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  1. These are the storys to choose from. Read>RULE: If you vote in this poll and one of your stories are in it, you can't vote for yourself.<Read #1: Gabriel "Indiana Jones finds himself on a new adventure to find his way out of the most thrilling journey of his life. Get ready to embark on a mission greater than any you have been on. In this mission you must escape the temple of doom, but don't think that it will be that easy. One mining cart is your only way out of the cursed temple. Fire, Ice, and enemies stand in your way to freedom out of the cave. It is now time to stand up to your fears and join Indiana Jones in what will be known as.. Indiana Jones: Temple Escape As you walk into Action Zone toward Son of Beast, a terror will be looming beside it. The line to which Top Gun was is now the line for Indiana Jones: Temple Escape. Unseen to what is beyond the front of the line which is shrouded by bushes and thick forest trees, The building standing over 70FT stands in the back of the park. Shaped like a ancient temple, riders walk into a greatly themed rooms with fire and sounds. once inside the temple, passengers of six enter a room where a quick short movie is shown explaining what the mission they will embark on will be. After the movie is done the room in which the people are in suddenly opens it's doors on the other side showing a single six seating cart. the passengers enter and pull down their lap bars. the journey begins. The station fills up with fog and then suddenly once the fog reseeds you are in a different room. The cart begins to move forward faster and faster till voices are heard coming from the ride as sound effects say, "Were being followed!" everyone turning their head see another cart following them. before people can turn back around the track splits and the followers get too the track beside them. only feet away they point their weapons at the passengers. Much like the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, passengers go through the same escape as the movie did near the end. Passengers feel like they are jumping off tracks, going over lava, and at one point a wall of water chaises them as they move along the track. At the end, the track exits into the daylight and escape there doom. The track slowly moves into the exit station where people exit the ride, though the initial ride does not end. With heavy scenery the exit turns into the escaping of the temple enemies. People get shocked and scream as temple people jump out of the bushes with bow and arrows. Once everyone enters the exit line connecting to the SOB exit line passengers feel the relief of the escape they made it through the terror of the Temple. One such ride can only be called... Indiana Jones: Temple Escape! Stats: Ride Name: Indiana Jones: Temple Escape Top Speed: 40MPH passengers per car: Six Passengers per hour: 1000 Total cars: 16 Ride time: 3 Minutes Year open: May 2007 Cost: 15 Million Designer: Gabriel Zelazny (Might PKI add he is so cool ) Manufacturers: Intamin AG Features: 2 stations(entrance station features a revolving station) Area of park: Action Zone *Top Gun will be dismantled during the 2006 season to make room for the Indiana Jones: Temple Escape ride.*" #2: Legend Rider "This ride, though sized for area now used for IJST, would be nice for the area of the pond, or near FoF Theme: Indiana Jones Name: "Indiana Jones and the Lost Ruins: the Expedition" Roller Coaster Speed: 70-80 mph Height: 150' Color of Track and Supports: Rust Brown Length: roughly 4000' Duration: about 0'3''00''' Track style is B&M Category: Diving, Modified Needed Theming, large Building, roughly 100 feet tall, to house the spiral lift hill. faux buildings, and a waterfall. This ride doesnt need an extremely large amount of land, it is only about the size of the Raven Roller Coaster in land area, or about the size of 'Tiques Area... since this is a paramount park, it will definitely need some way to alleviate the flow of the crowds... imagine... walking into the stationhouse and being placed into the 8 person wide cars. there are going to be 64 seats, meaning there will be 8 rows... and with two trains, it will surely eat up the crowds... since typical load time would be about three minutes, as should the dispatch time to the unload time be... a three minute ride, or longer... and since NOBODY LIKES OTSRs, we wont have those, these will be innovative... U-BARS... with a ratcheting arm on each side... the device has the ability to be released manually, but in no way is it reachable from any reach of a human, SINCE THAT WAS SEMI-OFF TOPIC... on with the show... The station has a giant "old-time" treasure map the lift, rising in a circular motion above the temple featured in indiana jones, will end suddenly at the top with a drop over the top, but not a true drop, it is quite similar to the diving machine ride, the brakes slowly put the train into position for the 85degree drop... this angle, though not vertical, simulates a vertical