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Kings Island Job Fair

Diamondback FOF

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Did you apply for that job, or did you apply for something else, couldn't get hired for that, so this was a second choice?

It was my second choice on the application

I'm a pro status sweeper and am a new employee of the park services.

Does that mean this is your first year as a sweeper?

Although I did not go to the job fair, I got a job a few weeks ago and will be working Diamondback! It's going to be a great summer biggrin.gif

Congrats, can you please not staple me this year?

There's nothing wrong with sweeper. I got 6 seasons of that in at KI. Great exercise and interactions :)

Good to hear, I'm excited

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^sweeper's jobs are more than "trash clean-up."

if i ever worked at an amusement park i would choose between sweep and ride operator.

Look at 1:30 in that video. I wish KI's people would do something like that more often.

And I didn't mean to sound like I had something against being a sweep. I thought it just seems like most people would choose something else (until they do it once, and then continue with it)

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Back in those days, too, that park seemed to have very strict weight standards, though they were certainly not written down anywhere. If one were not svelte, one did not work rides that were highly visible, but somehow found oneself in places like food service, or, if female, the train, if one worked for Cedar Fair at all...

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other things like the male/female or weight things i can see about discrimination. But, for the hair, I can see them wanting specific things. One of the things for a male is you cannot hav ehair covering more than half of your ear, adn your hair cannot be longer than an average shirt collar. They want all of their employees to look professional and presentable.

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