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KIC Tourist 0-99; KIC Local 100-199; KIC Junky 200-399; KIC Enthusiast 400-599; KIC Expert 600-799; KIC Senior 800-999; KIC Star Member 1000-1499; KIC Platinum Member 1500-1999; KIC Double Platinum Member 2000-2499; KIC Triple Platinum Member 2500-2999; KIC Superstar 3,000+.

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I know this is a little off topic but I thought I would post it here because more people come across this topic, anyway how do you increase your member ranks in this forum, I know that are rank is represented by dots but anyway what qualifes you to move up?


Keep in mind (as exampled above) that occasional attempts at humor can quickly be pounced on by the "Quality" police.

If my taking up 2 whole panes with an attempt at humor (which is about ranking by the way) to hit 100 has really offended any of you "Quality" minded long timers.....


Gobble, Gobble

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This is an excellent example of why many internet forums have done away with the number of posts being so visible.

Amen. Quantity means absolutely nothing...some people post lots of gibberish, some people post seldom but almost always with incredible wisdom (Shaggy comes immediately to mind, as do many others), and some just....post.

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It has taken me 2 years to get past 1000, in part becuase I forgot my password and username...heehee, but I digress. It took me a whole to break 1000 because I don't just post every 5 seconds to get my rank up...

As others have said Snowman, Quality over Quantity, now you trying to make a joke offend me? No, but taking two panes where someone else could have responded did....and I am not an old timer... :D

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