dive, while not putting too much strain on the steel! thus meaning less maintenance! and a longer life of the ride! as the riders await their doom... they are suddenly dropped 150' into a giant tunnel, which becomes a cavern, the g-forces will be quite high at this point, enforcing the 54" height requirement... this cavern will have loud hissing snake noises, and a large animatronic viper that snaps jut beside the train, two on the left one on the right... since there is already two "enclosures" there will be a giant Swoop turn up and to the left, breaking daylight, and abruptly sending the riders skyward via a sharp swoop down to the right; this ride is all about the swooping, and dodging large rocks, walls, and even going in and out of a waterfall: this will cause the riders to get wet to some extent. the swoops will continue the "bunny hill style" this is a wonderful sensation, and will not hurt the bigger guests, the restraints hold the riders legs... this ride contains many swooping and diving turns: up and down, left and right, stressing the airtime machine this ride is to be... this ride will have several ancient ruins to "fly over" and temples to swerve around. there will be a brake run near the end, which will purposefully be about 10 feet higher than the station, in a staight line orientation from the station, similar to beast's very long brake run. this brake run will be over a large waterfall, which was wrapped around in the midst of the ride, and feed into the canyon that rests below the brake run, the run itself will appear to be over a large swaying bridge. then as the riders wait patiently, or not, in the brakes... they are released from those brakes to continue to the station, and to unload, the bridge is passed over not too quickly, but instead suspensefully over the gorge! the riders return to the station, excited and willing to run back around to ride again! Thank you..." #3: CoastersRZ "Debutting in the Nickelodeon Central area of the park, Spongebob Squarepants` Boating School. 4 guests at a time will board a boat in the station. The boat will then enter into the boating school. Once inside the building, guests will pass by various scenes with Spongebob trying to help them steer their boat through the school. Along the way, they must attempt to avoid disasters dished out by Spongebob`s friends Patrick, Squidward, and Plankton, among others. The guests will experience quick turns, sudden drops and even splashes of water. Once Spongebob has determined them profficent, it is time for the big test. At this their boat begins to rise, while Spongebob gives them final preparations for the test. Then, their boat smashes through the doors of the building and they emerge high above the midway. As Spongebob instructed them before they left the building, their boat is equipped with water canons that they must deploy on the people below. after the cruving drop in which they deploy the water, they must avoid the pedestrian bridge ahead that holds the entrance and exit. At this point, they have to avoid water dished out by others standing on the midway, as well as the large splash as they pass underneath the bridge. Once under the bridge they have completed the test. Spongebob congratulates them for successfully passing his boating school. The riders are not in the station and they disembark. The ride will be manufactured by Setpoint, the creators of the Nickelodeon Flying Super Saturator at Paramount`s Carowinds. However, this will not be a suspended coaster. Instead, the riders will board boat shaped cars that hold four people. The majority of the ride will take place inside as riders pass by animatronic Spongebob characters and sets dishing out hazards that the riders must avoid. The track and boat responds to these disasters (fire, snow, fish, restaurants (who can resist a Crabby Patty?), and others). Inside the building there are two lifts, one 35' high taken immediatly after riders enter the school and the final one before they take the final test, which has a height of 40. The water canons are mounted on the side of the boat and filled as the riders pause at the top of the final lift before they begin their test and leave the building. Once out of the building, they have the opportunity to soak guests on the midway, who can also soak them. After that they splash down underneath a bridge to end their test. This ride is sure to delight kids of all ages-young and old. The ride is truly a mix between a roller coaster, dark ride and water ride and will make PKI`s children area wetter, better and more thrilling!" #4: TheKlockster "Star Trek: Wrath of Khan Description: This rollercoaster is an Intamin Rocket Coaster. It runs on gray track with black supports. The track is the standard four-rail square Intamin track, as can be seen on Top Thrill Dragster and portions of Millenium Force. It starts out much like Storm Runner. It does a hyrdaulic launch at sixty miles per hour, and rockets straight up a 150 foot tower to do a 90 degree spin and the top hat. Then it does