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  1. I'm sure the wood frame eventually rotted out and it was simply removed at some point. (These photos are from May 21st 2005)
  2. Snake River Expedition opened to guests in 2021. Forbidden Frontier opened in 2019 (Remained Closed in 2020)
  3. Seen what? Your photo shows when the train valleyed between the loop and cobra roll, so a crane was utilized to bring the train back to Lift 2. This is not common at all and actually might have been the only time the ride had this scenario occur.
  4. I've seen the price for Xtreme Skyflyer start at $5.00 per person early in the morning then it would likely rise to $10.00 per person mid-day. Sometimes it would hit $15.00 per person on weekends.... and rarely hit $20.00 per person only on holiday crowd days (4th of July). Maybe it's different now? It did look like when the ride is only 1 sided it operates with 4 team members, and when it was 2 sided it required 7 team members. + breaks you would have 8 or 9 team members. + the games team member selling the tickets. Remember when they used to sell the videos by Kamans?
  5. Pipeline is easily one of my favorite roller coasters ever. The sensation of airtime while standing is so strange yet so fun. Highly recommend this ride, and I hope to see more installed.
  6. Surprised they paid homage to one of the early names of this food location. Kind of neat.
  7. This sounds like a great idea, Carowinds Halloween event has always been a separate ticket and this gives guests a way to remain in the park until it's officially spooky hour. Very much like Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights "Stay and Scream" areas within the park during the conversion.
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