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New Flat Rides

KI Kevin

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Paratroopers!!!, Flying Scooters, The Whip and a real haunted house ride that isn't themed for a cartoon, to me the Scooby Doo ride is too much about Scooby Doo, It lacks the charm of a classic haunted house, How about a fun house? that would be great!

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Why did you post that? You could of jest let it go. Beast 1979.

Why did you post that LongliveKingsCobra? Why did I post this? Because I have actually have something to say that's on topic,

I'd like to see something like chaos @ CP. Small, Cheap, and Full of thrills. Perfect sized spot where the old laser tag dome sat.

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You can't even handle Shake Rattle and Roll?

Whimp....... ;)

Are you talking to me?

I have explained REPEATEDLY why I cannot handle certain spinning rides, and I am about at the end of my rope with these immature little jabs from the kids on here who think this is recess time at school.

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Uh, Jackson, I'm with Angie. Spinning rides and my stomach don't agree with each other. We're all a little different and sometimes this goes for what rides you can and can't handle. I'll ride ANY coaster you put in front of me, but I can't do that if I ride something like Shake, Rattle and Roll or Monster beforehand. I'm only gonna ride Chaos the next time I'm at CP because it's for sale. Next time, PLEASE think about what you say before you type.

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