another 90 degree spin, to turn it back the directon from whence it came, and drops 180 feet at 90 degrees.. Of course the ground is at 150 feet, so the train actually drops into a tunnel. It levels out so that it is horizontal. It flies through a portion of underground tunnel kind of making an S shape. The sides of the tunnel have lights in them to give the feeling of traveling at "Warp Speed". As soon as the train exits the tunnel, it does a huge 140 foot loop. After the loop it does a banked turn to the right and does a huge corksrew over the enemy starship. Then it heads for, and does a helix around the Genesis Planet. After a 900 degree helix, it then does a heartline spin (zero-g roll). It then goes up a big bunny hill over the enemy starship and helix, and proceeds to fly right through the middle of the loop. Then it does a 270 degree helix, and heads back through the station by flying through another tunnel with the warp speed lights. The ride will have great Star Trek theming. The rolling stock will be themed to a Star Trek shuttlecraft. They will be gray in color, and the wheel assemblies will be obscured by the warp engine nacelles that come off the bottom of the shuttle craft. They will have real working lights in them to further drive the Star Trek theming. The train will be made of six of these shuttle craft, one right after another. As I said, the track will be gray, with black supports. On the loop will be a big Federation symbol, from Star Trek. The corkscrew will take riders over the enemy starship, which is none other than a huge Miranda class starship - the USS Reliant - which has been commandeered by Kahn and his ruthless followers. The genesis planet that the helix will go around will be half a lifeless moon-like planet, and on the other side, an eden - like Earth. Press Release: Your worst nightmare has just been realized! Khan Noonian Singh is back for revenge! And this time there is no escaping The Wrath of Khan! Strap yourself into the state-of-the-art Federation Shuttlecraft. Blast off at warp speed as you rocket 150 feet into the air! Prepare to loop around the Mutara nebula, dodge menacing starships and fly circles around the Genesis Planet! Just be sure not to be caught by the energy wave - or you're toast! This exciting new addition to Paramount's Kings Island is sure to thrill the masses! So come and experience The Wrath of Khan, only at Paramount's Kings Island!" #5: KIemployeeforlife "This ride takes place back in the Nickelodeon area. As you come into the entrance you will be greeted by some of your favorite current nick stars in a statue pose. To start things off on the right will be your friends from Chalk Zone, Rudy and Penny will be standing next to a chalk board that will have Snap coming out of it as if he was going to say hi. Next on the left will be Ginger, Dodie, Macie, and Darren waving to you along your journey. Now as you enter the q-line entrance Dora and boots will be on your left to wish you a fun journey and then Blue will be on the right in the big red chair. All the televisions that are placed along the line will be playing segments of old shows that once played on nickelodeon, or now plays on nick at night. This includes; Clarissa Explains It All, Double Dare, The Brady Bunch, GUTS, Alf, Full House, Kenan and Kel, The Elephant Show: Sharon, Lois, and Bran, and You Can’t Do That on Television. This ride brings back the antique cars, but with a new look. The cars are painted like a taxi but with the colors orange and green. The name of the ride is, “Nickelodeon Cabsâ€Â. These cabs will take you on an adventure though the history of nick. It will show some statues of shows past and present, along with some action scenes. As you leave the station you will see a statue of Scooby with the gang unmasking a monster. Then you will drive out further and see the Angry Beavers standing in front of their house waving and saying hi. As you round the corner Yogi will be running away from the sheriff with a picnic basket. As you keep on driving Jimmy will be working on a new invention and then testing it but it back fires so he goes back to work. Jenny from My Life as a Teenage Robot, will fight crime and save the day. Dora will make another appearance. Oh no is that Swiper? You better yell “Swiper no swiping!