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    Wow Fryoj. You're one cynical lady.
  2. Pez

    Decoding 2020

    I would like to see black supports with forest green track and orange trains for the section where it is going to run parallel to The Beast break run. That would really enhance the worst part of The Beast. Especially if they can make that section roar. I think that would really add to The Beast experience. Hearing an oncoming roar, looking over and through the trees catching a glimpse of something big and orange booking through the forest at 80-90 MPH.
  3. The pedestals can rot in hell!!!
  4. I saw them from Chipotle from about 8:45-8:50. I think they were just testing.
  5. This is not legal advice, but recording a notice of commencement is required before the performance of labor or work. ORC 1311.04(A) (1). The notice expires after six years. ORC 1311.04(S). "2018, 2019 & 2020 Additions & Modifications to Kings Island Park" is a brief description of the improvement to be performed on the property. ORC 1311.04 (B) (2). It is supposed to contain sufficient specificity to permit lein claimants to identify the improvement. Id.
  6. You might be right fryoj. My friend who works at the Warren County Department of Roller Coasters said if they don't have construction completed by midnight on December 31, 2020 ownership of the park reverts to Scooby Doo. I believe Kings Island has plans to build a Giga coaster because Mike Koontz made public the fact he asked the Cedar Fair Board for it. He wouldn't have mentioned it if he wasn't fairly certain it was going to happen. This is bolstered by the fact that they filed a notice of commencement with the county listing B&M as a contractor and B&M makes giga coasters. I don't think it will be a wing or dive coaster because Cedar Point has those. Holiday World also has a wing coaster. No other park in the region has a B&M giga so that would be the stand out addition. I am not convinced that Kings Island is committed to opening the prospective giga coaster in 2020 because of the filing of the notice of commencement. I don't know if that means the work of those contractors is expected to be complete by 2020 or if that was a list of contractors they planned to engage within the three year time frame even though their work may not be complete before the end of 2020. I am unaware of the legality present necessitating the filing. Personally, I give more weight to what Mike Koontz said.
  7. GM Koontz told the crowd at coasterstock last year that he requested the Cedar Fair board invest in a Giga coaster for Kings Island in the next 3-4 years. That would put us at 2021-2022. The hype fence might not go up until next year. The soonest we could see land clearing is later this year. The markers would be out of sight so we might not be able to tell if anything is going on back there. I'm afraid the speculation will have to continue for some time. It does seem a bit out of character for Kings Island to rush the Firehawk demolition (complete with station removal), but taking this to mean construction is imminent is likely fallacious.
  8. This article has me wondering if Cedar Fair has plans to get into the hotel game near Kings Island. The grass patch at the corner of Kings Island Drive and Western Row wold seem to be an ideal spot with easy freeway access with the new ramps. Other investors have already put up a new hotel off Kings Island Drive and then there is interest in putting in a campground so there must be data showing a demand for more rooms in the area. I expect the demand would not just be vacationers, but business travelers as well with the increasing investment in commercial facilities along Innovation Way. Something like what they are doing down at Carrowinds would seem a perfect fit.
  9. I enjoyed the reds HOF grill when it first opened but it became less interesting over time. Sports bars have given way to breweries so this is a good direction. the ROHF grill predates both Chef Nate and Chef Major so its good to see them take "ownership" of the space. I expect the quality to improve as a result. I spend a lot of my free time at the local breweries and they are surprisingly family oriented and it is common to see kids in them. I never would have thought to take my kids to a brewhouse, but millennials think differently. Kid friendly is a requirement for Kings Island so there is definitely a pattern to follow to make it work.
  10. I am not so concerned about the conference call. Missed second quarter earnings would not lead to the abandonment of a multi-million dollar asset within a few months. The removal is more likely related to the work Kings Island contracted with B&M to perform, maintaining the park at the right size considering the new addition and location of the new B&M coaster.
  11. Doesn't the term "Flagship" imply that there can be only one? I don't see Kings Island overtaking Cedar Point in any key regard, so Kings Island does not have the ability to become a flagship park.
  12. They could transform KillMart to support the ride. They could run a track right through it or use it as a garage. The cinderblock appearance of the building is a bit of an eyesore. Hopefully they will correct that somehow.
  13. My guess with the mechanics liens is somebody KI hired didn't pay their subs and probably went bankrupt, so in 2020 we are getting a B&M giga coaster in outpost 5 themed to the Universal Commerce Code. 'Son of Unjust Enrichment." #whatsinthecertifiedmail
  14. I hope the antique cars return. It also looks like a ferris wheel could be added. I think these would be great additions because there are not a lot of low intensity rides not specifically aimed at kids. I love the coasters and more intense rides, but the woman can't do them anymore. There isn't much to do when we are there together. We could definitely do antique cars and a ferris wheel though. It also looks like The Racer is getting some love. RMC seems like a stretch. I thought they weren't doing topper track retracting anymore. I rode blue yesterday and it ran alright. It's still a good ride. It definitely could use some paint, but i'm not convinced they are throwing additional millions for a significant track alteration or new trains.
  15. This is petty revenge. Nothing more, nothing less. Rooh's posts lack an honest telling of the event and is intended to invoke I'll feelings toward Kings Island and Cedar Fair. Note that Rooh quickly took the cowards flight once called out. We won't be getting any further information concerning the affair from either party.
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