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Kentucky Kingdom

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Ya know, hope i dont get banned from KIC for this, but.....as an amusement/theme park guest, a park is a park, each have their good and bad, i would love to go all of them, no matter what their rep. If only i had the time and money, which is one reason why i only go to KI once a year, only last year was i able to go to SFSL, and KI twice....but then again i got in free at KI during memorial day weekend, and my mom paid for the FL+, the second visit to KI wasnt near as good cause i didnt get FL.

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Why would you get banned for an opinion?

I could name several places that go well beyond a park is a park--on the great extreme on one side and the lousy on the other. A small park in New Hampshire can be a delightful experience. Many parks closed because, for many of them, frankly, they weren't. Others were, but closed for a myriad of reasons.

If you are saying that you can have fun in virtually any park, I heartily commend that.

If you are saying that virtually all parks are nearly the same, I cannot agree.

Always feel free to express your opinions here--politely of course. This is not a ban happy place. If it were, many of us would have been gone long ago.

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I am also in the camp that can have fun at virtually all parks. Many of my friends (who are not on this site) are very much the opposite, and need high-intensity thrill rides to entertain them. And that's fine. To each his own. But personally, I'm the sort who can enjoy taking a walk through Cincinnati's Coney Island (in my opinion, one of the most beautiful parks I've been to yet) every bit as much as I can enjoy a day at Cedar Point or Kings Island. Heck, my favorite parks in the whole world are Stricker's Grove, Carowinds, and Kennywood, and those are not parks you'll see topping many lists with the average thrill-seeker. Cedar Point is near the bottom of my list (which baffles most of my friends) but I still think it's a wonderful park with a great setting (even if I feel most of their coasters are mediocre at best). I can see Kentucky Kingdom joining the ranks of my favorites, (if only because I adore Chance/Morgan coasters and parks that have them) especially a few years down the road when their other coasters open and they've developed a strong presence in the area... IF they survive that long (and I really, really hope they do).

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I hope for the New Kentucky Kingdoms sake they can keep the momentum going through this season in to next. I also hope that not all 80,000 season pass holders show up opening day.

I will not be...Opening day after five years closed and a holiday weekend.Count me out on that. I am off Mondays so I will use my pass to visit when crowds are lighter same as I do with


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Terp, do you know how many season pass's was sold the last season under SIX? and be willing to share?

SIX does not and did not release park by park attendance figures, much less season pass figures. I'm quite sure Hart & Co. acquired the Kentucky Kingdom figures with the park, but I seriously doubt he's at liberty to disclose much of them.

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The Flying Dutchman pulled a WindSeeker today. Except it was on the way up. Since maint already left when it happened it gets to sit up there all night :) good news though is that it was a blown circuit because of how much work was going on in the area and not a ride fault.

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Big Bone Lick state park?

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I have been there MULTIPLE times, one could call it my most visited state park! It could include those, sure, and the same for amusement parks.

(BB1 likes Big Bone, bison galore, and one "lake with a million steps".)

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I've never been a big fan of water parks, but when your there and you get into the water you have a lot of fun.

When parks add in things like the country's tallest body slide, it will in fact attract thrill seekers.

A lot of people I talk to are tired of the water park expansions. They are tired of the same rides because they have been outdated for years, the people want something new in the ride side and we are finally seeing that happening and they/we are excited. But they are hesitant of getting on the country's tallest body slide.

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