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  1. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the trio of flates (this, monster and scrambler) because I thought they'd be meh compared to the coasters. Just wish it didn't take so long for monster to set up. But big fan of this one.
  2. All things considered I'm thankful I didn't throw 700-800 in the trash (plat + fastlane) but even if they do open this year I think I'm just gonna sit things out to be on the same side. Haven't eaten any fastfood since it started for the same reason. Just pray everything is squared away this time next year.
  3. Jokes on me I paid (like an idiot) the lump sum the day I bought everything. It's an expensive lesson, no future year renewels until the season starts. You don't save that much just by doing it early anyway.
  4. Just WindSeeker. I guess it's baby brother Zephyr, but I've been on dozens of those in my life just not the one @ KI.
  5. I feel that. Hope it rolls over as I know there's zero chance I'll get my money back otherwise.
  6. I'm just going back to my original thought process of considering this season a wash. Each day things seem to get worse and with needed supplies so scarce right now I just don't see amusement parks being a big priority right now. Hopefully for 2021 we'll be up and running.
  7. Hopefully this has settled by then, but I'll believe it once they scan my pass.
  8. Yeah I graduated in 03 and have no kids so I forgot about that. Still the point is things could be this way for a while so it could just mean no rides this year.
  9. Yeah I'm hoping we get something by at least the summer, but with the possibility of schools being closed till 2021 I'm preparing for no Orion rides. Of course I understand it's a day-to-day situation.
  10. Looking more like this season is gonna be a wash. Regret buying the pass this early, but wonder if they'll give us an allowance for next year?
  11. Was kinda hoping they'd do something like this. Now to debate if riding it early is worth donating $150...
  12. Sundays were my go-to day at the park this past season because it's my only guaranteed off-day (the life of a postal worker). I live really close to the park (I can literally see the top of orion, Drop Tower and the eiffel from my balcony) so I could go almost any day, but I'm usually too tired after work to venture out and be around people. It's slightly disappointing is all. Doesn't really change anything as I still plan to go around 20x like I did in 2019.
  13. This was my first season of many things: Kings Island in general, going to theme park solo and having a season pass. I think I ended up going to KI proper 17-20x. Maybe closer to 15. Sounds like a lot for someone who went to a theme park once every 5 years, but reading some of the posts throughout the season almost makes it seem like I got ripped off even buying a season pass LMAO. I think I went the second weekend as the first one was mostly rained out. Also went to CP 2x this year. 4 hr drive, well 8 to get back is just too brutal to do too often. I think both of them took place in May. I have a platinum which may be wasted if I don't go more than that in 2020, but with the cheapo Gold Pass I am expecting it to be a nightmare so...
  14. I usually only go on Sundays, so the April schedule is a little disappointing. Guess it's either wait for May or just put the Season Fast Lane to good use on those first few weeks. That or just pray it's really rainy and it becomes a wash anyway.
  15. I'm surprised at how enthused most ride ops are. Never really encountered any grumps but I wouldn't fault any given the heat and stress for minimum wage. Only time I see any tude is when the "how was it" reply gets silence lol. Think it was DB and he told us to go ride the carousel. Food service... yeah usually goobers.
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