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  1. As a person who absolutely loves this park so much, it hurts my heart to see some of the videos of the fighting that happened. This is a place of families and happiness and great memories made. And now this, makes me sick to my stomach. What is going on in this world? I never thought I'd see this type of behavior at the park...I just don't get it.
  2. Wow! 15 minutes! Can't believe I was able to snag one. Love this event! Thanks to KI for holding the event this year!
  3. I ordered the King Cobra nanocoaster as soon as I saw it was available! I remember riding it a ton...at one time it was truly a groundbreaking idea. Got them all in a display cabinet and would really love to see a original Bat nanocoaster one day to add to my collection! Growing up with the park since the beginning, I was lucky to get my share of rides on so many classics at KI.
  4. Being born in Cincy and then moved off to West Texas in the fourth grade, I clamored for anything that showed the Cincy area and in particular KI. I was so bummed living in a place where the nearest coaster or park was many hours away. Tumbleweeds and dust storms are no substitute for hills and trees and rivers. I missed the my hometown and area something fierce. However, I was fortunate enough to visit my grandparents who lived in Cincy for the summer up until high school, so KI was my special place I waited all year to go to. A long time ago, I copied this Brady Bunch episode finally so I could have see the park anytime I wanted (long before the internet) living so far away. Now, for many years, I live nice and close to the park that has always meant so much to me.
  5. Can't wait! I'm wearing a mask everywhere else except home these days. I'm a person who doesn't enjoy wearing one, but out of respect to others, it is what it is. I hope soon it's a thing of the past. I remember talking with a hospital surgeon a few years back. His quote stuck with me...(Every time you walk out of your house, you're taking a chance of getting sick...there's a million things out there at all times that want to get to you. That's what your immune system is for). I've always washed my hands, covered a sneeze or cough and tried my best to keep distance from those that don't and if I feel bad I do my best to stay away from others... remembering that line every time. At this rate, it seems we may be wearing masks in public from now on. It's a crazy, wacky world we are all living these days! Oh well. So as long as I get to relax and enjoy a couple days at one of my favorite parks ever, I'll wear a mask and go along with my day happy...always hoping for the day it's a thing of the past.
  6. Definitely the first time I rode The Beast so long ago...it truly was a monster coaster when it first opened and still is a must ride every time I'm at the park. It got me into coasters and I'm ever so thankful! I had a truly amazing days as a kid going between The Beast, The (original) Bat, The Demon and the original flyers all day long! Miss those Flying Eagles!!!! Think the last day/night getting to ride the Eagles, knowing they were going away, is one of my very best (and saddest) memories at the park too.
  7. I totally agree Shaggy! There was a very different feel and vibe there during that the early to mid 80's. And it's very hard to describe in words. Guess you just had to be there then to understand it. I was in total awe of both The Bat and Beast and the general ambiance of the park. The only word that comes to mind of that time in the park is just magical. But, as a young teenager then, the world in general was a simpler, much different place too.
  8. I consider myself lucky that I was able to ride the original Bat quite a few times. As a young teenager, and not seeing anything like it before, I was absolutely loved it! The second drop by the trees was my favorite part...the design flaw, even though it was not the fastest coaster around, made a really fun, thrilling ride at the time. I also loved those old commercials for The Beast and Bat. I've said before, that as an artist, those really inspired me as a kid to get into the profession I love as a marketing designer. For all the fantastic progress that KI has had through the years, there was something special back then, especially after The Beast opened. Maybe it was because I was just a young kid, but the park held a truly magical place in my heart. I remember walking through the shaded walkway in the evening toward Rivertown where The Beast and Bat ruled for awhile...fond memories! .
  9. Just wow! Brings back a ton of memories of how the park used to be. Always love the park, but looking back as a kid of the 80's, it was even more special!
  10. Yep, he drew that out for awhile....2 weeks and then Finally!!!! Can't wait to enjoy the park again!
  11. What great photos! Thanks for posting those! Sure does bring back a ton of memories of what the park used to be like. I love the park regardless and know how so much changes, but I do miss all those trees in the center of the park and walking back toward The Beast. it's amazing how much has changed over all these years! Sure miss a few of those rides that used to be. King Cobra, Screamin' Demon and especially the old Eagles.
  12. I could see a dive there too! Here's a quick Photoshop rendering I just created looking from the midway. It'd be awesome having that drop face the midway! Whatever goes there, I'll be happy!
  13. So many things! Definitely our old Eagles. After riding them at Carowinds last summer, a ton of memories came flooding back and they are so much more fun than the set we have currently. Snapping was so much fun! I miss that ride terribly! I'd also love to have the original Bat back too and King Cobra. Kenton's Cove was a fun ride in the trees too...miss that ride! And, finally...the long, curved shaded walkway. That was an amazing place to take a breather in the shade on a hot day and also the way it was lit up at night was just special. I love the park and always have...didn't always agree with removals and certain additions, but it's still my favorite place in the world!
  14. I drive past the park to and from work everyday. It's been amazing to watch this coaster being built. That first drop is going to be insane! I got to ride both Fury and Intimidator 305 this past summer. That drop looks comparable to both of those. I'm beyond happy that we have own own 300 foot drop at last!
  15. Being one of the people who began to enjoy KI back when Racer was the big boy in the park, I've felt the pain of loss of quite a few good rides. Saying that, I think Cedar Fair is doing a fantastic job with the park. I was not much of a fan during the Paramount years though. I miss The Eagles and original Bat the most. The Eagles are still my favorite flat ride ever. Absolutely love them and like I've said before, I still have a hard time walking past that stupid and annoying basketball game knowing what was once in that spot. The Bat, in the first year, was a wild ride at the time. Especially going down off the second lift hill through the trees...I remember it well. Not being designed correctly made for a wild swinging ride when it first opened. I really miss Kenton's Keelboat's too as well as the original Enchanted Theater. Also The Demon...walking up the stairs as the train going along the track rattled the whole structure is a fun memory. Son of Beast was impressive to look at, but I certainly don't miss it much. Banshee in that spot is light years superior in my opinion. Kind of miss King Cobra. It was such a groundbreaking style of ride when it was opened and I did get a bunch of rides on it through it's years. Being a little older, I've seen quite a bit come and go at the park to say the least. It's still my favorite place in the world through it all.
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