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  1. Weirdly enough, the app states that all season Fastlane plus only gets you one ride on TT2 per visit. It shows the starting price for FLP is also $115 and not $99 which is correct because when you click on dates to buy it the lowest price is $115. Does anyone know if you purchase a Fastlane it will be available for you to redeem any time of that day you selected? So let’s say I purchase a Fastlane and I don’t get to the park until 3pm, can I still redeem it or will someone have taken it by then?
  2. If they’re keeping the name I hope they at least put some work into painting it and maybe adding a bandana and a beagle scout hat to snoopy so it fits the theme more of the surrounding area.
  3. I’ve always liked the idea of Action Zone being rethemed to a haunted area to tie in with Banshee and The Bat. What if Drop Tower was renamed to Scream Zone to pay homage to Drop Zone and also fitting the new theme at the same time.
  4. At least they didn’t go with Woodstock Express 2.
  5. Although it will take some time to get familier with the new names, they picked out some great names! Honestly, that whole back area needed a refresh and this is exactly what it needed.
  6. According to the updated Cedar Point and Carowinds app’s, it seems like they will continue to offer single use Fastlane’s at those parks. I imagine when we see our app update soon it will show single use Fastlane as well. Does anyone know how much they charged last year?
  7. I would really like to see Orion’s soundtrack return in the station for 2024. I heard it early on in the season but sometime in the summer it went away. Just like Millenium Force, Orion’s soundtrack in the station really sets the mood for the ride and I just wish it would play more often. I could also throw in the Banshee fog machine in this discussion. I haven’t seen it run in a long time. Man I miss that thing.
  8. It was confirmed by Holiday World in their podcast.
  9. Vekoma has a deal with Holiday World that they would be the first to open up a family Vekoma boomerang in the US. That’s why KI is taking their time because they can’t open SSBR until Good Gravy opens.
  10. Remember early in the 2023 season when the Planet Snoopy webcam was randomly switched to Camp Snoopy? I guess we should have seen it coming lol.
  11. Has anyone purchased Fastlane the night before the day you visit? Trying to figure out when I should purchase my Fastlane.
  12. Not sure. You may be correct. It was that or AP opens this summer was in some teasers I think.
  13. I received a message from ACE about it this morning. If it makes the event more exclusive I’m all for it. This could be great or terrible we’ll have to see.
  14. I don’t believe most Arrow’s will receive the treatment. I just think parks would just rather opt for a new coaster instead. Maybe the iconic ones like MagnumXL-200 could be retracked.
  15. Looks like it’s coming along well! I did not expect Woodstock Gliders and Linus Launcher to be a part of this but I am all for it. I think it makes more sense instead of just having two things in the back of Planet Snoopy that are Camp Snoopy. I know it wasn’t mentioned but I still really hope to see the new gen Vekoma trains added to Flying Ace. Also, are they going to stick with the Flying Ace name and not change the name? I just think that’d be a bit weird with the completely different color scheme.
  16. I didn’t want to create a new thread so I thought I’d just ask my question here. To anyone has stayed at Carowinds on site hotel, do you know if you can purchase or redeem Fastlane at the hotel’s front desk? I’m asking this because I know you can redeem Fastlane at Hotel Breaker’s front desk and gift shop. Thank you in advance.
  17. I agree. In fact, I think the ride is such a staple that the area around it should get rethemed to match Banshee instead of the other way around.
  18. Orion might not be the best ride on the planet but it sure was designed incredibly well by B&M to be efficient, reliable and have some of the best capacity I’ve ever seen on a coaster.
  19. Thank you for correcting me. I wasn’t sure if it was or not, it just looked similar to Good Gravy’s crane from a distance. I saw some mixer trucks arriving on site a few minutes after that photo was taken so that makes sense.
  20. I believe we are about to see construction really start picking up with 2023 coming to an end. Correct me if I am wrong but I think this crane is very similar to the one that lifted Good Gravy’s track into place if not the same model.
  21. I agree. I think RMC should be worried. SeaWorld seems to be going away from them and turning to B&M with their investments. They almost lost their relationship with Herschend after Lightning Rod. With Cedar Fair owning more of the new Six Flags company, I don’t see them working with RMC for a long time. They don’t have a single IBOX coaster opening in 2024. Not counting SDC’s family coaster.
  22. When it was initially announced I thought there was a chance for it to be ready by opening day but I saw the Holiday World podcast about a month after announcement and I knew right away there basically was no chance. Maybe it will be completed but not able to open until after May 4th. Time will tell.
  23. Good Gravy track was completed on Tuesday. It is not looking likely for Camp Snoopy to be ready by opening day. There is still a chance but it’s looking less likely by the day. Especially since WinterFest is now daily until Christmas Eve. So I imagine work won’t resume until January.
  24. From what I know it should be able to operate during Winterfest. Energylandia operates their family boomerang that is the exact same model as ours. And it was below 0 a few weeks ago. Plus, it only has one train so it shouldn’t take as long for maintenance in the off season anyway.
  25. Does anyone know when Fast Lanes usually go on sale for the next season?
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