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Vortex Breaks It's Chain!


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See my post on PKIU...

Then why when we get to the park in the morning and the ride is closed all day because it is too cold for the coaster to run, one train is on the lift, one in the station, and one in the break?

Early season scenario depicted.

**Admin: Problem solved. Was that so hard?

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The chain didn't snap. And I don't know how you could see the chain from The Beast, that is, if you didn't have zoom...

Can't tell you what happened, but it wasn't the chain. And it was fixed that night so people will be able to ride it tomorrow.

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I saw what happened. Just after the second loop, something fell from the bottom of the train. It was VERY loud. The train in question continued its course back into the station...and was parked for service. I'm no expert, but it looked like a chain dog, and it happens from time to time. In fact, it's the second time I've witnessed this occurrance in the past month...It's just not that big of a deal. As most of you now know, the ride was back in service the same night.

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I was at PKI today from 5-8 PM, and Vortex was down, with an empty train stopped 1/3 up the lift. I heard reports of it closing earlier in the day with a loud "KER-CHUNG!"

Closer inspection from The Beast showed that it was indeed missing the lift chain.

Well I read this crap 3 different places. And everone of those places had the same answer. WRONG.

Nice try, better luck next time!

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