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Intamin or B&M


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They are somewhat expensive though...I'm only taking a guess but I'm thinking GK has 72 wheels on it...times that by the price for new poly wheels...maybe bearings too...it does add up. One of my maint. guys was replacing a hub and poly one morning and he told me one of the road wheels on my ride cost about 250 for a poly, not counting the hub bearing replacement if necessary. My ride has 70 wheels (28 of them being road wheels) so just multiplying that 250*28=$7000 bucks, just for all road wheels to be replaced, not counting the upstop and guide wheels. So it can get pricey..plus my wheel diameter and width is much smaller than B&M wheels, esp. their road wheels

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I don't think the reason for all the shuffling on Flight of Fear is neccessarily because of the wheels. I think It's because of the design of the ride in general. All the Spaghetti bowl models have lots of shuffling, and if I'm not mistaken, they've been that way since the days they opened. It's because the bulky trains fly through tight inversions and transitions at too quick a speed so they don't articulate well with the curves of the track. Now I'm not saying wheel replacements wouldn't help, they probably would, I'm just saying that I think the shuffling has more to do with the ride overall rather than just the wheels.

But Flight of Fear's still a great ride, even though it can whip you around a bit. I'm just glad I never had to experience the old OTSR's, I've heard those were pretty brutal. :blink:

And no, I'm not an engineer, but I hope to be one some day...

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How can anyone complain about a little shuffling on a steel coaster? Especially a B&M coaster for crying out loud.. Take a ride on The Racer that has real shuffling.

Nah...the SOB shuffle (well when it was around and running). lol. I like coasters from both companies even though my favorite coaster of all time is actually a B&M so I went and voted for them.

Favorite B&M (also favorite coaster of all time) - Raptor

Favorite Intamin - Xcelerator. :P

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