â€Â. You can’t forget about the Smurfs who end our voyage watch out for Gargamel and his cat. After you leave the Smurfs, there is a giant cut out of Spongebob with a sign that says “thanks for ridingâ€Â, and Squidward will have one that says “wait for the operator to help you into the stationâ€Â" #6: Alien Seed "Ride Title: Tomb Raider: Fury of the Gods Indoor, LIM Roller Coaster/Dark Ride (At times, it will be mentioned that the ride is in some kind of tunnel system. The tunnel system is itself inside of a much larger building.) Single car, 4 rows, 4 seats across, design of vehicle: mine cart appearance. All vehicles support a speaker system to play its soundtrack during the ride. Ride time will be between 3min 30sec and 4min 30sec. Top Height: Unknown Top Speed: 45mph Average Speed: Unknown Depart from outdoor canopied station and travel at about 5 mph (magnetic powered movement for constant speed), after about 20 feet you enter the temple through a large half circle entrance (similar to the cave entrance on TRTR). Inside the cave are tools and bamboo supports from previous expeditions, some scattered human bones, evidence of cave-ins, and the passage is laced with spiderwebs. The entire corridor is made of square cut stones. After a couple sharp turns left and right, you enter a large rectangular chamber about 40-50 feet high. At the far end is the statue of Brahma sitting, holding the green urn, and four swords among its six hands. The walls are lined with three tiers of monkey warrior and griffin statues. You suddenly stop halfway to the statue of Brahma. You then hear a voice echo throughout the chamber, “The Log must pierce the urn.†Then you hear Lara Croft (voice of Angelina Jolie) say, “You’re making a big mistake.†The sounds of large locking mechanisms fills the chamber, then a huge replica of the “log†swings over your heads towards the urn. (The log will be supported by two camouflaged metal beams attached to an engine, that will allow it to swing forward and back into its original position, and obviously stay safely attached to the ceiling) The log “hits the urn†then returns to the original position. When the log “hits,†water will spray out of the urn like in the movie and get everyone in the vehicle moderately wet. The urn is then lit up with a bright white light. After this, all the monkey statues turn their heads down to look at your vehicle. Brahma is also turning its head, picking the right face. (As in the movie) When the face is chosen, its eyes glow red. Croft yells again this time saying, “We’ve got to get out of here! This way!†In the far left corner of the chamber, a small passageway is now lit by torches on either side of the entrance. Standing just inside the passageway, by the wall, is an animatronic Lara Croft waving you forward towards her. You start moving again, at about the same speed as before. The Croft animatronic disappears around a corner as you approach. You turn left at the statue of Brahma to take you straight on towards the passage. Brahma’s head turns, following you as you pass. Then you hear Croft yell again “Hurry!†At this point your vehicle launches at about 45 mph in 3 seconds into the passage. Your vehicle’s soundtrack starts at this point and sounds very similar to the Leviathan theme played in Disney’s “Atlantis: The Lost Empire.†The design of the passageway is very similar to the earlier passage before the chamber, but there is a little less detail here as this is now the coaster portion of the ride. The track design is similar to FOF’s, except there are no loops and the track is spread much further apart, as each individual segment of track is enclosed to appear like a cave. There are many wide and sharp turns during the ride, and plenty of large and small hills, many of them giving you the ultimate airtime experience. At several points on the ride, the passageway widens; as there are animatronic statues of monkey warriors and griffins that “jump†out at you as you pass. They are timed perfectly so as to appear like they just miss hitting your vehicle. None of them pop up from somewhere beneath the side of the track, instead they all start next to the walls and slide rapidly towards the track, as if they were running at it. After about a minute of this, your vehicle slows down on a straight path of track. The sound of a large creature stomping, getting closer, echoes throughout this passage area. Just then, a large stone hand (Brahma’s) punches through the wall, then two large swords come through the ceiling directly in front of the vehicle. The hand retracts, then the swords do. The moment the swords are gone, you launch forward again, at about 30 mph this time. After about 20 seconds of more hills and quick turns in the tunnel, your vehicle slows down again. It moves forward towards a wall but then turns left, through a small entrance into a large chamber again. Inside this chamber is an animatronic of Lara and a lifesize animatronic of the Brahma statue standing up with swords in hands (They are already doing battle when you enter). Lara is against one wall while Brahma is against the other. When you enter this chamber, you are already against one wall with the animatronics performing about 50 feet away from you to your left. You slide forward, about 5 mph, against the wall until you reach the center. There is now a passageway 90 degrees to your right. The whole time you are moving into the chamber, Lara is firing her two pistols at the statues face. There are sparks and smoke coming from Brahma’s face to simulate the bullet hits. The head is also turning, changing faces, and the arms are swinging the swords ( up and down, or left and rightâ€â€each arm does one or the other, in an attempt to block the bullets) at a decent speed for a 30 foot tall