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I was just so happy with everything tonight. The announcement and all of the different videos and pictures were so amazing. I really love how they updated old Banshee logo and gave the name a Kings Island twist by making it based of off Missouri Jane.

Here's to a packed Action Zone in 2014! This ride will be nothing short of awesome. But if that screech is going to be in the new advertisements for the ride, I'm going to be freaked out everytime I hear it.

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The ride looks incredible, and that announcement was amazing.

Standing on the site looking down into the valley was particularly impressive. It's going to use the terrain extremely well. I'd definitely recommend going on the KICentral construction tour, if and when one is announced.

I'm pretty sure that Cedar Point fans are going to be jealous.

People I noticed in the crowd from pictures on the forum were Mr. and Mrs. No Chickens, Gator, Ohio Colts and his Mom, And seen Malem helping himself to the VIP food as we were leaving. :P

Yeah, winning those badges was really nice. (Thanks again, Don!)

I didn't know I was that recognizable on here. :)

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1. Banshee scream is from a video game, I do hope they keep it too (Mass Effect 3)


2. B&M now is going with same restraints many of you have seen with B&M Wingriders (OTSR bars w/ rubber vest)

3. I hope the tombstones/fog stay at nightime riding, if this ride has a slight bit of theming that would be totally exciting

4. Station does look similar to Leviathan, Gatekeeper, ect.

5. No MCBR, just a bit of a lengthy brake run

6. Unless they're ganna plant a ton of trees, I don't think that's ganna stay looking like that

7. With the terrain difference, do we kind-of have a mega coaster? :P

8. 2:40 ride time, darn!

9. Great announcement, very pleased with the result

10. Track color/support color go really good together!

11. I hate and love that I'm going to Guam next February now haha

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Just looking at how the pool is doing ATM...wow, 27 votes, 27 POSITIVE first impressions. B) Though there are haters on Facebook already complaining how this isn't a Giga and about Fast Lane. :blink:

Great job, Kings Island!

I know, I'm so annoyed at the people on Facebook! It's like they can't appreciate the fact that we're getting a $24 million ride that is going to be a blast.

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I wish people would just be grateful we are at least getting another big coaster and that its actually well thought out and has some noteworthy specs. They could have just passed us over and left the land vacant for another few years with nothing new. I agree with there being a lot of hateful things being said on Facebook. Nothing is ever good enough for some!

As for me, and as I've stated before, I'm grateful and am excited to get to the park on opening day next year to ride this beauty!

It's a;ways a lot of fun to have something new to look forward to for the next season. Not to mention I love going the last day the park is open to take pictures of the construction. I still have old pics of Diamondback from the last day of the 2008 season when it wasn't even near completion. Really fun to look back at old pictures like that and then see the finished product on its opening day!

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Now I have to admit this has definitley surpassed my expectations. Now most inverts I don't like so I wasn't really expecting much before the announcement. But this actually looks like it will be a cool B&M invert and not a lame one like Raptor or Great Bear.

That first drop looks sick and and kind of "Banshee-esque" if you know what I mean. Also the dive loop close to the AZ midway will for sure be a hoot and I like how the lift goes throught the first vertical loop. Looks like a pretty good coaster overall and, even though I wanted a giga, I think this one will suffice... well for now anyway...

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I LOVE the new coaster! Everything from color combo, logo, layout, station, and front entrance area! It's also nice to have another (fairly) long coaster! :) I'm not disappointed by any means, but tallest and/or fastest invert I think packs more of a punch and sounds better to most ppl than longest though.

Does anyone else think that logo looks familiar? Like something similar had been posted in the Decoding thread...?

That shirt looks sick btw!

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