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If you owned Kings Island


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Much of the property is currently not used for various good reasons. Running Kings Island is not like playing Roller Coaster Tycoon.

Well obviously, what I meant was areas like behind Banshee & AE that is currently vacant put something there. But not in the area behind The Beast & Crypt.

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Much of the property is currently not used for various good reasons. Running Kings Island is not like playing Roller Coaster Tycoon.

Agreed. Or else every 10 seconds another bench and trash can would get vandalized!

That used to annoy me so much. I even quit playing the game for a while because I got so annoyed with the vandalism, even after I hired tons of security guards which didn't help.

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2015- small changes to the park

2016- topper track put on The Beast, longest fastest steepest most inversions wooden coaster

2017-more small changes

2018- new flat ride

2018-upgrade to Action Zone, new themeing

2019- Invertigo replaced with out and back cable lift wingrider intamin that interacts with the New park entrance,

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Note: The following changes would only occur if Kings Island had a budget of about $100,000,000:

2015- expand Action Zone behind Banshee, and place Falcon, tallest wing coaster in the world at 220 ft.

2016- make X-Base its own area... and add an interactive dark ride (like Wonder Mountain's Guardian) in the old Crypt building

2017- add a "wild eagles" ride in the Action Zone expansion as well as a few more flat rides


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First, if you owned KI, would you also "own" Cedar Fair? If not, you lose a lot of the synergistic budgeting that is potentially available by running multiple parks. Going on the premise that it is KI by itself, then Banshee may be it for awhile when it comes to large rides. The waterpark really could use some nice modern slides/water coasters. That would likely be my next move after Banshee.

I do not think KI needs a token Giga anytime soon. A Maverick-type coaster themed to aliens/space would be after Banshee. I'd dump Firehawk and put the new coaster in X-Base. A family-friendly Wild Mouse with spinning flying Saucers would be cool too. Have all of it glow at night.

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OK, you got me. 6 year plan time (because that's all I could think of).

2014 - Open Banshee. General "sprucing up" of Action Zone. Invertigo's sign repainted to match its color scheme.

2015 - Fresh coat of Paint on Vortex, Racer. Tower Gardens restored to former glory. Remains designated Smoking Area, but only partially Begin planning stages for next major coaster to come several years in the future.

2016 - Congo Falls relocated to Soak City and renamed. This will allow guests to enjoy the ride in swimwear and without shoes, making for a better experience. Also brings a high-capacity attraction to the water park.

2017 - Space once occupied by Congo Falls becomes home to Flying Scooters, known as "The Flying Owls". These are brand new scooters and KI's old ones remain at Carowinds. KIC'ers complain incessantly, but 99% of people don't know or care that they are any different. Stage 1 of AZ retheme to Spooky area.

2018 - Renamed rides in AZ. Invertigo becomes Scorpion. Delirium becomes "The Pit and the Pendulum" and receives black and orange paint. Flight Deck becomes "Bat's Revenge", and receives theming. Colors remain (for now). Drop Tower becomes "Perilous Plummet". Action Zone formally renamed to "Fear Fest" as an homage to a bygone era.

2019 - Crypt's building Demolished. In its place, the coaster that began planning in 2014 is built. It is a spinning wild mouse named "River Rat". Since it is inexpensive by coaster standards, it also comes with a new flat to the area, a normal-sized, Suspended Top Spin. No idea where that'll fit. Use your imagination. Diamondback receives new paint since after 10 years it is likely beginning to fade.

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I didn't want to tear anything out, and I wanted to move out of Action Zone. Outside of Action Zone, I can't think of anywhere else that there would be room for a coaster, and even still, all I could fit was a Wild Mouse.

I'm the kind of fan who'd rather keep the rides we have than remove something to get something new. I like KI's coaster lineup, especially with Banshee. And I feel that if I remove anything, I'm taking away from what is more or less a complete lineup.

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  • 1 month later...

2014 - Continue with Banshee opening, but create a subsection including Banshee as Banshee, Flight Deck as The Bat, and Sky flyer as Flying Witches. Racer Also Receives a new paint. Employees Dress accordingly to there placement.
Teaser: In Rivertown signs and teasers have shone up. Each Depicting a different phrase.
"It must come down!"
"A lake? Where?"
"Don't tip it over!"
"Great We are all wet now…"
There are also Canoes lying around the teaser area.
Midway through the season the Crypt's former building is demolished, and footers begin to be placed, and lot more concrete shows up too.

