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  1. Kong fu guy, just let it go. We have gotten way off topic and if this topic is to stay open to post both you and CombatStupendous89 need to bury the hatchet!
  2. Everyone Listen to me! I had a dream that SOB was going to be put UNDERGROUND in a tunnel, maybe thats going to be our 2006 coaster? On topic now- PKI has a style I beleve on what kind of coasters they get. To me a B&M really does not fit in to PKI. I don't see PKI getting a coaster like for example *Nitro* at SFGA.
  3. Amen to that *wait a minute, why did I say amen (inside joke)*
  4. I was just pressing post to create this same topic when I looked at the main page before i posted, you did. lol.
  5. Ahh, it's like being in line waiting to get on.
  6. The antechamber music used to be avelible here but the link does not seem to work anymore, sorry. Antechamber music
  7. Did you notice the aria of the ride where it simulates you going down the stares into the subway is right below that first drop!
  8. I agree, everyone is saying the same about the eagle's new home. How can it be a bad ride just because it has a new name and paint job? ok, look, eagles arent just getting a new paint scheme, they got a new motor, which is slower, so there wont be a way to snap them. sorry as far as the rain is concerned, they should run it in the rain, as long as its not like super stormy. I really didn't snap that much (actually never), it was the experience I loved.
  9. The aria where AE is a hill so it would be tough to put something, but I like to think of AE never going, everyone loves it.
  10. WHAT, AE is the best family roller coasters at PKI and one of my favs!
  11. It would be hard to surround the ride aria to make it feel like you were somewhere else.
  12. I really like the bond one. But the thing with the simulator seats itself is that it makes loud noises during the ride.
  13. I agree, everyone is saying the same about the eagle's new home. How can it be a bad ride just because it has a new name and paint job?
  14. Thanks for the heads up but we already have many other topics on this ride.
  15. Yes, it's now offical that Graeter's Ice cream will make it's way into the park. http://www.pki.com/news/detail.cfm?item_id=134
  16. For all those who missed it, not to worry. Four hours of whose line is it anyway is starting now on ABC fam!
  17. You beat me to this topic Uncle Henry. I am happy this is happening, nothing is worse than being in line 3 hours and having a smoker in front of you.
  18. PKI CP HW- for you legend rider! maybe i'll fly over the park and suprise you!
  19. I have been on SOB and it was as smooth as a steel coaster and other times made my whole body ake.
  20. If it's in a kid's aria I doupt it will be allowed.
  21. I guess everyone is now counting on me to get up there and take some beast pics!
  22. Very nice. Maybe I'll take some pics of The Beast next time I go flying.
  23. Maybe dane or ryan will "cook" you up some new ones!
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