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  1. Wanted to mention something here. Cedar Fair has stated that they want to add unique attractions to their parks to draw in new guests that don’t come currently. I think a Mack extreme spinner would fit that criteria perfectly. I worry that adding a plain launch coaster may not bring in the guests that they want.
  2. I had an awesome year! I still have some visits to KI and Dollywood this October but after that my 2023 will come to a close. KI takeaways: With last year being my favorite year all time in KI’s history, my expectations I think were a bit too high for this year. Employee moral seemed down compared to last year. Budget cuts were frustrating but not the end of the world. Diamondback’s repaint not being done is probably what frustrated me the most. I know it is hard but I really wish it could have been done for opening day. I would have rather have the ride been closed for repaint than half painted. Adventure Port seemed very rushed. It’s a nice addition definitely better than before but the area could really benefit from some trees. Looking ahead to 2024: I really hope the park can bounce back and have a better year in 2024, here is what I would like to see. Camp Snoopy finished and ready by opening day. It would definitely help having a new attraction at the start of the year. I’ve already mentioned this but I would really like to see more trees in AP next year. Not really an improvement but I hope we get to see the start of our next coaster in 2024! I know how good KI can be something just felt off about this year and I really hope the park can bounce back next year and the first step would be opening SSBR on time next year. My 2023 achievements: I had 0 RMC credits at the start of the year and now 4 which is amazing. Visited 4 new parks this year got a new number 1 and doubled my credit count. 2023 was an awesome year and 2024 theme park season looks even better!
  3. Ok thank you. I had heard there were some coasters that you had to pay lockers for your bags but I can’t seem to find anything if that’s true or not. If any coaster was to have lockers I would assume it’s Wild Eagle. Big Bear looks fantastic! I love that it has a low enough height requirement that my family can join me!
  4. I did not see that there is no vests! You are right, thank you for correcting me.
  5. It honestly could go either way we’ll have to see when an animation is posted or when the ride opens next year. There is an argument for both sides. The photo really doesn’t show any swinging but the park also stated that you will swing side to side as you go through the layout. The other thing is the trains don’t look the same as the ones on B&M’s family invert their website. Those offer vest restraints these seem to be lapbars.
  6. Does anyone know if Dollywood has bins on all the coaster platforms for my bag?
  7. The problem with a Mack powersplash is the new Intamin surf is going to OG not too far away and is a very similar ride experience. I think Carowinds could benefit from a Mack water coaster instead.
  8. I don’t think we would receive a B&M wing because GateKeeper is 3 hours away. Plus if KI wanted to do a launch, Thunderbird is just over 2 hours away as well so I don’t see that as a likely option. I don’t think capacity would be a huge issue if we got 3 trains like Time Traveler. Time Traveler has an hourly capacity of 1,100 riders with 3 trains on the track. If we got a ride similar to RTH then it would be a problem with only 550 riders per hour. If we got a Dive I’d really like to see a narrow track dive coaster. Or at least one without a mid course break run. It really hurts the pacing.
  9. I looked at the webcams last night and I couldn’t see anybody on the pathways because of the fog. The first time in years that has happened. The fog takes a while to get going but around 8pm it starts to cover the entire pathways It’s so awesome.
  10. I think either one would be exactly what we need. Time Traveler and Ride To Happiness have a 51 inch height requirement. 51 Inches would be the lowest on an inverting coaster in the park. If we weren’t getting SSBR then I think the next coaster would have to have a 48 inch height requirement but with that addition I don’t think it matters as much. Thank you for sharing! I would like a B&M surf themed to King Cobra as well somewhere down the line just not as the next coaster with 3 out of the last 4 additions coming from B&M. I think the free spin on RTH is too much for the GP and I have heard that it never has a line that it’s too extreme for them. I think the control spin makes it just right. I have ridden Time Traveler and I don’t do spinning rides well but the controlled spin is not at all nauseating.
  11. Don’t get me wrong I would really like an Intamin as well but I didn’t add it to the list because everything on here is likely but with the current relationship between CF and Intamin I don’t see one as a likely option sadly.
  12. I 100% agree. We need something that no one In the area has and is very marketable. A Mack extreme spinner would be perfect. Throw in some launches that we desperately need and some crazy transitions and ejector airtime and we would have a huge winner in our hands. I didn’t add a B&M wing because Thunderbird and GateKeeper are both 3 hours away and I just don’t see us adding a wing.
  13. Quick Haunt question. What does everyone think the best day to visit Haunt is?
  14. Thank you for the information! I will definitely ride Lightning Rod first thing a few times. Do you think I should cross park and head to Big Bear and Dragonflier next or head up the right side?
  15. Thanks! Let the excitement begin! I really hope that the park can get everything done for opening day next year. My hopes aren’t extremely high but higher than at the start of Adventure Port last October.
  16. Looking at the webcams it seems a construction wall has officially gone up. @Hawaiian Coasters 325 Can you confirm?
  17. Thanks. I am hoping to get 3-4 rides first thing in the morning. I want to get a good amount so if I don’t ride it again I’ll be happy that I got to do the launch a few more times before it’s gone. I’ll probably take advantage of the single rider line. Quick question / questions. I haven’t been able to have the cinnamon bread yet so I was hoping to get that as well. Do you think they will sell out early or could I wait until later in the day? Follow up question, what’s the best time to get cinnamon bread?
  18. Thanks! I am planning a trip there for my last rides on the launch but I also haven’t been on Big Bear so I’m trying to figure out if I go to LR first or Big Bear. I’m leaning towards LROD because it’s so un reliable that it may be down the entire day after the first 10 minutes of the day.
  19. Sounds like an awesome time! Quick question, did Lightning Rod have a long line when you rode it? I’ve heard the line can get quite long early in the morning.
  20. I think a Screamin Swing would be a fantastic addition to Action Zone. The whole area needs a retheme and a Screamin Swing with a new coaster in AZ would be fantastic.
  21. The Snack Shack is definitely gone. It was easy to spot when I was watching the webcams earlier this week. Glad to see the beginning of what will be a fantastic addition to KI!
  22. There was a funeral for Vortex I’m pretty sure. If there was a funeral to be set up for a coaster removal, the park is currently closed and something like that could easily be set up before the park is open this weekend. I’m not saying that I think Invertigo will definitely close and I hope it stays around but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the park say goodbye tomorrow.
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