animatronic. When you reach the passageway to your right, you stop. You are now on a turntable. As you continue watching Lara fire away at the menacing heap of stone, the track rotates so that you are now facing the action, and have your backs to the passage. Now, no good themed ride could get away without a hint of cheesiness (especially Tomb Raider), so look around the chamber. Notice it’s similar to the other chamber, has several monkey warriors stationed around the walls, has weird hieroglyphic type writing all around…and a couple dozen barrels of gunpowder from that previous expedition that never made it out alive. (Note: all elements of this story will be properly explained in a good preshow that is both very entertaining and extremely informative about any confusing elements) The gun fight is getting nowhere, and seeing that you can now get out safely, Lara decides to end the fight. She yells, “Go down that passage to get out, I’m going to take care of this!†The animatronic Lara’s aim changes from the statue’s face to a pile of gunpowder barrels (that Brahma is conveniently standing next to). She fires and the barrels erupt in flames. The entire floor of the chamber is also set up to ignite with huge pyro effects. As the fire begins to travel in your direction, your vehicle launches backwards down the tunnel. The launch is not very fast, about 10-20 mph, and you head straight back at first so that you can still see the fire approach your former position. You then go down a 50 degree hill to drop about 10 feet. You have some lightly banked turns to the right and left before you come to another straight section of track. The narrow passage you were just in now expands to a wider room about 10 –15 feet high. In this room you begin to slow down. On your left is Brahma’s head with a gaping hole in the ceiling above it where it “fell†through. There is some steam coming from small holes in the head to simulate smoke. On your right is one of Brahma’s swords stuck in the ground, also with a hole in the ceiling above it. Once you are about 10 feet away from these, you stop on a turntable, spin around so you are facing forward again, and then start moving at about 5 mph. The exit of the temple is directly in front of you. When you exit, you turn left and enter into the canopied exit station. At the front of the station, above the track, is a large white screen. When you enter the station, Lara Croft appears on the screen and says, “Congratulations on your escape. You did good tomb raiders. And while you were distracting our large friend in there, I took the opportunity to nick this from the urn. (Holds up the Triangle of Light [ like in the movie, but not just half of it, the whole thing])†The vehicle stops, you exit, then it moves on to the entrance station." #7: Fyrfyter "My idea: I would like to build an indoor coaster themed to Star Trek: The Next Generation. The ride would start like this. You enter a queue line that winds through the woods, and through several tunnels. The tunnels are themed like space, with fiber optic lighting of twinkling stars and distant galaxies. Occasionally, you might see a comet go zipping by with a tail of fiber optic lights. As you pass through these tunnels, and through the woods, you come closer, to a building that resembles the exterior of the enterprise. The building is a dome shape, like the saucer part of the ship. As you enter, you first start out in a corridor that looks like one you would see on the inside of the enterprise. With the hallways lined and themed to look identical to those you see in the show. As you work your way through the corridors, you eventually pass through a large set of doors, marked as Shuttle Bay. These doors would resemble the large opening doors that slide open on each side. As you pass through these doors, you enter a decent-sized room that looks like a Shuttle Bay. The room looks just like a shuttle bay, where a shuttle craft sits, waiting for you to board it. Also, the exterior door for the shuttle bay has been opened, and you can see all kinds of stars and a few more comets, as well as distant galaxies. The only thing separating you from space is the blue perimeter glow of the force field, around the opening of the exterior door. Animatronic figures designed to look like Jordy LaForge, Commander Riker, Captain Picard, and Counselor Troi are placed at various points throughout the queue line. They also encourage you to enjoy your stay, and go for a ride in a Shuttle Craft. As the queue line wraps around, it enters through a side door in the Shuttle Craft. Inside the shuttle craft is the station for the coaster. The inside is themed as well to look like the inside of a shuttle craft. It is tan, and towards the front of the station where the coaster leaves, above the opening there is an Animatronic Data, sitting at a simulated Control console, and a window in front of him, looks out into space. More stars and groups of stars can be seen in this window. Data spins around in his chair and describes the journey he has