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  1. According to Queue Times it has been running since 9:30 at a 30 minute wait. I’ve been trying to get my Banshee rides as well lol.
  2. I love to see Banshee finally running for early entry for the first time in two days! Maybe they finally fixed whatever happened. I’m still not planning to go for early entry this weekend. But maybe I will finally get my Banshee ride.
  3. I’m currently debating if I should come for early entry. It may not be open even though it’s supposed to be for early entry. Because if I show up at 9 then it ends up not opening I would be riding Cargo loco and sol spin for an hour… Or I could come at opening and hope it opens soon and run over there as soon as it opens and ride as many times as I can before it shuts down. It opened at 11:30 this morning… If it’s not going to open in the morning and KI knows it won’t I would hope they put some other big coaster to ride during early entry. Because without Banshee it’s only Flat rides and FAAC.
  4. I did notice that this year all the Cedar Fair videos have said opening 2024 instead of past years they have for example “Opening spring 2018.” I wonder if they are giving themselves more time to work without making people mad on what time they said it was going to open.
  5. Sadly no… I’ll try again this weekend. This is super weird though for Banshee I have never seen it closed this much in the span of a few days…
  6. That’s great to hear! I finally can get my ride on it I was hoping for.
  7. Was anyone at the park Monday? Banshee has been closed since 3:30 on Monday afternoon. Even Invertigo has opened up.
  8. With the tire drives on some sort of lift hill this could suggest a family Ibox coaster. In this photo you can see two different colors of track, a navy blue rail and light blue rail. I would have said it could be T. rex track but there are two rails positioned right next to one another just like Ibox track in this photo.
  9. Banshee has been closed all day which is a shame I was hoping to get a ride on it. Hopefully they fix whatever happened soon.
  10. I have a feeling we may see Invertigo gone sooner than we thought… With a new smooth boomerang that will have no head banging and hopefully be reliable on the way I think there is a very high chance this may be Invertigo’s last year…
  11. Anyone know why The Beast, Banshee, Invertigo and FOF are all closed right now? Is it staffing or just unlucky. Update: Orion just went down…
  12. If CF and KI would work with Vekoma on a new coaster in the future would you like to see a Top Gun model or a Wildcat model come to KI?
  13. Correct me if I didn’t understand correctly but I have to use them not on a Saturday or Sunday in 2023?
  14. Do the fast lanes only work in 2023 or since I have a 2024 pass will it work next year as well? It says single use Fast Lane 2023.
  15. I had a thought that I wanted to share. What if KI was supposed to get Iron Menace in 2024 but with TT2 they had to give it to Dorney just on a smaller scale. Kind of like Valravn and Yukon Striker worked out.
  16. I heard the announcement was at 2:00 est but I can’t find anything.
  17. I am very happy to see Planet Snoopy seeing some love! Although I am a little disappointed that the entire area won’t become Camp snoopy. I am completely shocked that we are getting a family boomerang from Vekoma! I really like that the spike will have a little hill going into it to differentiate it from Good Gravy. I just hope you don’t have to have a kid to ride lol. I do think that with the new boomerang coming next year Invertigo may be on the chopping block next…
  18. This looks fantastic! I find it funny that every dive coaster in the chain has orange track. 4 inversions is way better than I expected! Love the theme! The beyond vertical drop looks awesome.
  19. I have heard that Knotts may make an announcement tomorrow. No news on that?
  20. Did any other CF parks tweet about an announcement tomorrow as well?
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEFQGCWoEhs All will be revealed tomorrow…
  22. I don’t think a RMC is likely but it would be top 3 best fit for the park. My last post was about the top 3 best fits for KI anything else would be good but wouldn’t be the top 10 worthy coaster we need. I’m sure CF sees how successful Steel Vengeance was even with all of the issues it had. So it’s still a possibility even though a slim chance.
  23. Sadly I am thinking it may be 2026 for our next coaster. I really was hoping for 2025 but it is looking less likely by the day. 2024 is CP and Dorney for the new coasters. Maybe Carowinds gets either a water ride or SRR. Knotts looks like a kids area upgrade. I think we’ll see a new water slide in Soak City for 2024. Then I think in 2025 Carowinds and Canada’s wonderland will see new coasters and KI will get a Camp Snoopy update. Then in 2026 I think we will finally see our next coaster. I think there are 3 types of coasters that we need next that would be outstanding. Everything else would be good but these 3 types would probably be the best in the park. Number 1: Ground up RMC. Number 2: Mack xtreme spinner. Number 3: Intamin or Zamperla multi launch.
  24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VChk0N0P8WU Seems Dorney is going all out on the theming for this ride. At least I hope so. 4 days remaining.
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