mail with a discount for use during a future visit. The program has been discussed in this thread:
  6. The length of each side is similar to Thunder Rapids at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Holiday World's has two sides, so it should get much better capacity. Seeing as they already have the #1 and #2 longest in the world, breaking length records apparently wasn't a priority with this project. Even a "short" (by Holiday World standards) water coaster is very long for a water slide.
  7. Giraffica never reopened following the Shoot the Rapids incident at Cedar Point. Its removal was quietly announced that off-season. https://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/2014/04/17/wisdom-sir-isaac/ I'm really excited for Cheetah Chase next season. It looks like it will use ProSlide's newer RocketBlast water jet technology in place of the LIM propulsion on Mammoth and Wildebeest. Considering it will also introduce ProSlide's flying saucer elements and the first launch on a water coaster, it should be a really unique addition.
  8. ^ Where do you get the option to renew? Typically, links aren't sent out until passes go on sale to the public.
  9. Some leaked photos on social media show the all-park Fast Lane option for 2020 passes, which aren't on sale yet. Assuming the images are genuine, they were probably found pre-programmed into the Cedar Fair/Accesso online store. As always, details are never final until they actually go on sale to the public. The $850 price seems low; it sounds like a great deal for people who often spend their weekends traveling between Cedar Fair parks. The number of passes offered at that price is likely to be very low.
  10. The Haunt site hasn't been updated yet to include what's new for 2019, according to the banner on the top of the page:
  11. malem

    Decoding 2020

    There's no harm for most people following this thread in real-time, but having a page or two of (for example) Intamin vs. B&M banter has frustrated some of those trying to catch up later. Coaster manufacturer debate is more than welcome in the appropriate topics; we just want to keep it out of the 327-page-long decoding thread.
  12. malem

    Decoding 2020

    Just a reminder to keep the Intamin vs. B&M posts out of this thread. If anyone really wants to bump that discussion, here's the place to do it:
  13. Cedar Point admitted earlier this year that their 2020 addition is not a new coaster. Thunderbird's announcement was preceded by 66 days of new teasers.This year's announcement is getting substantially less.
  14. The coaster has officially been announced as Candymonium. https://www.hersheypark.com/chocolatetown/coaster.php
  15. There is something to be said about judging a chain by its worst location, but Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six Flags Great Adventure are nothing like Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Six Flags America. There are some very nice Six Flags parks.
  16. Project X's name is already being discussed in this topic: Let's keep that discussion there, thanks!
  17. Just for background on the waterpark rumors, Splashin' Safari's original playhouse structure is currently being removed, and the Laughs slide at Hyena Falls (including the stairs leading to it) was demolished prior to this season. There is still good food to be found at the park, but prices are up markedly even since last season. I'd recommend sticking to Plymouth Rock Cafe or The Alamo.
  18. ^ I doubt the machines were filling up during the day. Since tokens aren't currency, the associated security implications can be avoided. Yeah, it's annoying, but it's not inconsistent with other price increases in the industry. Fifteen years ago, KI gate admission was $42.99. Today, it's 67% higher at $72 - curiously the same percentage increase as the WWC geysers when purchased 12 at a time ($0.25 to $0.417).
  19. Extreme heat waves are typically a good time to visit the park without long lines, as long as you stay hydrated and are careful not to over-exert yourself. The longest line at the park tomorrow will probably be White Water Canyon.
  20. A big motivation for this change was likely to reduce the need to move currency around, making security easier. Also, $0.25 is worth less than it used to be. I would have preferred that they put game card readers on the geysers, but tokens are an easier retrofit.
  21. malem

    Decoding 2020

    Just a quick reminder to keep the conversation civil. Arguing make threads tedious to read, especially so when there are 269 pages of comments. Let's also keep the coaster manufacturer debate out of this topic, it's been discussed ad nauseam elsewhere on the forum.
  22. Sorry to make this boring, but "Banshee" seems to be capitalized in your old post due to a bug in the forum software. A filter was enabled in 2014 that automatically corrects capitalization of ride names. A forum upgrade in 2015 seemingly applied the filter to existing posts, which shouldn't have happened. I looked at a pre-2015 backup of the forum database, and "Banshee" was not capitalized in your post.
  23. Just to clarify, the intention with this thread isn't to discourage critical posts. The request is merely that criticism is respectful, without sarcasm or exaggeration. Silver's point is that criticism should also be accurate. When another user replied to one of his posts, they got what he said about Cedar Fair trademarks wrong. This was likely inadvertent with all the conversations going on in the decoding thread, but it's a good reminder to always check your facts if you're going to be critical.
  24. As of yesterday, there was no activity near the ride, with no trains on the course. It's probable that they're waiting on parts.
  25. It didn't operate today. In fact, the train on the lift is still there at last report. Considering today's inclement weather, sending that one might have left them with another train to remove via crane. They did get the valleyed train off the course. (Photo credit: Brett)
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