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  1. The rumors from some CP fans is that it's going to Michigan's Adventure. I personally hope it comes to KI. I have always loved that ride. I wonder if it would fit in the large open space in Area 72 back by Orion break run where some people on here supposedly saw some soil samples spots?
  2. ^ I don't think the coaster would go in the trees like you depict. I believe they would remove Timberwolf, Invertigo and Congo Falls and it would flyover the entrance area and turn around in employee parking lot to fly back over again.
  3. MF is better than Fury and Orion.
  4. I still believe it's overrated. Although, while being very good the first half of the layout, Fury becomes extremely anticlimactic once it reaches the very drawn out and slow helix. Orion, on the other hand, at least keeps good pacing until the break run. I've always thought Fury is top 10 worthy but not the best coaster on the planet like a lot of enthusiasts seem to think.
  5. I agree. This seems like this is more than a just a road being prepped for. If they wanted to just pave an access road they would just lay asphalt like they did with Orion's. I don't remember seeing any markers for Orion's new access road back there. Also, isn't there already a shuttle picking the employees up at the dorm building?
  6. I think AE is safe for now. Vortex, Invertigo and FoF were the only rides listed still in operation in Orion's theming along with all of the other defunct rides of KI's past . Vortex was closed shortly after. Invertigo and FoF are only ones left on that list that aren't retired. If we read into the theming, they will probably be the next to go. But having said that, Vortex was closed because" reaching end of its service life" but there are other rides similar in scale by Arrow still in operation like Lochness Monster at BGW which is almost 10 years older than Vortex was. So, who really knows with Cedar Fair. AE is a great Mine Train ride, I hope it's here for a long time.
  7. Fury is Intense the first half...... until it hits the huge, pointless helix. Then it crawls the rest of the way. Orion is fast until the break run. I'm still going to give Fury the edge, but not by much.
  8. Do you think the ride will be even better in the future when the trains have more weight by running full capacity as opposed to running at half capacity now?
  9. I have ridden Fury 325, Intimidator 305 and MF as well, but not Orion as of yet. You seem to be in the minority here with your opinion regarding Orion, as I will probably be in the minority with this opinion; I remember thinking that Fury 325 was a disappointment. Don't get me wrong, it's good, but only the first half. It hits the helix about halfway through and slows down to a craaaaaaawl the rest of the ride, While Millennium Force maintains it's speed throughout. MF is still my favorite Giga.
  10. Awesome! Sounds amazing, Don. Can't wait to ride! Is it your new favorite Giga?
  11. I don't think they leave at night. It looks like same cars have been parked in same spot for weeks.
  12. I'm sure this has probably already been mentioned, but why have all of those cars been parked in KI's lot for all of these weeks?
  13. It doesn't spread as well outside via aerosolizing in the heat and humidity, either. Sunlight apparently kills it. Besides, I would not have a problem wearing a mask if it meant we could go this year. Would you?
  14. I'm hoping for July. Apparently, the virus doesn't survive on surfaces when the heat and humidity are high.
  15. How do you know the footers are still there? The drone flyover that I saw with Vortex site flyover was from 2-3 weeks ago.
  16. True, I just think it's interesting how they left it open at the bottom of the Firehawk ramp. The way they have it paved makes it look like they will use those steps to direct foot traffic down the other way towards the new path that will go under Orion sometime in future.
  17. Anyone notice on Flying High Dronez flyover of Area 72 that they have paved the area at the bottom of the small set of stairs angled towards maintenance area to look like walkway will eventually go under Orion for possible future Area 72 expansion? Very interesting.
  18. The park opening in mid May is a stretch. I'm thinking mid June to early July. Hope I'm wrong.
  19. It's hard to predict how that element will feel since it's new for a B&M. The only thing I could see is that it was going very fast through it. I'm expecting some vertical floater into some lateral floater airtime.
  20. We saw Orion testing from the Little Miami Trail today which was very close to the ride and I will tell you that it was absolutely flying through the elements. It was even going much faster than I anticipated through that huge turnaround. A very nice surprise. I hope it's like this when it opens.
  21. Sad how Cedar Fair is getting rid of history. Should have at least kept the station. I think it added so much more aesthetically to that area, too. Vortex and Bat were firsts of their kind as well and they have now gotten rid of all traces of both. Funny how they keep Corkscrew and Gemini open up north though. When they opened they were firsts as well. Hmmmmm.....
  22. Yeah, he was specifically asked about trims. MCBR was not in the question. He may have thought that's what I meant, though.
  23. Actually, it is somewhat of a surprise because Don said that there would be no trims until the final break run. Multiple people heard him say this. Hopefully, this trim will be like Banshee's which is hardly used.
  24. is that a trim break on the floater hill before the helix? The blog pic from KI today shows it. hope not.
  25. It was the station for the first ever suspended rollercoaster ,The Bat and the record breaker, Vortex. The Bat was a precursor to Banshee and all of the other great inverted coasters out there today. The Vortex at the time was the highest rollercoaster in the world with the most inversions and the first to turn riders upside down and with three different types of inversions. It also pushed Cedar Point (for competition reasons) to build Magnum XL 200 which opened only 2 years later to be the new highest coaster in the world, which in turn started CP in building all the record breakers we see today. So, yeah, in my eyes in the context of amusement park history, it's historic.
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