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  1. I just get water when I have no money.
  2. Are you sure it is updating. It's been like that for 15 minutes now.
  3. I never got the chance to ride it. I wish I did.
  4. Since when is it a compitition on which is a better park?
  5. Last time I went flying they were there. I'll look again.
  6. You might be a PKI addict if... you got all the questions right on this quiz! http://www.pkicentral.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5555
  7. "I give myself 1000 points" -Whose Line
  8. What about before that. Did they both own Nick?
  9. I've never understood the Universal Rights/Paramount Rights. I know that Nick is part of Paramount but where does Universal come in? Do they own Nick as well?
  10. Do I win a prize for getting them all right?
  11. Qustion 1: I visit PKIC: A. Everyday Question 2: I visit PKIC because: d. Everything about it Question 3: The content of PKIC meets or exceeds what I desire out of the page: 5-Strongly agree Question 4: The moderators and admins on this site are fair when making decions about closing, deleting, and moving topics. 4. Agree Question 5: The content of PKIC is superior to similar sites involving amusement parks. 5. Strongly Agree Questions 6: If there was one thing thing that PKIC could add that would bring the quality of the site to the next level, what would it be? Everything that people would need to knowabout PKI Question 7: What is the one thing you like best about PKIC? The people, Nice and are very fun! Question 8: What is the one thing you DISLIKE most about PKIC? How some people Dis on other Paramount parks. If you have any final questions/comments/concerns please post them here. THIS IS THE BEST SITE EVER. It's my home page and I am on almost every minute. Keep up the great work!
  12. Why would you say such a thing, Although I have not been to PKD I think it is a great park. Yes this is a PKI fan-site but what I think everyone needs to remember is that the P stands for Paramount, So we also are a fan site for every other "P"aramount park! So I think everyone should stop being just fans of only PKI, But fans of Paramounts parks in general. *man that sounds like what a teacher would say.*
  13. Jinkies, I found another clue but Have no idea who it is. I'll go look for more to find out who it is!
  14. That sounds cool. Is there any other information on it? PS. (happy 700th post to me)
  15. I wish I could have gotten that EXP to ride then .
  16. I don't look at it as which one is better or funner. I just look at it in the way that we have one. Weather it is a bigger or better looking water park, ours is still fun!
  17. Ok, thanks for the info. But who knows, maybe this year something will be on the page!!!
  18. With the wonders of firefox (Download it, very useful) I can translate it. This is what it says under each picture. Above 1st picture: There is various genres in the ruins, but they are one Tsuga recreational area ruins of those which by his likes. Always, it received the information from the one which becomes care, went out to search promptly. Below 1st Picture: While becoming frightened to mask PC, the fact that it throws the northeast road, arrives to actual place was past 6 o'clock. Almost there was no sight with the thick fog which occurs from feature of topography. Below 2nd Picture: It pierced this opening, climbing the rail of the coaster which is the highest place, it had decided to hold down the picture of bird's eye view. Below 3rd Picture: As for the sight which is covered in the fog those of this world the extent which cannot be thought it was fantastic. Below 4th Picture: By your at you looked several ruins which it can be wrapped in the fog, perhaps but the instantaneous there God has gotten off. Below 5th Picture: Suddenly when you look back at rear, at all there the ferris wheel. Below 6th Picture: The white dragon which is hurt had rested the body on the grass. Below 7th Picture: Day went out the inserting fog. Here is the coaster riding place. Below 8th Picture: The mark of three stars is what, it is lovely. Below 9th Picture: This much the coaster whose having a view is good was pleasant, it is probably will be. Still the air which remains did the character of the leading part of the recreational area. Below 10th Picture: You did to the ferris wheel which is on the hillock. Below 11th picture: As for the gondola of such shape it decreased recently to see. The stand place when the air which is conical type does. Below 12th picture: Fades very color this of the gondola which color of the ruins. Below 13th Picture: The waste recreational area T was the recreational area of maximum scale inside the prefecture. Below 14th picture: It is the recreational area where it can adopt large-sized type such as coaster for the first time inside the prefecture. Below 15th Picture: As for opening 1973. *just saw the link to the translated page. I'll leave this up anyway*
  19. Another finding. On this page... http://www.pki.com/events/events_schedule.cfm I found that under the drop down menu it has the months of November and December. Although nothing is on the menu for those months it makes you wonder!
  20. I think that is the biggest example this topic has got, that would make you a major PKI addict.
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