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  1. I’m really starting to like the choice for having the ride at the back of the park, it will add some mystery to what’s lurking, or in this case leaping, deep in the woods just like The Beast does.
  2. Agreed, that was another thing I was wondering about to be honest. The crew is going to have to be very efficient for it all to work.
  3. Something I’ve been thinking about in terms of overall track length. It could be possible the ride is short due to consideration of ride capacity. If the trains are carrying 32 people at max, this thing could be a people eater, offering a lot of rides in the span of an hour. This has been a focus point in the past. See: Diamondback and Banshee.
  4. Yep, there in lies the rub. They can honestly play with the numbers from the actual ground to crest.
  5. Any Cedar Fair execs that live in Dayton?
  6. Not a bad thought. Some might disagree, but I think some of the next steps will be ride replacements. Nothing lasts forever as they say...
  7. I like that we, as a collective community, are now referred to as “roller coaster experts”...
  8. This site has come a long way in the speculation department. I remember all the ups and downs with the Diamondback thread back in the day. It’s pretty awesome that we have so many different walks of life helping out with knowledge. Architects, engineers, mathematicians. This ride may not be what some are expecting, and that’s okay. We’re all human! Personally, I’m just amazed to have something like this so close. We’ve got the whole summer still to go, and a lot still to uncover. Keep marching forward ladies and gents!
  9. Oh Dustin, now you’ve done it... John Matarese is gonna be all over this! Looks great!
  10. You're right. My lack of coffee is showing! Better scurry back to my corner... I meant Magenta... My apologies to both of you!
  11. Remember, as Shaggy has mentioned, we currently do not know how high the station initially will be.
  12. Well. What one evening makes.
  13. It should be noted: They are very strict with how we do things here because we have a very strong relationship with the park itself. We are essentially the closest thing to an "official" forum. What we do and say can be seen by some as representing the park.
  14. The process is very early. Keep watchin' what they do people. Fun times are ahead for us all! I have a gut feeling there's a name floating out there that will throw us for a loop!
  15. So cool to see the speculation thread has begun. I wonder if the weather (rain, rain, rain) has played a role in the timeline for clearing out certain areas.
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