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  1. If anyone wanted to get started they could go to the offices and ask for the Project X blueprints filed on April 18. I haven’t gone to get my own copies so I’m not sharing pics, but I have seen someone else’s copies with my own eyes. It isn’t a full layout yet, just the initial partial foundation plan so they can start pouring footings when they are ready. For all I know, there may be more plans filed within the past month. The information about this being public record that can be seen for the asking has been posted in this thread is true. There is a small fee if you want your own copies, but anyone is allowed to go request to see the filings.
  2. I forgot to take a pic, but when I rode the train this weekend someone had moved the skeleton and chair that often sits on one of the “shops’” front porch to the middle of the plastic stump area
  3. Following these boards must make it like shooting fish in a barrel for local stations to find breaking Kings Island news...
  4. I agree the announcement probably be in August sometime, possibly on National Roller Coaster Day (which is Friday the 16th)
  5. I wonder if any plans have been filed with the county yet?
  6. I didn’t expect much from this show to entertain me as an adult, but I thought kids would like it. I suppose in the actual content, it was pretty much exactly what I expected (not much of a story, pre-recorded voices, music, and singing), and the kids in the audience did love it. But, in addition, the performers were surprisingly enthusiastic and engaging, even the ones in the mascot suits. Whoever was performing Snoopy was absolutely adorable. I probably won’t see it every time I’m at the park but I’m glad I watched it at least once.
  7. It is probably because the kinds of feelings Nike is trying to evoke with their branding are the same feelings as rollercoasters draw from us. Speed, power, freedom, etc. Something that is also often included in rollercoaster names (but not so much sneakers), that I kind of wish they would lay off of, though, is Fear.
  8. My only insight is that I saw a few maintenance guys standing near it discussing, when I went to ride Banshee yesterday after seeing Delirium was down.
  9. They are covering concrete footings for previous theming I believe. I’m not certain what that theming looked like tho.
  10. ^ I think that’s where they’re going wrong with the marketing of the Impossible Burger. They’re really hammering on it being a Vegan option and while it is, it’s not only an interesting option for people who keep Vegan. It really does taste like meat, and depending on why somebody is Vegan, that factor may be quite unappealing. They really should focus at least as much on people who like and eat meat, but want something a little healthier or environmentally friendly than meat, or just something new and different. I feel like if you gave the burger to someone and didn’t tell them what it was, they would likely recognize the texture (it’s got a smooth almost creaminess) and color (it’s too red/pink) was different than most burgers, but I don’t think their first (or even third) conclusion would be that it is meatless.
  11. I’ll admit, since I was predisposed to believe this next project would finally be a giga, I always thought the “it’s big” in that was referring to what was coming rather than Firehawk.
  12. Here’s The Vortex shirt. I folded up the top one on the stack to show the rest of the design which goes below The Vortex name, I didn’t want to wreck their stock to show the whole design at once. They have this sort of design (name and date) for each of the major coasters
  13. Maybe we already have? I was talking to a very smart friend earlier this evening, and he mentioned a certain name popping up /way/ more prominently than other defunct rides within the Antique Autos theming. I know that in the past the man who does these theming posters/signs/etc for Cedar Fair has not necessarily had any inside information or direction for his references. From what I have heard, he is given no inside information and his inclusion of references and Easter eggs is mostly directed by his own love of the parks and knowledge of the histories. So, generally it has been a real reach to think that a poster up at CP or over at Carowinds means anything about what is to come at KI even if references are made. However, there is nothing to PREVENT the parks from feeding him information they would like to include, just because they haven’t in the past... I was personally a little let down when there were no teaser signs on the fence when the park opened. But my friend wakened me to the possibility that there /were/ teasers and I’ve just been predisposed to discount them being that. Only time will tell!
  14. I think I saw a new Vortex shirt in the Emporium but I wouldn’t swear to it. If I see one tomorrow I’ll take a pic.
  15. If you weren’t a passholder, they still couldn’t come for free though. They could only visit for free if they were under four feet, and if you spent half the price of a season pass on your ticket... There is nothing barring you from bringing an extra adult /and/ child at that price if you wish. There are already several deals that allow season passholders to bring in friends (of any height) at greatly reduced prices. There is zero reason for them to allow passholders to bring extra children absolutely free. And believe me, everyone would be complaining about how crowded Planet Snoopy was if they did.
  16. I’m kind of confused as to what people think this promotion would even entail if it was offered to season passholders... if you got a pass you just get to bring your kid free until halfway through June? After that you’d still need to buy them a pass to come with you the rest of the season... Kings Island has arguably one of the best children’s areas in the business. People already complain about how busy it gets. For the savings to you of $100 for an entire season would you be willing for the lines to be four times as long AND the park get zero dollars for improvements from that traffic, in fact losing money they’d have gotten from any of the kids who had been getting passes every year?
  17. recaR sdrawkcaB of course
  18. When I first saw photos of the new International Street, one of the first things I noticed was the new small trees planted out in the middle of the pavers. I really liked the way they looked, and looked forward to the shade they will eventually provide when they grow. However, my prediction in the meantime was “people are going to walk right into those things.” Last night as I was walking out of the park, I saw it happen firsthand. I have a feeling it won’t be the last time.
  19. A new addition to this year’s merchandise, embroidered patches. I need them all.
  20. They didn’t have noodles for at least half of last season, either
  21. I believe it was originally because of accessibility codes. There was only stair access to the restaurant, and they were now required by law to have wheelchair access. A few years ago they added the elevator, and since then it has slowly begun to be used again for events.
  22. Last year, it was around a week before I believe. I would assume the timeline will be similar this year.
  23. I very much support the idea of a Wright family reference. But unless it actually is a flyer, I think calling it anything with Flyer in the name might confuse people It’s just a shame they weren’t more inventive with their aircraft naming
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