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  1. Does it matter if they spin one way or another?
  2. Anything been happening since they topped it off?
  3. If you all read, he said they are all in sandbox mode waiting to be placed in the park sandbox. Don't criticize him without reading. He also said he will be waiting for the expansion so it's not the final park. Your doing a awsome job with the park, keep it up!
  4. C'mon people! So CP is getting a Delirium, who cares other than CP fans. It's am amusment park and amusment parks build rides. remember CP fans look at PKI fan sites as well so don't go saying stuff like the above poster, just makes us look like brats. Both parks are great and lets just leave it at that.
  5. We all would have known who you would vote for, it's obvious. Second to PKI, I like PCW.
  6. I wish I remembered what I felt like while riding TTD but I was to busy screaming so I have to give my vote to MF.
  7. To me, speed and hight don't matter (well they do in some way). A ride I find as good as The Beast and I bet many of you have not heard of it, is ROAR at Six Flags America.
  8. It seems that disney is going all out with new rides, with mission space last year and now this it is clear that they are spreading the word on their new rides.
  9. Why dont you have a warning system like you used to have with people violating the TOS, only this time have a system aof warning to those who dont post topics in the correct forum, AKA community forums. Just an idea so that it wont getout of hand with the topics.
  10. I wonder if anyone has seen fireworks from the air? HMMMMMM!
  11. Planes fly over PKI all the time, Besides were more that 1000 feet away anyway. There's no reason to be closer than that. So once again i'll repeat... When your in the sky, There is no magic line, So come on and fly, Everything will be fine.
  12. It's old news, but the topic does not have to be made twice. Just post in the previous topic about, it is not that hard!
  13. On that note, why didn't the park fire Dan and Tyson for walking along the fence line and taking CDBB pics last year? Why didn't they send security out to have me and DirtySteve arrested when we did it? Probably because IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL! Now calm youself down and enjoy the updates, don't attack other people for taking the time out of their day to make the PKIC community a little bit richer. They didn't shoot me down when I was above the park. When your in the sky, There is no magic line, So come on and fly, Everything will be fine.
  14. This is the 2nd topic about the same thing with the same title. Again old news. http://community.pkicentral.com/index.php?showtopic=376
  15. It is still a dead link on that site.
  16. Link to forums! Heres the link to the site, and works. Main site
  17. Seems like it has not been updated for a while.
  18. Looking at where IJST is now, we can fit the pieces in to what goes where with this pic.
  19. I have some PKI rides in my RCT3 game, AIM me if you would like to see them.
  20. Adding this to my sig, It was on the site... It's weasels doing backflips and judo!
  21. LOL, nice find! even more weard. Go to ride selection! And when looking around I saw test sites for rides that were not at PKI, mabey we found a glitch showing coming year attractions! And a thing for a new hotel. AMERISUITES - DEERFIELD CROSSING may be the name of the new hotel next to the park! http://pki.paramount.viva-technology.com/
  22. Very nice. Now we all know that track is being put into place.
  23. At the moment I can't take anyone from the forums. But who knows, anything can happen.
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