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  1. Well, the site is up again, but the video is not there.
  2. PKI.com made a small update, a few new videos on the main page of PKI and IJST are up. cheak it out www.pki.com *edit, The site still seems to be updating.*
  3. You might be a PKI addict if you... watch every PKI commercial when it come on, or run into the room with the T.V. to watch it.
  4. You Might be a PKI addict if your user name on a PKI fan site is F5rollercoasters. or has the word Fan in the username.
  5. Well, during its construction wind blew down part of the wood at the top. I think people dont want Hight or Speed anymore, It's the theme!!!! But I will add one more thing, It is a classic design people love, and there is only one coaster I absolutely adore as a classic coaster. This coaster dosen't get the recognition it should have. The layout is perfect in every way, the turns and tunnels are flawless. This coaster can only be... Roar at Six Flags America. If you don't know this coaster or just think of it as any other coaster YOU JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND!!! I guess I have gotten a little off-topic. Guess I'm just trying to say... ROAR RULES!!!
  6. It would be great if that happened. Top Gun really needs something like that.
  7. Hows the recreation coming, anything new?
  8. You might be a PKI addict if... All you write in your school newspaper is articals about PKI.
  9. Jinkys (i think that is how you spell it). I just find her voice funny.
  10. I hope this dosent come true. PKI always makes great decisions so I would worry to much.
  11. PKI's main site has made an update on IJST pics, Cheak it out!!! IJST PICS
  12. Paramount no matter what they do will do awsome with there parks!
  13. With all of the articals in the newspaper I have actually been saving them. I've been saving every newspaper clipping having to do with rollercoasters!
  14. I really like the idea of a water coaster. What I think PKI needs is a MAJOR water ride. I think a more advanced version of congo falls would be nice. Maybe a water ride much like the one at Knotts Berry Farm would be cool! PERILOUS PLUNGE
  15. It's so nice to have another whose line fan on the site. I'll add it to my quote list, thanks! Hey why not. Why don't we add on to the video of what things we should also not do on a coaster.
  16. Now that PKI is to be open daily it is time to review some safty rules when riding a rollercoaster at Paramount Kings Island. Please view. [Things not to do on a roller coaster]
  17. Probably someone who doesn't appreciate the best park ever!
  19. were they mostly based on christmas?
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