2015 - Rivertown Expantion!
A massive expansion to Rivertown with a new lake named Swan Lake in tribute the previous one of the same name. Two new attractions have also been added the first being a 98ft tall Log Flume ride called Copperhead (I know, I know), and a new Canoeing attraction, named Swan Lake Excursions, where guests can take a lovely trip on a traditional indian style canoe on Swan Lake, and through a canal through the woods.

With this new Expansion of River, Diamondback receives a much need paint touch up, and the Trees are brought it and planted around and through out Diamondbacks duration. The Splash down "pond" gets a touch up also. A new Midway coming closer to it allowing for a "splash zone", new buildings are added to add to the feel that Rivertown is a frontierish town. Buildings, shops, and Restaurants are also added in the new area around the lake, to.

Copperhead: Guests Enter through a building on the Midway, the building's sign depicts it as Rivertown Boating Excursions Co. Founded in 1815. The queue is an air-conditioned, although the overflow queue is located out side of the building. Props and theming is all around. Guests learn that with in Rivertown a long the Little Miami there are quite a few cataracts, each named after different types of Snakes (Diamondback, Copperhead, ect.), and in away explains a bit more of the Diamondback concept. After making their way through the queue, guest enter "the showroom" and the theming is explained further in-depth. An "actor" dressed appropriately leads guest to there boats where you are going to go on an boat tour, through these cataracts, and then come back to swan lake. You are promised that the company keeps a close eye on the rapids, and the water level is low enough for you to head out. But obviously this isn't the case. The Boat Departs from the station, your host on board with you. He is giving you a spiel as you take the tour. Once in the water, you take left taking you under the final drop, and along the edge of Swan lake, then heading into the woods. As the Ride host talks, there are animatronics and other props along the way. Making your way through the woods, you make various lefts and rights. Half way through the ride, hidden speakers boom with loud thunder, and the boat plunges down a 35ft. Drop. The ride host frantically talks on the radio, and he is ordered to get back ASAP. The host informs the boat that we are experiencing some minor issues, and we are going to take the emergency route, but suddenly we begin to rock and the boat plunges again down a 20ft. hill. zooming by "the emergency route", which would be clearly labeled. Signs, half submerge underwater, stating that you should not be on this river if water level is a certain height (which it obviously exceeds). The Guest begin to ascend a 60ft. lift hill climbing out of the woods and over Swan Lake. The Boat then Plunges down the hill thunder booms once again. Making a 180 Degree turn right the Boat ascends up the 98ft lift hill Face the first hill of Diamondback and the newly expand river town. After the Boat plunges down the hill it takes a left turn back towards the station, but not before the host apologizes for the rough ride, and for people on the midway to launch canons at the boat.

Swan Lake Excursions: Guests Enter an old boat shack and are greeted by lively shop owner, they queue is in doors, but the overflow is not. A happy Employee escorts 2-4 guest into a Canoe and explains the path around Swan lake through, the Little Miami.

Teasers: In the gardens by the front gate a sign staked in the ground reads:
"Nah, it is to 80's" and another reading: "Out with old, and in with the Old?"

2016 - The Front Gate is torn down a new Coney Island inspired one in built in it's place, and International street is revamped, with the removal of the shops and the shops are returned to original theming to each building being form a different country.
The other levels of the Eiffel Tower is once again open to the public, and the fountains receive a touch up and a new show is added to utilize all of the new feature that it has to offer (this taking the place of Snoopy's Star Light Spectacular).

Teasers: In Dinosaurs Alive, one of the first Dinos is modified to hold a sign that says:
"Oh, no" And cartoon meteors are hung from the trees.
Mean while in X-Base Teasers, in the queue for Firehawk read:
"It's about time isn't it…"
Where Action Theater is, a lot hazard tape is around the scene.

2017 - Dinos are gone, along with Action Theater, Coney Island gets a new Motor Car ride, and Flying Eagles Return.
The motor car ride named, Scenic Highway, Starting on one side of The Racer, going back to where Action theater once stood.

Teasers: The signs in Firehawk's queue are still there. As with some footers activity behind the fence and where Dinosaurs Alive once was, footers and eventually track is seen on sight.

2018 - Massive X-base Expansion with restrooms, a Diner that resemble those near Roswell, Skyhawk style flat, and a new B&M Giga, named
​Aurora. Due to a lot of talking with B&M a new style of cars has been created custom for the ride. They resemble a Triangular Space UFO, Track is Back with White Grey supports, three trains all mainly Black, but with hints of either, Green, Red, or Blue.

The new area would stretch from the maintenance sheds that were tore down all the way to where Dinosaurs Alive was. You would be able to enter form either the current X-Base Entrance, or through the previous Dinosaurs Alive Entrance.

