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KI Should Get This Ride!


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I would like to see something like Behemoth at canada's wonderland for king's island. It is awesome.

Here are some pics:

That's the layoutmisc_RideLayout.jpg

misc_AerialLandscape.jpgand the aerial rendering...

and the stats...

  • May of 2008
stats_PhysicalDimensions.gifTrack Length:Approximately

5,318 ft

1620.9 mLift Height:Approximately

230 ft

70 mAngle of Descent:85 degrees

stats_TimeSpeedCapacity.gifRide Time:Approximately

3 minutes,

10 secondsSpeed of

First Drop:Approximately

77 miles/hour 125km/hour Ride Capacity:Approximately

1,545 guests/hourstats_Coaches.gif

  • Three 32-passenger trains
  • Eight cars, with four seats per car, per train
  • Prototype seating
  • Fiberglass and steel coaches with lapbar restraints and interlocking seat belts
  • Bolliger and Mabillard (B&M)

    Monthey, Switzerland

  • Approximately $26 million
and a link to the site: http://behemoth.canadaswonderland.com


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I know a VERY similar coaster that is longer, goes faster and doesn't have brakes at the top of every hill. Not only is it longer, it completes its trip on its LONGER course in FIFTY SECONDS LESS time.

Those brakes at the top of every hill must have a MAJOR effect on this new B and M.



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By the way, an aside.

a. It's Hersheypark, not Hershey Park.

b. It's NOT owned by the Hershey Chocolate people! It's owned by Hershey Entertainment and Resort Company, which is not connected with The Hershey Company. Chocolate World IS owned by The Hershey Company and is NOT owned by HERCO.

Um, not quite...You have it mostly right though!

The Hershey Trust wholly owns Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company. Also, The Hershey Trust who owns HERCO Has majority of the voting stock ownership in The Hershey Company. By way of ownership, management aside, they are connected!

Once again, Interpreter is right in the respect that The Hershey Company does NOT own Hersheypark but it does happen to be majority owned by the same people that do own Hersheypark.

What About Chocolate?

Many people wonder how Hershey Entertainment & Resorts is related to The Hershey Company, makers of HERSHEY'S chocolate products. When Milton Hershey offered stock in the Hershey Chocolate Corporation in 1927, he segregated the business of making chocolate from his other enterprises. These other businesses were formed into a separate company called Hershey Estates, now known as Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company.

Prior to this, in 1909, he created a deed of trust establishing the Hershey Industrial School for orphan boys, later renamed the Milton Hershey School. The Hershey Trust, as trustee for the Milton Hershey School, owns Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company in its entirety. In addition, the Hershey Trust owns the majority of the voting stock of The Hershey Company, a publicly held company.

Today, the profits generated by these entities perpetuate the Hershey Trust, which in turn funds the Milton Hershey School.


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Guest rcfreak339

It looks like a short ride so Capacity shouldn't be a problem, it also it depends of fast it takes to load and unload the train. EX:Firehawk

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Yeah I think it's only in one park in England.A Chance Morgan Aviator which has been stated many times would be awesome.I found this as well http://www.zierer.com/Starshape.htm go to that site and look for a Star Shape here is a picture 1zcz60p.gif.

Thanks Cedar Pointer for the link to the Star Shape.

isn't that just a star shaped version of Delirium??

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Nope...it goes much higher than Delirium, and if you look carefully, you will see the seats also rotate entirely around at the same time the arm itself is swinging around...

Here's Zierer's description of the ride action:

...The Star Shape will thrill you, swing you, turn you and spin you 360°. Your feet will dangle towards the sky and the earth. The sensation of smoothness, the feeling of freefall, the lust of speed and the experience of flying, the combination of all theses movements have never been introduced to the industry. First the main arm starts its movement followed by the movement of the gondola cross with variable speed. The gondola arms swing freely so that a wonderful upside down movement is possible.

This is from the link in the post you quoted!


There is actually a video of the ride in motion there, too!

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There was a version of that Star Shape at the Ohio State Fair a couple years ago, and I was there with one of my friends and the guys running the ride were trying to pick her up, but she wasn't going for it, so when we got on it they left us on there three times longer than the ride had been running times before that. Mind you I have rode hundreds upon hundreds of rides but I have never been so sick as I was on that one, I had to lay on the pavement when I got off, not only me but there were at least 6 other people throwing up in trash cans. I think it could be a very fun ride, but I don't think people could handle being on it for very long.. When they stopped us at the top, and we were hanging completely sideways the thought of being at a fair and the security restraints failing was enough to scare you to death. I think Kings Island would see alot of cleaning up after people if they put something in like that.

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