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  1. We are at the park right now for my first ever trip. Waiting in line for Stranger Things. Wife has been a pass holder for the last couple years. She agrees 100% about how much of a let down the Chucky house is.
  2. Things are going well here. Heat has been insane over the last week though.
  3. Looks really nice. 9 years since my last trip, I really need to get up there.
  4. So how was it? Haven't been to the park in about a year but this should bring me back.
  5. Glad to see this failed. Wish CF would have countered and bought SEAS though. Got bored of those parks after a couple years and would love to see an actual thrill park come along. Plenty of folks here that would love a park with a dozen or more Coasters in it.
  6. That little spot has 3 rides and the kid was told he was too big for the swing and the slingshot. Why they did not do the same for the tower is baffling. Just watching the cheap video shows there is a huge space between the child and the restraints. Was pretty obvious that something bad was going to happen. Walk around that area all the time but have never had a desire to ride anything there. Place reminds me of a State Fair.
  7. Taken on my last visit to the park in Oct 2014.
  8. Basing my answer on rides that currently exist. The upcharge rides and a couple of the rides for little kids. My last visit was Labor Day weekend 2014, anything installed after that is also a no.
  9. Ohio folks can leave BGT alone. The animals are a major part of the park. The place still packs a crowd on a daily basis.....without major thrills. Though, it has one of the best coasters in the country, imho.
  10. Apparently not. So instead I will do it. Sorry to drag this out. I just knew he would continue until the end of time and ran with it. Back to the topic at hand.
  11. Nevermind. Some folks just don't ever give up, lol.
  12. UK and UL fans are equally annoying. I don't miss them
  13. Kentucky born and raised. Never have liked Louisville, I hate even having to visit the place but most of my family lives there so I had no real choice. My dislike has nothing to do with college sports because unlike most everyone else in the state, I do not like Basketball.
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