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  1. I’ve heard that Banshee is back open today. Can anybody confirm this is true?
  2. Agreed. I hope that whatever goes there has launches and inversions because we lost two coasters that invert in 2018 and 2019. That only leaves us with Flight of Fear, which always has a massive line. Invertigo isn’t a very comfortable ride in my opinion. I’ve come off dizzy after every time I’ve ridden it recently so I’ve been skipping it. Banshee is a good ride and definitely seems to be the best option for inversions at the park but it’s also an invert and not a sit down. I really feel like we’re missing a sit down coaster with inversions and I hope whatever we get next will fill that gap. A modern sit down launch coaster is really what we need right now in my opinion.
  3. I do worry that its days are numbered. It’s a very popular ride whenever it’s running but I haven’t seen it running very often when I’m at the park. I wouldn’t be surprised if whenever Action Zone gets a refresh if they replace it with a Zamperla Drop Tower.
  4. I 100% agree. I’m not into spiny rides myself as I get very motion sick however Time Traveler did not feel at all nauseating. Even after I rode it multiple times in a row. However I can’t speak for Ride to Happiness as I have not ridden it yet. I would be perfectly happy with a tamer Mack Xtreme spinner like Time Traveler. It’s in my top ten it’s that good.
  5. If the surveying near The Vortex plot of land is leading to where our next coaster will be going then I don’t see it being the Mack tower coaster or indoor/outdoor coaster as they wouldn’t fit easily. I believe that if it is The Vortex plot of land then it’s either the B&M giga dive or the family thrill coaster. Or it could be something entirely different as Canada’s Wonderland’s new coaster does not seem to be one of the coasters they listed on their survey.
  6. A clone of Moosehorn Falls could be really cool at SC but I think the family slide collection that Schlitterbahn just got would be a great fit for SC.
  7. Agreed. I mentioned it above but the concrete platform could work with a few flat ride models Zamperla makes. And we know that CF and Zamperla have a really good relationship. Should be interesting.
  8. Woah! This is actually a lot bigger than I anticipated. My first thought is possibly a new restaurant however Meteor Canteen is right near by so maybe this could be a Coke Freestyle or drink stand? If we’re thinking rides in this plot of land I think a Zamperla NebulaZ could possibly work here but we’ll have to wait and see. Love all the park improvements, keep up the great work KI!
  9. Is this from a reliable source? I’m not at the park today to check.
  10. For anyone who’s interested, the Camp Snoopy/Planet Snoopy webcam is back online!
  11. I’ve also found the turn into the second lift to be getting more and more uncomfortable as the years go by.
  12. I’ve barely seen blue racer run on weekdays. It’s closed almost every Friday unless it’s crowded enough that they have to run both sides.
  13. Also the maximum height is 80 inches if anyone is curious.
  14. With rumors of Canada’s Wonderland’s new coaster in 2025 being from Zamperla makes me wonder if Cedar Fair purchased a lightning launch package for multiple parks in the chain. If so I think this could be a good fit for KI. The lightning launch can have a rider height requirement of 48 inches which would be fantastic considering Vortex had the same requirement. I know packages don’t happen as often as we think they do but I just thought it was interesting.
  15. So you are confirming that this is the issue with TT2? I’ve been looking for photos as I’ve been hearing the same thing but I can’t seem to find any.
  16. Has anyone else noticed that Orion’s light package this year hasn’t been on? The blue LED light strip up the lift hill still works but the colored lights that would change on the supports and track throughout the ride seem to be missing this year.
  17. After seeing both coasters run It definitely looks like SSBR will be the better ride experience however Good Gravy seems to be the better themed coaster. I hope both coasters preform really well for both parks and operate well and reliably!
  18. The pov is here! https://youtu.be/6XPDMMbnjUg?feature=shared
  19. It was very busy for a Friday in May. All of the major roller coasters were over an hour long wait.
  20. I don’t know if anybody else has noticed but it doesn’t seem to make it up as high on the spike during its first test runs. Maybe that’s just me.
  21. It looks awesome! With this being the last full week before daily operations I imagine the park is trying to wrap up Camp Snoopy as quickly as they can. If all things go well I could see them announcing the opening date this coming week.
  22. I’ve been meaning to mention that Orion’s soundtrack has been blasting throughout Area 72 this year and I absolutely love it. It really sets the mood. However I’m disappointed that they either don’t play the soundtrack in the station anymore or it’s too quiet to hear. When it played in the station in the past it really reminded me of Millennium Force’s station. It’s a shame that they don’t play it anymore.
  23. Agreed. I definitely think that the biggest gap in our line up is a multi launch coaster. Both of our launch coasters only have one launch. After that gap is filled then we need a dark ride.
  24. Yeah I agree. I think the surveys are just to get a general idea of what type of rides the public would like to see. I don’t think any of these rides on the survey will be the exact same as shared in the concept if the park decided to go with one of them.
  25. I imagine it will stay around the same amount of time because unless the general queue is a walk on Fastlane is at least 20 minutes because of the merge point.
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