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  1. I usually go to various places like Kenwood Town Center, Eastgate Mall, driving to various new locations within the city, all around I pretty much use the time to explore (and cry inside). If absolutely necessary I will go to the Dayton Scene 75 for a ride but that has never been needed *yet*
  2. That is the most generic name for an amusement park brand I've ever heard in my life.
  3. Knottā€™s Berry Farm jam discontinued from store shelves - Deseret News Looks like if you want most of Knotts Berry Farm items, you will need to buy it online. Only the jam filled cookies will continue to be sold in stores.
  4. The bathroom after I take a warm shower:
  5. 2024 is the year of the budget cut. Hours, PR (though it happened mid 23), Ambassadors, Events, Hourly pay. What's next?
  6. From the first day of Winterfest this year, I knew this one was going to be great, that sentiment held true. The added new lights + the addition of Adventure Port made the event much better than last year. Sol Spin is the perfect winterfest ride and essentially was added to my roster between FOC, MT, and ZPHR. The only thing in my opinion that would round up the ride lineup would be the addition of Banshee. Action Zone is a place I only went to 1 time this year, it's such a large section of the park that is just unused for the most part. Even if the ride was on one train, it would still be a great option to ride. Seeing FOC on one train all winterfest this year, it's definitely able to be pulled off. Another thought I had was about Racer, I remember one year KD had Racer 75 open for winterfest, I forget which year it was but I do know I saw videos of people who rode it in December. That said, once all this restoration work is complete on Racer, could we see it open one year? That's something that would be quite the treat to say the least!
  7. From what I hear, the park itself is no longer owned by coney at this current time. (Again, what I hear.) I think you would want to ask the people who now own the land.
  8. With the transition to X, the post view counter has been very helpful for the public to see that analytic. Unfortunately, any post (or tweet) made before analytics were made visible do not have it to be seen publicly. It seems like the PR winners of CF this year were KD and DP. I've seen many of their posts in my feed, Dorney seems to be the best park when it comes to engaging with the most accounts, they seem to have the right people managing the account.
  9. Something that just popped into my head, with the merge, will CF RMC tsa be implemented to all traditional RMC rides, will it go away at CP & KD, will it stay the same, or will it be implemented to any new RMC? This is something very interesting to think about!
  10. Wow, talk about sneaky! I don't even know how on earth such a massive and historical project / transaction could be so secretive. To me, that's a tad bit shady.
  11. It still looks like work will go on. Currently, there is concrete being poured while employees are arriving for Winterfest tonight.
  12. Total Eclipse of the Point| Solar Eclipse Event | Cedar Point Cedar Point added a solar eclipse event to their calendar. The event will be held the day of the eclipse April 8th, 2024, in the boardwalk section of the park. The event page states that select boardwalk rides will be open during the event! The question is, will other parks in the path of the eclipse do the same?
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