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  1. Surprised they paid homage to one of the early names of this food location. Kind of neat.
  2. This sounds like a great idea, Carowinds Halloween event has always been a separate ticket and this gives guests a way to remain in the park until it's officially spooky hour. Very much like Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights "Stay and Scream" areas within the park during the conversion.
  3. I remember flying out over the crowd on Skyflyer that night.
  4. Cedar Point has opened attractions a hour or so after opening for a number of years now. Example - Power Tower https://www.cedarpoint.com/rides-experiences/power-tower Makes sense, not much demand for Power Tower 10am-11am.
  5. Oktoberfest still exists, just a little smaller.
  6. What you see in the photo is just the base color on the masks. More to come to make them feel aged and ancient.
  7. July 14th 2007 The magnet board was replaced for the 2007 season with this scrolling sign (Photos from June 27th 2007)
  8. Here are some photos from opening day 2006 if that's helpful.
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