Aurora: With the new additions and Expansions or X-base, a new midway for this ride will be heavily themed with Employees dressed in either Military camo, Officer's uniform, Flight suit, or Maintenance/engineers uniform. Barbed wire will surround entire area, a massive hanger structure will act as the indoor queue and station, for the ride. Out side of the entrance A massive Black Triangular Plane looking structure, will hang over the midway being suspended by a large pole. Guests will enter a Hanger and be greeted with a soldier saluting them. As the make there way through the the first show room they will see full scale, but fake, planes, ranging form WWI to modern era, high tech and advanced planes and Missiles. After through SR1 Guests will enter a full queue line, in a room with videos and documentaries on Area 51 and Wright Paterson. After through there they will enter a Show room 2 where a General, and a scientists explain what you are doing here and how once through here, in the next room, you will have your photograph taken for an clearance 7 ID card (available in gift shop) and then be given a temporary clearance pass, to proceed to the station, before getting on the platform you will hand the a solider/ride attendant your clearance pass, and you will proceed.

After Departing front the Station, the train will take a hard right going above the midway below, being level with the Aurora Plane Displayed at the entrance. Then Ascending up a the 310ft. Hill, the Train plunges into a valley making an over all drop of 333ft. The train then enters an over banked turn to the left and now heading back towards Banshee, preforming several ejector airtime hills then a Shambala style helix before turning toward the the river and preforming some more air time hills, another helix, some Maverick style banking, and some more hills, until reaching a midcourse break run. The dropping into a left handed turn and then a few more hills and then hitting the break run.

After Exiting the ride, riders will be lead to a gift shop where the IDs can be purchased, and other themed items too.

Crash Down Diner: A sit down, homestyle diner that has a bunch of gimmicky theming with news paper clippings and tin foil hats, that kind of the stuff.
You can but tee-shirts and other memorabilia there also.

The Orbital: A S&S Scream'in Swing right next to the Hanger for Aurora. Once entering Guests will be greeted by a young, mischievous man or women, who want to show you something they found on the property of Wright Patterson Air-force, base, after waiting through a queue line, you are ushered through a cut open fence and brought into a dark room. The host then finds the lights and turns them on. You will then find your seat and experience the ride with flickering lights and sometimes in complete darkness. The showroom, will be hidden within the hanger structure for the station of Aurora.

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You are probably right, but when I hear stories of Kings Island's past, and look at the map in the First Aid Station, that has always been one of the most intriguing aspects of the former life of the park.

I really enjoy canoeing, and I think that would make for a great family ride, in Rivertown.

The Canoes always seemed one of the things that made Kings Island so unique, and such an awesome park, with just such variety, and if I owned Kings Island that is what I would want in my park.

If I had more time, and wasn't force to come up with these ideas on the spot for Razzy's entertainment, I would probably do things differently and really figure out how to tie all of these unique things that made Kings Island such a special place, and bring them into a 21st century Kings Island and what makes it so special today.

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Here's my plan:
2014: Finish & open Banshee to the public. A new S&S screamin' swing is added to X-base.
2015: Teaser signs and footers begin to pop up around Rivertown saying things like, "Race for the gold." Also, a new Tilt-a-whirl is added just outside of Diamondback's station. The haunt inside of the Crypt's old building is removed, but not the building.
2016: A new Mack launched terrain coaster is built using the Crypt's old building as a dark ride section.
Gold Rush: The ride starts in the Crypt's old building, showing animatronics everywhere which appear to be digging for gold. The curves around there for roughly 45 seconds, and then stops and launches at 71 mph and at zero to sixty in 2.5 seconds. The ride then climbs up while turning, but twists the other way now facing Diamondback. The ride then performs several elements, such as a loop, zero-g-roll, and some airtime hills. The ride ends back inside the Crypt's building where you can see more animatronic miners who have found gold. The whole section glows of gold. When you exit the station, you will enter a gift shop where you can buy knick-knacks and pictures and stuff.
2017: Congo Falls is relocated to Soak City. Action Zone is re-themed to a spooky area, and all the rides there are re-named to fit the new theme.
2018: Diamondback is repainted, and the splashdown pool is re-done.
2019: A new B&M Wing-Coaster is added to X-Base named "Phantom Jet"
Phantom Jet: The ride comes out of the station banking a hard left, now facing Banshee. The ride then climbs a 204 foot lift-hill, to be greeted with a drop like Gatekeepers. The ride then goes into a massive corkscrew, and performs several other elements including, a zero-g-roll keyhole element. When you exit the ride, you will walk by the model Phantom Jet and into the gift shop. The station & queue is themed to a hangar.

2020: The front gate is redone, and the International street shops are re-themed to actually be international.

