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New Beast and SOB Trains in '08?


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^ Mechanic?

At the age of 13?

That makes me want to jump on a ride right now!

Hey, he's almost 14. And it's hard to find good mechanics, you know.

Yep, the profile for the individual in question says: Born Jan-27-1994.

So, either he lied then, made a typographical error, or is lying now.

Of those three, I think the middle one is least likely.

Oh, and to quote the post:

Im a mechanic for KI and I know... the trains are on site they have been at KI for at least 3 weeks!


GTC? GTC? Who the heck is GTC? I know PTC, I know GCII, I know Gerstlauer, but who the heck is GTC?

It's also rather odd that a park mechanic would ride The Racer 162 times in a day and no one else in the park would come on here and vouch for him at the time (in fact, the exact opposite occurred):


Then there is THIS post:


(wherein the poster thought "Villien" was an impulse coaster and was getting his information from 'overhearing' a worker talking to 'another' guest--clearly indicating the poster was a guest and pleased to be getting inside information by overhearing)

And from this, we find he attended 080407, but apparently no one, from the park reps to the site mods to other attendees recognized our 13 year old mechanic? http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?...&pid=171647 You would think such a prodigy would have been proud to be recognized by the park officials in attendance!

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