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  1. There is no seatbelts in the reveal however I have seen people talk about CP adding it last minute. I don’t think that will be the case because when Orion’s trains were revealed they had the clamshells with seatbelts at IAAPA. I think if they were to add them they would have already.
  2. The Pit Stop video was just released on CP’s YouTube channel. Looks fantastic! This has made me even more excited for this ride! No seatbelts is awesome! The trains have such an open design and being 400+ feet in the air with those restraints is going to be awesome. Cedar Point going with no seatbelts is the biggest surprise for me. They must have a lot of trust in Zamperla with almost all of their coasters having seatbelts if I am correct.
  3. I don’t know if there will be a live stream but Tony Clark tweeted and teased that it will be revealed around 10:30. Update 10:00: Tony Clark has stated that the video will release on their YouTube channel at 10:30.
  4. 2022 was my favorite season at KI and CF overall. They ran the parks so well. It felt like CF had everything figured out and they were adding a ton of things. All of a sudden this year it has felt to me that something is off. 2023 KI atmosphere was some of the saddest I’ve seen in years. It felt like Paramount days. CF continues to remove things and make budget cuts. It saddens me to see all of the budget cuts and low employee moral has become. I love Kings Island and I have been going for many many years and I know how good the park can be. I just hope Cedar Fair can figure some things out and maybe 2024 and 2025 will be better. I don’t want to hate on Cedar Fair because they really have taken our park to the next level I am just so passionate about KI I just don’t want it to be treated this way. Maybe this Six Flags merger will be a good thing if the parks as a whole make more money so less budget cuts are made.
  5. Honestly, that’s not a bad idea. As long as it was launched it would fit well. They could theme it to Mantis’s Revenge lol.
  6. Wow. If this continues to next year I don’t think I’ll be renewing my pass. I used to love going Friday mornings when kids would have school and there would be no lines but now I can’t go on Friday’s in August until 5pm. That is outrageous. Only 1 public operating day this entire April??? We used to be open 3 weekends in April a couple years ago. At least we still have 10pm closes in the summer months. Enjoy that while you can until it’s 8pm closes in a couple years.
  7. Glad to see Sol spin and Cargo Loco on the attractions list! Does anyone know if Flight of Fear will be Flight of Cheer or is it just a mistake on the website? It is listed as Flight of Fear currently.
  8. In fact, B&M has gone away completely from using vests on inverts. Monster at Grona Lund opened in 2021 with an updated over the shoulder restraint that is more comfortable but runs the track way better. Also, the new Phoenix Rising at BGT in 2024 will have a lap bar no vests.
  9. Fiesta is definitely much like a Cedar Fair park. Hard to say. All the Cedar Fair parks don’t feel like Six Flags parks in my opinion. But if I had to pick I would probably say Valleyfair. And again it does not feel like a Six Flags park but if I had to choose that is what I would say.
  10. The Good Gravy track has arrived on site. We don’t have footers yet for our’s. With that being said I think what I stated here will come to be true. I was skeptical at the announcement of Camp Snoopy that they could get it open for opening day but I don’t think they can achieve that date at the rate they are currently going. We are probably looking at a Memorial Day weekend opening.
  11. I’m most intrigued about the trains, I know we saw them in the announcement video but I’m interested to see if they will offer seatbelts.
  12. It would give Cedar Fair the world’s tallest coaster once again.
  13. I’m on the Cedar Flags train. It rolls off the tongue.
  14. I know this would hurt both companies but for the future of the parks, please have this merger to fall through.
  15. They should change their company name to Cedar Flags.
  16. I would sell my house and move to outside Branson MO. Lol.
  17. I will not stand for this. We need an actual retheme that’s not just slapping an ip in an area. If this happens then we are basically back to Paramount.
  18. I’d be wayyyy more worried about Six Flags America. Clearly CF has plans with Iron Menace next year. Personally, besides CGA I think all the CF parks will be fine.
  19. Hey it wasn’t me lol I didn’t wish for a giga. Even thought it was a nice addition.
  20. Don’t know if this is true or not but someone told me that the park names would stay the same. I hope that is true. I couldn’t stand Six Flags Mason Ohio. If Cedar Fair knows what they are doing then I think they will go well. Cedar Fair seems to be in charge after the deal. Most of their executives are at the top. I just hope that Banshee doesn’t become Batman the ride and Orion become Superman the ride. If that happens I am personally calling Hershend to save us.
  21. Wow… I don’t know what to say… I never thought I’d see the day… As long as CF makes a push to keep our parks the same and turn the other SIX parks into nicer parks then I’m fine but if it goes the other way… things could turn badly FAST. If we start to turn into a Six Flags park then I will pray that Hershend steps in and buys KI. This deal could go either way.
  22. Problem is the GP aren’t going to look at things like that they are going to see the train design and go “oh that looks like a coaster I rode at Holiday World, or Cedar Point” (etc). It’s not about the layout is the same train design that the GP look at.
  23. Stop. This is going to haunt me for the rest of my life lol. Even worse. Six Flags Mason Ohio. I can’t remember which source it was but I saw them say in the article that if this deal goes through it could be announced at tomorrow morning’s earnings call. We’ll have to see if that’s true. I 100% agree. If it’s more CF directed deal then I’m all for it. But if it’s more Six Flags then I’m against it all the way.
  24. I’m on board with HFE buying KI. They run SDC and Dollywood do well. Plus that would open the door to more Vekoma and maybe even RMC and Mack. I don’t think they would raise prices insanely high because KI is not that type of park. Plus Hershend owns Kentucky Kingdom and they charge 35 dollar day tickets.
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