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Kings Island 2015 Discussion Thread


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Heard something very funny while riding Adventure Express on Sunday. A mother and her six year old were riding behind me...


Mom - "Are you sure this is like a train ride"

6 year old son - "Yeah mom, just like a train ride"


(ride starts and right at the first drop and through out the ride)


Mom - "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh - Jeesh - ahhhhhh - OOOOO-----NOoooooo!!!!"

Son (giggled furiously the whole way)


(back in the station)


Mom - "That was NOT a train ride!!!!"

Son - "You should never trust a six year old."

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Phantom Theater 20th Anniversary video just uploaded 2 months at the moment I really can't post the link right now. It looks like a promotion for the Phantom Theater could somebody help me and post it on here its on YouTube and its called Phantom Theater 20th Anniversary it should pop right up.

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Flight of Fear has FUNtv playing in the queue...

Seriously!?!?!?  :( Even though I was on my phone last time I was in line (on KIC no less...), I appreciate the video and the lack thereof (at least in my mind) lessens the experience/nostalgia.


EDITed for word choice

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Stopped by the Mason FD Quint truck (in front of the Royal Fountains, Starbucks side) and chatted with the fireman. I told him the story about how the Mason Volunteer Fire Company came all the way out to downtown Morrow with their ladder truck, way back in 1980, because none of the rural fire departments could get the massive fire that was happening under control, and just... one-and-done! ...and the young fireman knew of the story! It was cool to share that story with the young first-responder (and to learn what a Quint truck is...) 






Tb, in park all day  :)

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