planned for you, and the great ride that you will enjoy. As your board the train, you notice that each train is themed to look like a shuttle craft on the outside. The inside has a seat, with an OTSR, and a simulated control panel, that spans the front between both seats. This control panel has all kinds of lighted “buttons†as well as an LCD screen that sits in the middle of it, within easy view of both riders. This screen is small, only about 6 x 8 inches, but its image is easily seen, since you are close to it. Once you board the train and are seated, and the OTSRs lower, Data appears on the LCD monitor, and says he will show you the various features along the way. He tells you that, you will get to see all kinds of items and to just sit back and relax. When the train leaves the station, Data comes on the screen and tells you that, you will have to travel at light speed for some of the journey to see everything in the time allotted for you. As you leave the station, you enter a tunnel. This tunnel is a launched lift hill, where fiber optic stars are all around you, at first they are barely moving, but by the top of the lift hill the stars are zipping by at what looks like light speed. As the train exits the tunnel at full speed, it first hits a loop, as the train comes out of this loop, it winds back and forth. Data comes on the screen and tells you he has an interesting planet for you to examine. As you wind back, the train is heading straight for what looks like a planet. Orange and red domed rough cratered surface on the outside. You head for it, and plunge into a tunnel with the same kind of rocky lining, and smoke which emits from various parts of the tunnel. You wind through this tunnel for a bit, and then exit it; you are back in the star filled space. Data comes on the monitor, and tells you he wants to take you towards earth. Up ahead, you see a galaxy that looks a lot like the Milky Way, with the sun glowing deep in the center of it. As you approach from far out, you narrowly miss Pluto as you zip by, and follow around to other planets in our solar system. You circle earth once in a helix to see it, and all its glory before heading for a flyby of the sun. As you approach the sun, you see some solar flares, and you can feel the heat as you fly by its surface. As you exit the solar system, you do some more winding around, various things like constellations and pass other stars and comets. Captain Picard comes on the screen telling you and Data to return to the ship immediately, as The Borg are in the area, and the Captain feels onboard the ship will be safest for you. Data comes on the screen next, and advises you, that the Borg are on your tail, and an encounter is imminent. Up ahead, you see the large black cube, with its green glow that can mean only one thing, The Borg. You enter through the side of the Cube, zipping through different corridors of the inside of The Borg ship. It has an industrial look to it, with all kinds of wires and cables hanging down. It also has a neon green glow to it, and emits steam and smoke from various areas. You wind through this tunnel, and exit back into space. Overhead you see more Borg cubes that appear to be heading towards you. Captain Picard comes back on the screen, and advises Data that he thinks the only way out is to make a run for it straight towards the enterprise. Data comes on the screen and agrees. Your shuttle craft speeds up again to light speed, and heads past the items you encountered earlier in your journey. As you approach the enterprise, you can see the shuttle bay door which is wide open and waiting for your arrival. You begin to slow down, and stop just as the train makes it inside the shuttle bay door. Ahead of you on the wall above the opening, Animatronic Data sits again. He spins around and tells you that you just barely escaped an attack from The Borg. Captain Picard comes on the monitor, and tells you he is glad you made it back just ahead of The Borg, He then issues a red alert, and advises “all hands man your battle stations†and the red flashing lights come on in the room you are in, giving off the flashing red glow, where you now exit the coaster. This station would be designed a lot like the station for Flight of Fear where you would load at one spot, and unload at another. You just made it through alive, but had an incredible journey nonetheless." Share who you voted for and also say why you did. Thank you. Read>RULE: If you vote in this poll and one of your stories are in it, you can't vote for yourself.<Read
  2. were kinda getting . To finish the Stratosphere questions, there is Big shot (The Launched freefall at the top of the tower), Hige Roller (The rollercoaster going around the the tower), X Scream (The tilting ride at the base of the tower), And the New for 2005 ride- Insanity(Dont know how to explane it so heres a link) Insanity Web page
  3. I was just in denver and went on it. If anyone thinks they know what a ride is, you have not seen or been on this. good time. go0O0o0O0o0O0od times.
