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KI Throwback Photo of The Day


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To go along with the "Flashback Till Opening Day" and "Random Photo of The Day" threads, I thought I'd create a topic to share "throwback" photos of Kings Island.

Some of the photos I will be sharing are my own and some are from Kings Island's website dating back to the late 90's.

Feel free to share any "older" photos you have of Kings Island here.

To start off......

Construction of Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle in 2003


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Terp "does what he does because he must". Dane has publicly commended his efforts and encouraged him to continue. Terp is a nice (albeit sometimes a bit cryptic) guy and means no ill will to any user that he corrects.

Dane and The Interpreter would not find it so important to enforce proper trademark capitalization if they did not have very good reason to do so. Those reasons may not be entirely obvious to all of us, but I can assure you, if there weren't good reasons, it would not be happening.

That's just my two cents on it though.

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Fair enough, but it's an anonymous public internet message board. I don't want to say anything should be tolerated, because trolling, bullying, baiting, inappropriate content, etc. are serious matters, but trying to enforce (maybe "enforce" is the wrong word; "persuade" might be better) people to capitalize ride names seems excessive. I can't for the life of me see the harm in someone typing out Vortex instead of Vortex.

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Keeping such posts public demonstrates a visible good faith effort to keep trademarks correct, and may be of some benefit to the site if legal action were to be taken against it.

Also, I leave you with an analogy.

If I say that I need a Jack and Coke, it means that I would like to drink a beverage that, being over 21, I am legally free to enjoy. If I say that I need a jack and Coke, it means that I am doing very dubious car repairs under the influence of a controlled substance.

I can see how new users could be intimidated by being immediately scrutinized on everything they post, so I certainly see the downside as well. But again, if Dane encourages it, then it should continue. This is, after all, his site. He makes and enforces the rules, and is providing us with a free forum to discuss our lovely amusement park.

Now back to the discussion of throwback pics.

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If failing to capitalize the names of rides is being scrutinized, then so should any abbreviations, the use of unofficial names, and any name ride that doesn't have the little TM next to it for "trademark".

If you feel that way, then become a politician and get trademark rights changed to reflect those beliefs. The fact that he's doing it at all seems to be more reactive than proactive; he's not doing it to be your own personal pain the butt. If someone sues the bejabbers out of the admin team for something so seemingly silly and wins, there may not even be a KIC forum for you to post on.

And before you ask: yes, something as simple as punctuation errors would matter that much to a corporation looking to protect its property. Based on the fact that we're having this discussion at all, it's clearly something the administration here has encountered in some magnitude.

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A. To TheBEASTunchained, I apologize for this most unnecessary detour from your delightful thread.

B. How trademarks are being handled on this site has been decided. There are some excellent, and correct, posts here.

C. It isn't trolling. It won't be done by PRIVATE messages (for reasons already discussed here) and it will continue.

It is what it is.

Carry on, so to speak.

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