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Thunderbird has launched!

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Is there not a way to search for new trademark filings for a specific category, such as "Amusement Park Rides"? That just seems too easy.

Yes you can (to an extent anyway), but even then you either have to further limit your search or dig through thousands of records as the trademark was filed in January. Even if you did manage to find it, the owner is listed as Croatoan LLC in Evansville, Indiana. Most (if not all) of the other HW trademarks are registered to Koch Development Corp. in Santa Claus, so there's nothing specifically linking it to Holiday World.

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It appears the flywheel has been installed. They are completing construction of the roof of the flywheel building.

There's also additional track in the staging area. It looks like they're about to start construction of the Immelman.

Edit: They are installing the Immelman exit track section and entrance into the vertical loop. Looking good.

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Well, that's MUCH better than shutting it down for the entire fall season- which I recall they did a few years back, leaving only Raven & Voyage open. I'd still advise getting out to Holiday World fairly soon though if you're wanting to do that trip, since it may close 2 weeks early again. Otherwise, you'll be missing out on a great wooden coaster during your trip.

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This announcement is making it quite likely that I will be buying a HW pass next year. I was already planning on returning for Rock The World next year. With the addition of this coaster, I am hoping to also add Holiwood Nights to my itinerary.

Going by 2014 prices, the cost of both events (assuming 2 days for RtW again) would be $150+.

If I get a pass, the cost is $120 for the pass plus $67 for the events.

The 10% food and merch discount would likely more than make up for the difference.

Decisions decisions....

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Well, I have some stuff about HW I felt was worth posting...first up: Thunderbird gets looped!

And also, remember how the Google Street Crew visited HW earlier this year? Well...it's here...drop the yellow "guy" in and have fun. :P


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And, as it turns out, you can build a roller coaster without turning forests into barren fields. Who knew?!



Via Twitter.

I guess it simply depends on the park's priority. If they say, "We're willing to go out of our way to keep this area planted," it happens. Otherwise....



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