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  1. I need to get a car! I guess thats a clue to my age group.
  2. Its like you read my mind. I usually have no problem with them but that advertisment really is annoying.
  3. I dont think that PKI would make top gun longer or give it more theme. So probably in the next 10 years I beleave they will get rid of it
  4. Isn't it funny how people create these crazy rumors that we now know are fake. I was just looking at old topics and found this one. look at all the things that were said were going to happen, did they!?
  5. I saw that shortly after the video was posted on the site. I did make a version that fixed that. Today the video is also mentioned, In the Loop
  6. I can see one thing that could happen. The spot where the zodiac was is an ideal place for a flat ride!
  7. Thanks. I'm thinking at the moment of topics I could do if I make another video.
  8. WOW, Don't you guys know who's Birthday it is today. Here's a clue, Were talking about the ride!
  9. B B B B B Because it's the only paramount park I've been to.
  10. I like Kings Island like it is. It also I beleave has the BEST park layout!
  11. I been asked by many what I edited the video with and many were suprised when I said Windows Movie Maker.
  12. I really wanted to do this since January but not enough pics and videos were relesed so I waited. A week ago I decided that there was enough to make a video and I started. Hope you like it, I work hard to make it the best it could be. Enjoy!
  13. For goodness sake, PKD4life, why must you keep on having these polls on which one is better. I said it before in your other posts about the same thing. You the results of those questions so why ask? If there were a fansite for all the paramount parks then it would be appropriate to ask but... #1: We live near PKI #2: most of us are PKI fans #3: Many of us have never even been to PKD so we can't judge (This is why everyone says they like TRTR better) I hope you understand that we are not trying to be mean by saying that TRTR is better. It's just that we can't say we like TRFF better or worse because most all of us have never been to PKD or didn't ride it.
  14. Wow, Is lara getting to your "Head"! Inside joke.
  15. Sorry, didn't see his post.
  16. LoL, that was fun legend rider. We should do that again sometime. I have no idea how we got to this convo but lets go back on track.
  17. Hey Legend rider, Dont Turn Back. I might bite you big ego off. (in result of this post I predict that LR will be deeply offended that mocked his sole-mate rollercoaster in-which he will become enraged, or do something funny. head for cover)
  18. Your such a cheesecracker head (Those are my words, not Legend riders, Mine, lall mine and in no way created be Legend rider IM'ing me a come back like that, It's all my words ) JK LR, I represent all those cheesecracker head's out there!
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