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  1. Diamondback: tan supports and a red track. That’s different than what it is now because it’s so faded you almost can’t tell what color it is. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  2. That’s probably the last time the parking lot was smooth and didn’t have any potholes.
  3. The answer to that one is likely yes. Because if they’re going to go taller, why didn’t they do it with Orion? It couldn’t have cost THAT much more to add 30-40’.
  4. This is my thought. I don’t see how CF could allow platinum passes from Knotts be good next year and not apply that to platinum passes based out of other parks.
  5. Carnival knock offs? You do realize there’s plenty of kids that come to the park and like those rides. Kings Island isn’t just about high thrill rides like coasters.
  6. I think $50 for 10 passes is a fair deal. Same price as the wheel, but since you pay for 10 up front, you get choice of ride. If you buy FL for a day, you can probably get in 25-30 rides or more. So at $5 a ride vs $2-3 if you get your money’s worth out of a whole day pass seems good.
  7. I’m not talking a pass for a whole day, I mean a 1 time use. Kind of like what they hand out at the wheel for a $5 spin, only this would be good for 1 ride on any ride. This would be for those that don’t/won’t/can’t spend money on a FL pass for a day. Would be an up front purchase that could be used a few at a time throughout the year.
  8. It’s a cool idea to have this ride again, but ONLY if it covers a large amount of land. I see no point in only going from one end of Coney Mall to the other. I like this idea of going from the front of the park to the back.
  9. They could expand the meal plan with small up charges for anything not included. How about 1 time use Fast Lane? Buy a pack of 10 for like $50-70 and use as you wish.
  10. Nice to see some ride ops loosen up and have fun (not skipping safety) this weekend. Beast Crew: You can sit anywhere but row 19! Coming into the station, the one and only red train! Enjoy your ride on Diamondback where you’ll go up 230 feet... Racer: You’re up and outta here on Firehawk! I’m honestly surprised nobody Friday said thanks for visiting Soak City.
  11. They’re probably setting up stuff for haunt by now.
  12. Well, SOB is old enough to have a kid, so why not GrandSon of Beast? [emoji23][emoji23]
  13. Well, SOB is old enough to have a kid, so why not GrandSon of Beast? [emoji23][emoji23]
  14. Well, SOB is old enough to have a kid, so why not GrandSon of Beast? [emoji23][emoji23]
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