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  1. I hope they get a B&M on the site of the next ride removed -I'm being sarcastic ofcorse And who the heck voted for Beast???
  2. http://www.pki.com/news/photo_gallery.cfm?item_id=114 PKI.com has updated with new pics of IJST and it's looking good! Also their media center has gotten a MAJOR update to. Cheak it out.
  3. Sorry if I forgot some, I asked around to get as many as I could. Thanks Dan for editing.
  4. My favorite is the 007, it was the only one I had fun each time I went on it. Whats yours?
  5. My best memory was getting my friend to get on his first looping rollercoaster (Vortex). Looks at on-ride picture and laughs
  6. Fuel for a plane is NOT cheap, I won't say exactly how much it is but one full tank can get us to CP and back (That is if the wind cooperates). We don't need to refill the tank every time we go flying. Hope that answers your question. If yho have more questions, feel free to ask me!
  7. I liked the idea of the community forums yet it did at times get in the way between the two forums
  8. At the moment I dont know when my next flyover will be.
  9. Your a jerk man! U know that i didnt have any proof becasue i didnt have a camera and my phone was in my car bc i was working. So if you don wanna believe me then fine thats perfectly ok with me. So please shut your mouth! Have a good one Meat Stick! c'mon man, I don't see why you have to get all ****ed, I mean everyone has their rights to make their own choice, I made a choice that you happen to not agree with. I don't really care that much if CP were to buy PKI, though I like the way paramount is handleing it. I have my rights to beleave that nothing happened when you saw this happening, Scooby_Doo has his rights to post that he was, "LMAO", and you have your rights to call me a... I hope that you can purely see that I was not flaming you when I said, "Untill I see some proof, I am still doubtful you saw something."
  10. You should have your own PKIC avatar for AIM, the site, ECT. Have like a avatar for each ride in the park and a PKIC avatar for user to download.
  11. This guy is the man, 100% agreeable. lets try to keep this topic clean.
  12. your stupid!!! They are looking to sell parks within the year so yeah you dumb one it is true AND go to coasterbuzz.com and find it out foryour self you Piece of Shizzle! And I am saying this to you, why do you think (And I'm not saying it is not a possablility) Cedar Fair would buy the park.
  13. I've seen the news, but still with the high success tat PKI is doing it would be the last to be sold.
  14. Untill I see some proof, I am still doubtful you saw something.
  15. Why do you need two topics about it. and if you look on the main page there are like 4 topics relating to it. Can we stop with all these rumors about this happening!
  16. for goodness sake, your talking like it was a headline. PKI is not up for sale and thats final!
  17. Nothing yet has happened to the campground aria. Most likely we will see some changes during this season.
  18. Yes they let you go to the top, unlike the pki one, this one holds ALOT more people at the top. also, the elevator to get to the top begins in the legs of the tower, where the pki one starts right below it.
  19. I never knew they had a webcam up when that was being constructed.
  20. I don't think it will happen but if they did sometime before or dering fearfest is when they would announce it.
  21. At the moment things are not for sure, if things keep up at the pace they are now it should not be a problem.
  22. How many here have been in the real one? anyone, anyone, guess I'm the only one.
  23. This just proves that PKI during the off-season makes major changes.
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