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  1. Pez

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    I am not so concerned about the conference call. Missed second quarter earnings would not lead to the abandonment of a multi-million dollar asset within a few months. The removal is more likely related to the work Kings Island contracted with B&M to perform, maintaining the park at the right size considering the new addition and location of the new B&M coaster.
  2. Pez

    Ability to become a Flagship Park

    Doesn't the term "Flagship" imply that there can be only one? I don't see Kings Island overtaking Cedar Point in any key regard, so Kings Island does not have the ability to become a flagship park.
  3. They could transform KillMart to support the ride. They could run a track right through it or use it as a garage. The cinderblock appearance of the building is a bit of an eyesore. Hopefully they will correct that somehow.
  4. My guess with the mechanics liens is somebody KI hired didn't pay their subs and probably went bankrupt, so in 2020 we are getting a B&M giga coaster in outpost 5 themed to the Universal Commerce Code. 'Son of Unjust Enrichment." #whatsinthecertifiedmail
  5. I hope the antique cars return. It also looks like a ferris wheel could be added. I think these would be great additions because there are not a lot of low intensity rides not specifically aimed at kids. I love the coasters and more intense rides, but the woman can't do them anymore. There isn't much to do when we are there together. We could definitely do antique cars and a ferris wheel though. It also looks like The Racer is getting some love. RMC seems like a stretch. I thought they weren't doing topper track retracting anymore. I rode blue yesterday and it ran alright. It's still a good ride. It definitely could use some paint, but i'm not convinced they are throwing additional millions for a significant track alteration or new trains.
  6. Pez

    Policies and Subsequent Discipline

    This is petty revenge. Nothing more, nothing less. Rooh's posts lack an honest telling of the event and is intended to invoke I'll feelings toward Kings Island and Cedar Fair. Note that Rooh quickly took the cowards flight once called out. We won't be getting any further information concerning the affair from either party.
  7. Pez

    Woman falls under Diamondback train

    Kids nowdays with their smartie phones and tweeters have their noses in their phones so much that they can't even tell when they're walking into a maintenance pit.
  8. Pez

    Woman falls under Diamondback train

    Well...there is a pic. On the twitter account of @kailyn_miles. "Kail" described the event in her post. The reporter in the now removed link did contact Kings Island and if I recall correctly, Kings Island acknowledged the event. What is the standard of proof for allowing the topic and who decides? Is it up to the whim of the moderators?
  9. I think the building is good, but needs an update. Using shingles as siding has a certain 70's charm, but I'm not a fan. With the park embracing international street as a showplace with the light show to go with the fireworks and the circus act they has last year, I think adding a deck would be great. A rooftop viewing area may be a good add, or maybe not because of sightlines over the international street facades.
  10. Pez

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Well, that just makes a lot of sense. I think you're right.
  11. Pez

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Here is the OVC video.
  12. Pez

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I don't know what's going on back there. I know what I saw and what I was told. I realize the elevator operator may be a close relation to the dippin dots guy, but that's what she said. I cannot attest to the veracity of her statement. I don't think they're slapping roofs on shipping containers though. They are doing something back there. It is a construction site. Regardless of filings with the County Recorder, they have erected about ten structures with metal roofs on either side of a larger roofed structure. Maybe they are dorms. Maybe they're cabins. Maybe it's a storage area. I don't know. Importantly to this thread, there is construction work going on near Dinosaurs Alive that does not appear to be related to the construction of a giga coaster.
  13. Pez

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I saw new buildings when I gazed upon the Island from atop the tower on Friday. They are located off the service road behind the old Dinosaurs Alive path just after the junction with the service road that goes between Firehawk and Dinosaurs Alive. The OVC guys were up there too and posted a video of the new buildings. They look like maintainence buildings to me. I asked the elevator operator if those buildings are new and she said that a few guests have asked her about them but she didn't know. She followed up by saying the park was adding dorms for exchange students. I assume she meant seasonal foreign workers, but whatever. I didn't think Kings Island uses enough of them to warrant building housing for them. It also seems like an odd placement for dorms. I would think dorms would be better located closer to Columbia and Great Wolf Drive since it is adjacent to a residential neighborhood. So, my point is maybe the concrete work is for whatever is going on with the new maintainence buildings/dorms.
  14. Pez

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    If they were going to make a massive investment and redefine a section of the park removing Invertigo, Congo Falls, and Timberwolf seem to be the most concentrated section of dispensable attractions in the park. Boomerangs and Shoot the Chutes rides are being removed at other parks and Spirit Song and a smattering of corporate events don't seem to be enough to keep it around if there are plans to renovate. That being said, I don't think there are any big plans under consideration. As we have seen with the placement of Mystic Timers, they can put a Giga in places we wouldn't think about. Moreover, I'm not convinced that a parking lot Giga a'la Fury would fit the overarching aesthetic at Kings Island where you traverse the gates almost as if you're in a tunnel and come out to something wonderful on the other side.
  15. It seems the old apartment building plans have been abandoned. It is a mystery what plans Warren County Holdings have for the property. The word "Holdings" in the business name indicates to me that the property was purchased for speculative investment instead of development. We may have to resign ourselves to looking at weeds and rubble over there for a while.