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  1. You might be a PKI addict if you talk about PKI halfway around the world.
  2. Well, all polls will lean to one or another. It's all what people think and I for one think most are split on the two (including non-pkic users)
  3. Looks like an interesting movie. Could make a cool coaster.
  4. You might be a PKI addict if you... are competiteve when riding The Racer (forward or backwards)
  5. Sorry if a poll has been made on this subject, I didn't see any like it so I went ahade and posted it.
  6. -MODS- If I am missing a rumor/ride please add it to the poll. I want to see a B&M!
  7. You might be a PKI addict if you... Count the seconds till falling (or know haw many seconds are left) before freefalling on drop zone.
  8. You might be a PKI addict if... you are still on this site posting at 3:00 AM like I am.
  9. You might be a PKI addict if you... are me!!!
  10. You might be a PKT addict if you press refresh on the front page repeatedly to see if a new post has been made.
  11. you might be a pki addict if you start a topic called you might be a pki addict if you.
  12. Saw this on a forum only it was based on RCT3 and I thought it would make a cool topic based on PKI. So here goes.... You might be a PKI addict if... you pretend your on Drop Zone by adjusting your computer chair, raising it higher and releasing the lever and lower the chair! Keep going with the idea!
  13. I loved the movie, Full of action and on top of everything else had awsome music.
  14. Some new info released on the PKI site, nothing new but it is still cool to read. America’s Most Popular Seasonal Theme Park Is Non-stop Fun For Family Mini-Vacations The Star of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events Visits Paramount’s Kings Island™April 23 Just one more month till park is open daily!
  15. Hey, if you ever need a beta tester I would be glad to be one.
  16. OMG, Really, OMG. I've been waiting for this! Thank you!
  17. I was going to go yesterday but my friend's plans changed so we ended up not going. We were thinking of going today but I guess it was good that we planned to just go next week.
  18. My best memory just happened last week. I was with a friend of mine and her cousin and we were eating at the festhaus and the song, Since u been gone started playing. Don't ask how I know all the word to the song, I just do. But anyway my friends had no idea I knew the song so just as the chorus began I jumped out of the bench and started singing and dancing in the middle of the room. It was really funny, everyone looked at me with a kind of face. That day was the best ever!
  19. well, everyone. Welcome to the 2005 season, It's packed already!
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