2021: Nothing

2022: Action Theater and Dinosaurs Alive removed.

2023: Footers begin to pop up in Action Zone, (or whatever the new name will be) and teasers say things like, "Prepare to HOWL!"

2024: Werewolf, a B&M giga coaster pops up in Action Zone.

Werewolf: The ride starts out going up a 320 foot lift hill, only to dive down into a valley, making the drop 324 feet. The ride then performs several airtime hills, helixes, and a hammerhead turn. The station will be themed to a castle, and the queue, will be themed to the "forest." The ride will be brown & gray, and will have stadium style seating like Diamondback. The exit will take you into a castle themed gift shop, where you can buy your picture or even a stuffed werewolf!

This is my plan.

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  • 6 years later...

I want to try and take a rational approach on this. What I'm about to list is in no particular order.

Current Attractions

  • See if I can relocate Congo Falls to Rivertown to replace the Crypt building- if its not feasible cost wise I'd keep it where it is until Invertigo's service life is up.
  • I'd retheme Backlot Stunt Coaster. (See my idea here)
  • Bring theming back to the railroad
  • Experiment with Millennium Flyers for Racer and The Beast
  • Try to bring theming to ques for rides like Diamondback, and The Bat
  • Repaint Drop Tower to orange, blue, and purple
  • Add more theming to Adventure Express
  • Retire Boo Blasters in favor of something more modern
  • Work on bringing back the 4D theater

New Attractions

  • Another B&M- most likely a dive. I'm not one to take big risks honestly. Shipping also contributed to my decision
  • A skyrocket II by premier. Like dive machines, they seem gimmicky enough to scare the GP and take up a small footprint
  • Walk though attraction. I talked about the walk through government building that would elaborate on the A72 story.
  • A new dark ride. I'd try and get use out of the Crypt building and dress it up to match Rivertown. A mini mineshaft drop ride in darkness would be cool (imagine it emerging from the roof kinda like Tower of Terror.) If not a drop ride maybe a small winding tracked ride that goes through different scenes.
  • A wild mouse. I don't care where I'd put it: Coney Mall, Planet Snoopy, or Oktoberfest

General Atmosphere

I'd take a page out of Herschend or the Busch Parks and really focus on theming and beauty. The park has been doing well so far but I'd take it a step further. I'd dial Oktoberfest to 11 with Bavarian flags, colors, the whole 9 yards. 

Soak City

I'd see which slides aren't doing well ridership wise and remove them in favor of more modern slides. I'd also try to get those power lines redirected somewhere where its not cutting through the waterpark.

Extended Season

Read this for more context


Feedback? I tried to keep it as logical as possible and not go overboard.


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1 minute ago, SnakePlissken said:

I prefer Timberliners over Millenium Flyers but neither would work. I'm sure someone else could explain why. Something about how the track conforms to the trains wheels over time.

I thought it was increased weight but yeah if it would damage the track I wouldn't want to risk it. 

I just hate how boxed in you feel on a PTC compared to a MF. The restraints aren't as comfortable either






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2021: Action Zone retheme (A Dark Forest theme), Timberwolf removed, New Der Spinning Keggers and Musik Express on the former Timberwolf, relocated path to The Bat.

2022: 50th Anniversary Celebration, Planet Snoopy gets Camp Snoopy overall with a couple family rides and the return of a new Phantom Theater in place of Boo Blasters.

2023: Water park improvements.

2024: A Gerstlauer Infinity or B&M dive goes on the old Vortex plot.

2025: A Screamin' Swing is placed in Rivertown.

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2 hours ago, SnakePlissken said:

I prefer Timberliners over Millenium Flyers but neither would work. I'm sure someone else could explain why. Something about how the track conforms to the trains wheels over time.

The track gauge is different between PTCs and the other two. Honestly if they were going to bother to get new trains they’d probably roll it all into a major overhaul of a ride, so a full retracting may be likely. The real reasons they haven’t done it to Racer or Beast is it would be incredibly expensive for only a half-marketable upgrade they’d have to rely on PR - which wouldn’t go so great right now, it’s not necessary yet, and finally, some nostalgic purists wouldn’t like the change. Remember the fountain last year? Imagine that, except normal people actually care. 

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I think you would be surprised at how much better Beast & Racer would be just keeping the trains they have and using better quality, softer padding under the upholstery, getting rid of the seat divider that goes all the way to your shoulder, while keeping the one down by your hips, chucking the headrests, and going back to to a single lapbar with a seatbelt. This would also lighten the trains up as well, the way I see it, if The Voyage can run without headrests & a upper seat divider, than these two coasters certainly should be able to....jmo

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