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I got the black one too. They look very nice! I plan on wearing it for my KI employee ID photo when I get processed tomorrow. B)

Btw I saw you in the shop last night. I was about to say hi then I got pushed by a whole crowd of people.

Yeah, that crowd in there was insane. I even waited until it died down a little before I went in.

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I'm a fan, and I think it'll be a massive hit and a fantastic roller coaster. I consider myself an enthusiast, though, so my thought wouldn't be complete without a "but" or a complaint. In this case, I would love to have seen a few tunnels. Maybe the parts of the ride that are low to ground would swerve around graveyards; maybe the in-line twist is a near-miss with a cracked stone angel, a tunnel through a stone mausoleum, etc. Again, I'm REALLY happy with the ride and can't wait to ride it, but it would be really awesome if they were able to have some semblance of themeing through the course.

Montu and Alpengeist have simple little things (like sand-colored ground, Egyptian obelisks, near-misses with sandstone walls; little patches of "snow" valleys, snowy rooftop near-misses, skiing flags, etc) along the course that really add tremendously to the experience, giving you something to look at and a real sense of place. Doesn't seem like "Banshee" should just a typical steel coaster, especially with the attention put into the station.




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After having a couple days to let the announcement sink in I have to say I believe this ride will be fantastic.

I'm most excited that there is no MCBR. I love how it will maintain a fast pace the entire ride and incorporate terrain into the experience.

I think the elements are well placed and the pacing of them will be very exciting. The Bat wing looks phenomenal.

I think the color scheme is well done. The unconventional coloring will stand out from quite a distance.

The only things I'm questioning at this point are the restraints and the theming. I've read that those style restraints can be very uncomfortable and it's easy to over emphasise cool tomb stones, trees, and fog in a rendering.

I will be ecstatic if we get tombstones, fog, and an incredible station. The reality is that it will probably won't look exactly like the video. I hope CF proves me wrong.

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Montu's batwing, notice the radii:

Banshee batwing:

It is impossible to determine how forceful an element is based solely on its radius. The speed at which a train travels through the element is a critical factor. I believe the bottom of the batwing is the lowest point of the ride on Banshee, so that will probably be where the top speed of 68 mph is reached. I'm not familiar with the technical details of Montu, but it is likely traveling slower than that going through the batwing. The faster the train is traveling through an element, the larger the radius must be, otherwise the g-forces will be too high for the average person to handle and riders will experience G-LOC, which nobody enjoys.

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