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  1. On Diamondback it actually seems to go faster if guests hand their bags to the ride op to take them all over at once to put into the bin rather than everyone going over and swarming the bin before coming back to start getting into their restraints. And it prevents the situation mentioned where people in line get confused and enter the station thinking no one is riding that row.
  2. This is just my own speculation, but I believe that people’s stories of a ghost girl made others more aware of the cemetery on the property as a possible “source”. There are actually only a few girls (that list the birth and death dates so they may be identified as having been children at the time of death https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/2157659/memorial-search?page=3#sr-16365972) and only one other who was older than a toddler: Hannah Newcomb, who, like Missouri Jane, was around 6 when she died. Missouri Jane’s name is unusual, interesting, and memorable so I believe that’s why calling the ghost girl that caught on. From the stories I’ve heard it sounds like they are actually describing someone older than a 5-6 year old anyway, but there was no one identifiable in the cemetery as having died around that age. I haven’t looked at the cemetery recently, but I’m hoping that you just were unable to find the gravestone, rather than it be stolen. However, when I have visited there typically were flowers or other things left behind that made it fairly clear which stone read Missouri Jane, so I’m worried. example from August 2015, it was the only grave with any sort of decoration.
  3. I have always felt since they were trademarked that Polaris would be a good name for a polercoaster but not much else.
  4. We all have our little quirks, I suppose For me, it’s convincing myself of the return of recaR sdrawkcaB every year before park opening, with no evidence or rumors to suggest it. Maybe if you hope hard enough you can make something happen even without park management being on board with it lol
  5. Yeah, I have a spreadsheet I originally started to track the change and other strange things I pick up off the ground when I’m at the park. I’ve expanded it over the years to include things like how many meals I get and from which locations, and I try to make a short note of something unusual or interesting about that day. I also have calculations for how much cost I’ve averaged per meal and per visit. This early in the season I’m already down to it costing less than $10 per day admission and $5 per meal.
  6. From coaster feud at Coasterstock I now know there are 76 paw prints
  7. Yes, it is and there is also a Caesar salad available on dining there.
  8. The size of the KI Salad I got at the Brewhouse today was greatly increased. It was just as tasty as ever! Love this salad.
  9. They said in the comments on their Facebook post about it that it would take 50 of the “Beast” sets to build the one on display. Apparently the number of bents included were the limiting factor on that.
  10. Are you as certain as you are that AD means “fighting”?
  11. I’ve been told that the Jelly Belly “Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans” “vomit” flavor is actually parmesan cheese flavored so it does make me question the palatability of sugary Alfredo flavor...
  12. It was new to me but I’m not certain it was new last weekend
  13. Considering it’s a Saturday, and also Coasterstock and the PiviP event, I dare say a fair few people will be.
  14. Well, I just saw this firework today and if that’s not proof...
  15. Near the top of Drop Tower, one girl says “wow, it’s windy!” The girl next to her says “when the wind lets up, it means it’s about to drop!” Physics!
  16. The same sign was at Banshee. I heard a rumor today that starting today the policy is if someone has their phone out on a ride they will be greeted at the station by security and ejected from the park. I dearly hope this is true.
  17. As for the scale being wrong: use the Pythagorean theorem and the coordinates of any two footers to find the distance between them. Then measure them on the front page. The measurement using the scale will be shorter. I promise you an incorrect little scale on an overview drawing that is never used except as an overview is a lot easier to accept than EVERY COORDINATE on a page full of exact coordinates for every footer, which is used to actually place them, being wrong.
  18. As this thread approaches 100 pages and tons of reading, can I ask that people observe the politeness of not quoting half a novel of text just to say one sentence or paragraph? Pare it down a bit, like @RuthlessAirtime just did. I’m leaning again toward the leaked layout being faked. I already explained on a previous page why it wasn’t necessary for it to have been drawn in the short time between the prints being mentioned here, and the time it was posted. Someone could have been sitting on that for a week or more, depending on when they learned of the blueprints which were publicly filed April 18. The land was cleared or in the process of clearing extremely early this season so it revealed a pretty likely area to draw a layout into. But what is occurring to me right now, again, is they were working their butts off to make that clearing. The second Saturday they were open, workers were out there bustling along with the clearing. On a weekend! At a part of the season when the park is closed weekdays giving a lot of time to work without guests being in the park. So, if this is going to be a relatively short (track length) coaster, why is it so imperative to start the construction so very early? It just makes me think it won’t be relatively short in length for a giga.
  19. I’m in the “I don’t care” camp myself. If it is real, it tells me not a whole lot about the actual ride experience. If it’s fake, it tells me nothing about it. So, I’m just ignoring it personally. I remember when MT’s full layout first showed up and how blah it looked. Now that’s one of my favorite rides in the park. So, I am much more interested in specific elements and data than a top-down view.
  20. The ones I saw were eight pages but they didn’t all have drawings. And he somehow lost his page 5. I need to ask if he ever located it.
  21. Because it wasn’t my effort to share, someone else went down there and got them and just sent me a basic pic and was nice enough later to show me their copies. I also thought someone else would eventually start talking about it when I nudged. I finally had to shove to get the ball rolling
  22. The call is coming from inside the house... (just wanna note on the troll possibility, the Project X partial foundation blueprints were filed April 18. That is plenty of time to create a fake based roughly on it. I’ve known about the existence of the blueprints since last week. Someone else may have known and gotten them earlier, it isn’t necessary they were a park employee because they are public records. All that remained on their end was to wait until the existence of the filed blueprints was confirmed here)
  23. Ok, I think this is possibly the correct answer, assuming the troll layout is even legit. But how about a more interesting wrong answer? Project X-base Coaster Orion
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