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Banshee Construction Progress


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Wait we're passed that


I now have a parody of "Send in the Clowns" going through my head.

Since you weren't here back then, a poster here was oft sayin' back in the Diamondback days:

Send in the cranes

There ought to be cranes

And then it's next year.

Terp, who saw that poster just moments ago.

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wow, already 4 supports installed, and they've only been at it for about an hour

With temps warming this week, everyone will probably haul and get as much done as possible. Before the rains come, we should be able to spike into the upper 50s, if not low 60s. Then next week cold sets in again.

To reinforce the video, I found this picture online.


This pretty much confirms my previous thoughts that they had removed 3-4 feet of dirt under the lowest parts of the track, to allow for safe travel throughout the circuit.

Also confirming that sometimes the PR guy doesn't know all the final details.. remember that time he said no extra digging would occur?

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Two questions just because. 1. Why is CP (as in Cedar Point) Rundown at KI :P 2. When will the video interview be released.

Also I'm still wondering if we won't dig a bit out, that ride is right on clearance haha. Great shots, I wish I could have been there to see all that but ah well, I'll get my chance before I go hopefully

Also quick edit, lots of wires, proxies, and a few OP panels are already in place, pretty nifty. Also the chain isn't on yet, darn. That's always a cool thing to see happen.

Who is doing all the electrical btw? On site electrical controls techs, Adena, or another company. That's alot of wiring to get done, just darn.

Sorry I didn't see this until now but to answer some of your questions:

1. We were at Kings Island because we are trying to get everyone from the Cedar Point area and up North here to know about Kings Island and also let them all know there is a brand new coaster coming in 2014 in Ohio once again. We have had a lot of interest out of this as well.

2. The video will be up maybe late this week we are working on it now :)

Glad you like the shots we took also I'm not sure who is doing all the electrical on the ride. Don did say they try to keep everything local in the area.

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They probably didn't intend to dig out any more. Probably some combination of not knowing the actual size of the ride envelope and/or the topographical plans not being correct/followed correctly. It would have been easier for them to do that work before the ride was in the way. Even easier if the footers wouldn't have been there. Either way, I'd say when Don said that, just about everyone involved in the project thought there wouldn't need to be any more digging under the track.

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