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  1. PKIC really needed this. So many topics that didn't fit in to any of the forum were building on the old one. Thanks alot, you rock.
  2. I was looking at the Kings Dominion site and a pic of their Tomb Raider ride was up. By the look of it, it will be the same as PKI's but only smaller. This makes me think that Paramount goes all the way for the rides at PKI. What about you, what do you think?
  3. I think PKI should on days when it's really crowded, choose where people sit. CP does this, chooseing where you sit. I know it is unfair to not choose where you sit but when it is crowded they should try this because it really makes the line move faster. Another thing to improve the park, they need to put in a new video in the FOF line. It gets so annoying. And last, keep all of the specal effects on rides. Like on TRTR, they got rid of the sparks flying down from the ceiling, and they stopped turning the lights off suddenly when the ride starts.
  4. I can't wait till that day comes. Front page of the Cincinnati Enquierer: PKI beats the record of haveing the most coasters in the world!
  5. With four Major roller coasters coming out this year, the coaster I look most forward to is Hydra the Revenge. Kingda Ka looks awsome but it is nothing I have not experienced (TTD). Hades looks okay but it seems like any other wooden coaster. SheiKra is something I would love to ride but comes second to Hydra the Revenge. This ride being unique, thrilling, and awsome makes me choose Hydra the Revenge. What roller coaster do you look most forward to other than IJST in 2005?
  6. Well, end point. I love Phantom Theater so much better than sdathc One more thing. Happy 200th post to me!
  7. Mabey they are at such a high price because they are in mint condition and have no creases. Still it is not worth $50 just because of that.
  8. The only bad part rideing The Beast at night is that you can't see the parts that whip your neck, like during the day you can prepare for it.
  9. Scooby doo and THC has no plot. I had no fun rideing it and it mad me want Phantom Theater back more.
  10. Were getting a bit . For info on jobs at pki you should go to pki's website. www.pki.com
  11. Wow, soon enough there will be a major for washing car's. It is good that there are more subjects in collage to major in. This is a first, I have never know that there was one like that.
  12. I've only been on The Beast at night once. Boy O' Boy is it a different experience.
  13. Wow, where do you live. I'm going to start working at pki this season. From what I heard it is Fun. There are many people on this site that i'm sure will fill you in.
  14. Wow, I did not look at the prices. That's crazy. People should just keep the maps when they go.
  15. I remember the first time I was at PKI I was scared to get on it. It's a good thing that I did end up getting on it.
  16. another good park i've been to is Lotte World. This park is in Korea but it is cool.
  17. Thats a sweet site. Now you got me into looking at all these maps!
  18. #1- Paramount's Kings Island #2- Cedar Point #3- Six Flags Great Adventure my top three.
  19. I don't really find a point to talking about CP's MaXair, we have our own and we can just talk about it. Though MaXair will be a good ride. What bugs me is the CP fans saying stuff like, "Did anyone else notice that were not getting a record breaker!"
  20. My Fav. park, That would have to be a cross between CP and PKI. I plike PKI more since it is my home park and I've been to it many more times than CP.
  21. Very good site. Good luck to you. I'm sure many paramount park fans will be happy with this.
  22. The rule should be more enforced. It happens al the time and I hate being behind a smoker.
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