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Windseeker & Coney Mall Construction Continues

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Really? I had not heard that. Are they removing a ride to put that in? Their current ride midway is pretty tight, unless they expand it.

And to answer the leading question, I give you this image, taken by one of my fellow rides managers from Coney a couple weeks ago:


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To those who have been to Coney, the brick building is the back of the games building. The Carousel, is off to the right of the image. Moonlite Gardens is behind where this image was taken. Lake Como is on the other side of the games building. The three pitched roofs behind the backhoe is now the comissary for group picnics, but was once the German themed eatery the last few seasons of the "Old Coney." That building backs up to the two story white administrations building (two stories, because the main offices are on the second floor, in case of flooding).

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CoastersRZ, I read an article on the internet that the Pirate Ship was going to Sticker's Grove. I'll have to search for that article and put it here. I'm pretty sure that's what I read.

Edit Update: The Pirate Ship that was sold to Stricker's Grove, will open in 2012. This is according to the Southwest Ohio Amusement Park Historical Society's Facebook page. Their link is here. It's the 2nd post that they put up.

Here's the quote from them, if you guys can't get on there:

"Another LeSourdsville Lake ride has been saved - the swinging pirate ship located near the main entrance has been sold to Stricker's Grove with an expected debut in 2012."

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For all we know, that could just be the old Diamondback camera pointing towards that area. If that is the case, then I`d imagine they will be able to tilt the view up as necessary.

That view really does remind me of one of the DB cams.

So what are they doing to the concrete wit that cutter?

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Hmm, anybody remember way back in the offseason of 2008-2009, they pointed the Diamondback webcam over to Coney Mall and said they were testing the view for "later in the season"? I wonder if they were actually moving it over there to see if it would be a good view for when WindSeeker would be installed...

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