  4. I'll do the best I can to get those pics. I may be flying next weekend since midterm exams are next week and I will have to study.
  5. Really nice pics, what kind of plane is it you took the pics in?
  6. Captain Nemo


    Dane, you may remove them now. As for everyone else, I don't know what to say, the jokes on the polls, the negitive talking about it, I thought all of you could just make a one simple vote, it is not even controversal, you get to vote for what you want. This is why I made sure every choice possible would be a choice. Even after my poll that I asked to be taken out because of people saying negitive things about it and how it was unfair (After thinking about it I understood why it was unfair, thanks to Hrrvstrofyoursorrow). I took that poll out to make everyone feel that the polls were fair. Now after doing many things to make everyone feel happy about it, some users still lash out at my topics. If this were just a mid season poll while PKI was open I bet there would not be any complaints. All I wanted to do is create a simple poll with simple answers. If the one you voted for didn't win you can still think to yourself it did. This was not a competition of any sort. In closing, I hope you can forgive me for upseting you if I have for doing these polls, next time I will be sure to make sure it is fair and won't upset anyone. note to everyone, I am not one of the yes answers.
  7. Think of it, turbulance, Zooming, and the plane moveing constantly.
  8. You can all guess my reaction when I saw this.
  9. The Beast is at the moment the winner of having Best Year Ever! Roller Coaster Edition, Who here will will be given the crown for having the Best Year Ever?
  10. I'll be in the air takeing pics for everyone to see.
  11. Ring Ring, you know what that means, the ride is about to start. This is Best Year Ever! Thrill Ride Edition. So secure all loose items and get ready to have a thrill! Best Year Ever! Roller Coaster Edition Best Year Ever! Water Ride Edition Best Year Ever! RIP Edition Best Year Ever! Area Edition Best Year Ever! Years Edition In the Lead- Thank you for voting!
  12. clicnk.clicnk..clicnk...clicnk........clicnk...............clicnk.......AHHHHHHHHHHHH. Welcome to the Offical Best Year Ever of Kings Island. This is the Roller Coaster Edition, so buckle up and SCREAM! Best Year Ever! Thrill Ride Edition Best Year Ever! Water Ride Edition Best Year Ever! RIP Edition Best Year Ever! Area Edition Best Year Ever! Years Edition In the Lead- Thank you for Voting!
  13. My thighs are too small, my body is actually small. I'm able to get both my hand through the center of over the shoulder restaints and wave at someone!
  14. A Suggestion I have is to have a page based on a member who is signed up to PKIC. Eather a member of the week or month.
  15. I am sure at one year or another PKI will do something with the campground.
  16. What if a launch pad thrill ride was put at the top of the Eiffel Tower much like Big Shot at the Stratosphere hotel? Or even better, a topple tower(HUSS) ride! *Please don't reply saying that it is not possible or anything like that, this is a what if question* Topple Tower Web page
  17. MF has the rush and thrill that TTD only gives you for it's 30 second ride time. MF give about 3 min of thrill and rush.
  18. I just went flying today, I think you'll like what you see!
  19. Just to let you know, Close up pics are very hard to get. The day I went and took the construction pics it was very bumpy , only about 5/11 came out good. I can try to get close up's but it is likely that it wont come out if it is bumpy this weekend. It can also be hard to see with the snow that has fallen this week.
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